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    When you decide to move, you want to find out everything there is about your chosen location. Whether you are moving for a job or you chose the location first, it is important to get to know your new city. And after long research, you have chosen a small town Manassas to be your future home. The move itself is a difficult task to undertake, such as searching for reliable movers Virginia. However, before you start planning your move, here are 3 facts about Manassas you should know.

    History is one of the 3 most important facts about Manassas you should know before your move

    Before deciding to move and start searching for moving companies Manassas VA, you should know what 3 facts about Manassas are famous for. The first, and the most important one is definitely the history of the town.

    A civil war canon top on a field
    Rich history is one of the 3 most important facts about Manassas.

    Manassas is holding in its history one of the first major battles of the American Civil War. The battle was named The First Battle of Manassas and it happened and was fought nearby the city. The battle happened in July 1861. Recently, Manassas commemorated the 150th anniversary of the First Battle of Manassas in 2011.

    The Second Battle of Manassas happened near Manassas in August 1862. Both battles are known as the First and the Second Battle of Bull Run.

    Manassas was a strategic point, not just a railroad crossing. As the settlement around the crossing grew, the city became the county seat of Prince William County, replacing Brentsville. After the war, the city of Manassas remained a trade center for an agricultural area until after 1950. Later on, in 1975 per Virginia law, it was separated from Prince William county.

    Geography and climate

    Manassas City has very hot and humid summers and mostly mild to cool winters. Average monthly temperatures can go from 33.3 °F in January to 76.7 °F in July. Manassas is an independent city, run through a council-manager system of government. The city is on the border of Prince William County, and the independent city of Manassas Park, Virginia.

    Locally owned small business is another of the interesting facts about Manassas

    One of the most beautiful parts of the city, Old Town Manassas is full of family-owned shops and restaurants. The streets are lined with picturesque buildings, perfect for your daily strolls. There are a lot of food places with excellent reviews. However, it can never hurt to as locals what are their go-to places to dine.

    Two girls chatting over the bar in a café
    Family-owned cafes and restaurants give soul to the town.
    • One of the more popular places is Okra’s Louisiana Bistro, perfect for your lunch breaks. Of course, Creole and Cajun food are amazing once you enjoy it in a patio setting. You can enjoy a nice drink with beautiful outside surroundings.
    • Like that is not enough, the town has a year-round opened farmers’ market. There you can find seasonal produce, bread and more.
    • If you take a walk down to Center Street Gourmet Wine & Cheese Shop, you can pick up a bottle of wine.
    • Even more, you could visit Creative Brush Studio where you can buy a painting straight from the artist. That absolutely justifies family business as being one of the facts to know about Manassas.
    • Farm Brew Live offers a wide variety of food options. Anything from BBQ to farm-fresh salads and, of course, Virginia craft beer!

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    The Manassas museum

    Besides the locally owned businesses, the city has a beautiful museum that should be definitely part of the list of facts about Manassas. The museum displays a wide variety of artifacts from the area’s rich history, including a rich exhibit of the Civil War era and the City’s railroad history. The museum organizes all sorts of interesting events, such as the Greater Manassas Christmas Parade Exhibit.

    Beautiful nature is the third of interesting about Manassas

    Amazed so far? Are you ready to start searching for local movers Northern VA and starting to plan your move after 2 out of 3 facts about Manassas? Wait until you see the city’s surrounding nature!

    Conway Robinson State Forest is nearby where you can experience the most amazing fall foliage. You can take a scenic hike or bike ride through the beautiful scenery. The place stretches over  400 acres of lush forest to explore.

    Also, you can opt for a more unique experience of horseback riding through Manassas National Battlefield Park. This is where the first two battles of the American Civil took place. There is also a place called Yankey Farms. It is perfect for fun adventures where you can pick the perfect pumpkin and get lost in their corn maze.

    A tent and a hiker facing a beautiful sunset over a landscape.
    Manassas offers a great choice of activities for outdoor lovers.

    For all those lovers of the great outdoors, there is Leesylvania State Park and Prince William Forest Park. Leesylvania State Park has five tent-only campsites. Here you can have a scenic and secluded camping experience you will never forget.

    There is also the Potomac river where you could start your day by taking a boat in the beautiful fall colors on a crisp morning air. Hampton’s Landing Marina offers kayak, paddleboard, and pontoon boat rentals to explore the river at your own pace.

    Extra: Activities and recreation in Manassas

    As 3 facts about Manassas weren’t enough to persuade you, here is a little extra one. The city of Manassas also has Central Park Aquatic Center, as well as a golf course. There is also an ice rink available as well as a shooting range.  the city literary hold an activity or and recreation activities tailored to anyone’s taste.  This is especially important if you are a newcomer, and looking to meet some new friends.

    Check out these awesome recommendations for must-see in Manassas, and you will be amazed at how many activities and events there are in Manassas. Anything from guided tours, camping, festivals, or concerts. It is really rare to find such a small-town which holds so much history and yet, so many fun activities to do while keeping its small-town charisma.

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