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    If you have decided to move to Arlington VA, you can be sure that you have made a good choice. And that you will find at least 3 things that you will love about Arlington VA. The place is located on the west bank of the Potomac River, just across Washington, D.C. Arlington has a long military history as well as a lot of places and events that you will find interesting. And Arlington has something for everyone. You will be also very satisfied with movers in Virginia. They will make your move an easy and satisfying experience. Arlington is also a place known for its active lifestyle which is very attractive to younger generations. Besides, it is divided into distinctive neighborhoods, and each of them has its own charm.

    Famous things you will love about Arlington VA

    You have probably already heard that Arlington is the home of the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and The Iwo Jima War Memorial. The place has 27 military bases and almost 117,000 active military members. The famous U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” is organizing musical shows every from May through August. Before we decide what are the 3 things that you will love about this place, let us get familiar with it. The Army is also organizing the so-called “Ten-Miler”, a very popular road race.

    a person with dog is crossing the street
    Arlington is a peaceful and pet-friendly town.

    Also, from June to September, you can enjoy family-friendly shows. They are free and organized by Arlington County and the nonprofit Lubber Run Amphitheater Foundation. There you can enjoy various programs performed by artists like magicians, violinists, and many others. All you have to do is to bring a blanket to sit down on the grass.


    This famous building, subject to many stories, is opening regularly its doors for visitors. This largest low-rise building is the home of the U.S. Department of Defense. Annually, about 110,000 people are taking the tourist tour, walking about a mile and a half through the building.

    The job market in Arlington VA

    In the area, the Federal Government is still the major employer providing about 200,000 jobs for people from Arlington. Besides, the share of high-tech companies and startups run by millennials is steadily growing. The rest of the employees are the Fortune 500. In total, the unemployment rate in Arlington is about  2.8%, which is far below the national average. Also, the offer of a high-quality workforce is high. About 72% of the population holds at least a bachelor’s degree. This is thanks to the excellent educational system. So, if you have kids, they stand the chance to receive an excellent education. The rich market and excellent education are keeping moving companies Arlington VA rather busy. So, make sure to set your moving date on time.

    Arlington VA is a pet-friendly paradise

    The pet owners love Arlington for its pet-friendly attitude. This is especially true for dog owners, as they can bring their four-leg friends to one of the numerous parks. There, they can enjoy in fenced areas, with plenty of water, shade, and benches to rest.

    A row of red bikes from city renting station
    Arlington has about 200 bike stations.

    If you are into sports, you will enjoy living in Arlington VA

    Arlington VA is a town of famous Washington Redskins, the Washington metro’s favorite football team. And citizens are proud of and supporters of their team. Besides, if you like doing sports yourself, you have excellent possibilities for that. The trails for a walk, biking, and running are open year-round for all Arlington residents.

    The trails run from Theodore Roosevelt Island to Mount Vernon. The route encompasses the 17-mile-long route, with fantastic views of Arlington and Washington, D.C. Walking through the town, you will notice bikes stations, with bikes ready for use. The town has about 200 such bike stations. You can easily use the credit card and have a bike available for a day. One thing is for sure. Whatever things you will love about Arlington VA, you will not be bored. So, very soon after Fairfax county movers bring you belongings, you can start enjoying your new town.

    A few other things that will make you love Arlington VA

    For Arlington, we can say that every one of its neighborhoods has its amazing food choice. Besides a reach choice of food, you will not remain thirsty in this intriguing place. Its breweries are offering a great selection of seasonal and refreshing beers. So, this is another exciting thing in Arlington. And for sure, you will need a lot of time to visit them all, before you decide which one is your favorite one.

    A very special museum

    Have you ever heard about Drug Enforcement Administration Museum? Many people get surprised that something like that even exists. But yes, it is there, in Arlington. This is the only museum in the country dedicated to the battle against drugs. It is free for the public, so you can visit it any time you wish.

    Arlington VA neighborhoods you may love

    In general, we can divide Arlington neighborhoods into 3 different types, and you can choose which one you like the best.

    Neighborhoods that are best for families

    In general, Arlington is a good place for families with kids. Also, it has a very low crime rate and excellent schools for your kids. However, some of its neighbors are simply excellent for families. Those are:

    • Arlington Ridge
    • Barcroft
    • Cherrydale
    • Chain Bridge Forest
    • Lyon Village
    • Dominion Hills
    • Forest Glen
    • Penrose
    • Westover Village
    Burgers on black plate with a glass of beer besides as one of the things you will things you will love about Arlington VA
    Arlington has amazing food and beer choice.

    Neighborhoods best for singles and young professionals

    If you fail into this category, the best Arlington neighborhoods for you are:

    • Aurora Highlands
    • Clarendon-Courthouse
    • Ballston-Virginia Square
    • Bluemont
    • Radnor-Ft Myer Heights

    The most affordable and safe neighborhoods in Arlington

    If you are opting for such neighborhoods, the Springfield movers should bring you to one of the following places:

    • Arlington Ridge
    • Bluemont
    • Ballston-Virginia Square
    • Clarendon-Courthouse
    • Lyon Park

    With so many excellent things in Arlington, it is hard to choose the 3 you would like the best

    Thus, choosing 3 things you will love about Arlington VA is not an easy job. Especially with the town that has so much to offer. So, welcome to the city of Arlington. And enjoy eating, drinking, and living in this nice place. And continue to explore this beautiful town full of nice surprises. In one thing, we are sure. You will like it a lot.

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