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    Moving to Lorton can be exciting! This is a place that can offer you a lot of different things that you will surely enjoy. But, it is important to learn more about a place before you move there. Fairfax movers will tell you what are the 5 most interesting facts about Lorton VA you need to know. It will help you decide to move here quickly and without any delays. Here is what you should learn first.

    One of the facts about Lorton VA include lifestyle

    This wonderful place will offer you a suburban lifestyle where you can enjoy a lot of cultures, arts, and other activities. You can choose from indoor and outdoor things to do and all of them will leave you breathless. And you can visit some nice historical landmarks. Some of them include George Washington’s home, which is only 10 miles east. There are many interesting places you can go to as well. Not to mention that it is rich in nightlife as well. So you will certainly have a high chance of meeting nice people here.

    a person covering their head with book being happy as one of the facts about Lorton VA
    One of the facts about Lorton VA is that people really enjoy living here

    Moving here is something you need to prepare in advance. And if you are trying to learn more about Lorton and prepare for your move, then you will certainly have some difficulties to overcome. In this situation, you should think about Fairfax county movers. With their help, you can easily spend some quality time researching some interesting facts about Lorton before you move here. Make sure to have this in mind when you decide to move your home here.

    There are many things you can enjoy

    Why not think about visiting the Workhouse Arts Center? Here you can see old jail cells which are covered in artwork made by many different artists. It is something that will surely leave you speechless. You can also take a walk in some of the large parks near Lorton. You can go to Occoquan Regional Park, if you want to take a ride on the boat, or just canoe your way through the Occoquan River. Then, after that many nice activities, you can have lunch at some of the many waterfront restaurants. And, there is also Laurel Hill Golf Club.

    a perosn playing golf
    There are some amazing golf courses

    All these activities can be overwhelming. Especially for those who plan to do them all after the move. But, if you wish to move and still have enough energy to commit to them, then you can get help from professionals. Movers Lorton VA is here to help you move with ease. Once you can rely on professionals when moving your belongings, you can easily see what you want to do after the move.

    Housing is great

    Did you know that you can choose from numerous options when it comes to buying a home in Lorton? There are single-family houses here that are very affordable. Also, you can go to apartment complexes in nice neighborhoods. And you can see that some of them have fitness equipment, pools, community centers, and other things. Some of such great neighborhoods are Laurel Highlands, Laurel Hill, Crosspointe, and Stone Manor.

    With all the options you will have when looking for a new home, it is easy to get lost with all the tasks you need to complete. Even if you are moving your business here, you will still have to think about proper moving preparation. If you wish to truly avoid this issue, then we suggest you get the help of commercial movers Northern VA. They will be able to move your business without any delays or mistakes.

    Transportation is good

    People living here are very satisfied with the well-developed public transportation. There are many trains, buses, and other expressways you can travel to your destination. That means that many major places are well connected, and you will certainly get to them with ease. Virginia Railway Express operates the trains and they run through Lorton. Many working people opt to travel to their work by train because it comes often and it is a reliable way of transportation.

    inside public transport
    Public transportation is great

    Education is perfect

    Let’s just say you are moving with your children here. You would want them to grow up in a good place, and to go to good schools. Well, Lorton is the place where you can count on those things. Public schools are a part of the Fairfax County School system. They are very highly rated and are among the top public schools in the region. They also include South County High School which is a great place for anyone who wishes to learn more.

    Your kids will certainly enjoy their life here. There are many nice activities for them, and we are sure you will find them very useful. Learning more about the world and life in school can be a bit tough for them after the move. That is why you can learn a trick or two and help your children to study better. It is a good way for them to learn, have healthy habits, and in the end, get good grades. With them, they will have higher chances of getting into the college of their desire.

    These are the most important facts about Lorton VA that you should learn before you decide to move here. Now that you know that this place can offer you a lot of opportunities, you are ready to plan your relocation without any problems. If you are still having any doubts about your move, you are more than welcome to give us a call. We are more than happy to help you prepare for your move, as well as give you a free estimate. It will help you plan your moving budget properly.

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