7 Packing Tips to Streamline Your Move

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    Moving is known for being stressful, but luckily, you can do all sorts of things to reduce your stress level and embrace the joy of your new adventure. Want to reduce stress and streamline your move? Check out these packing tips to streamline your move.
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    Implement our packing tips to streamline your move for the best relocation experience.

    1. Start Early

    To streamline your move, begin packing as soon as you possibly can. Start with closets or drawers that you don’t use often. Then, work your way into spaces that you use on a daily basis.

    2. Try the KonMari Method

    If you have the time, moving can be a great time to unload possessions you don’t need. To decide which belongings to get rid of, try the KonMari method. Although you can read books and watch series about this method, you can pare its essence down to one main point: simply, get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy.

    Are you hanging onto something that you really don’t like because it’s a family? Give yourself permission to get rid of it. Do you absolutely love a picture that’s sitting in a closet? Keep it and find a place to hang it in your new home.

    3. Don’t Skip Anything

    When you’re packing, you may be tempted to skip over certain items and come back to them later. However, that can be an overwhelming way to pack, and you may end up with more unpacked items than you realize.

    To ensure that this doesn’t happen, don’t skip anything. Go through every closet, every drawer, and every cupboard, and make sure that you deal with each and every item. You don’t necessarily need to pack everything. Instead, make a few different piles such as throw away, donate, and pack.

    You may also want to make a pile of items to sell. However, if you think that doing so will add more stress than it’s worth, you may want to donate those items or wait and sell them from your new home.

    4. Set Up a Few Boxes for Your Final Days

    You will need to set aside a few items to get you through the final days in your home. To keep everything organized, consider sticking these items in a box.

    For example, imagine that you are packing your kitchen. You go through everything and decide what to throw away, donate, and pack. However, you still need to eat, so you put a single open box on your countertop. In this box, you put a frying pan, a small pot, a plate for each family member, a few glasses, and some other essentials.

    This way, you have these items when you need them, but on the day of the move, you also know that these items fit easily into a box.

    Then, when you move, you seal up the box, put it in the back of the moving truck, and open it right away when you get to your new home.

    5. Schedule a Thrift Store Pickup

    To save time, you may not want to drop off unwanted items at a thrift store. Luckily, many of these shops offer free pickup. You simply call them and set up a time, and they grab the items you want to donate from your driveway or off the curb.

    6. Make a Plan for Garbage

    Moves can generate a lot of garbage. If you’re getting rid of a lot of stuff, you may want to rent a dumpster. In other cases, simply make sure that your garbage company can do a pickup on or after moving day.

    7. Consider Hiring a Packing Professional

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