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    If you have decided to leave your home in Manassas and move to Annadale, you might be wondering if you have made the right decision. Leaving one place, especially if you like living there may be extremely difficult. There are a lot of emotions involved, and you might feel a lot of stress and be under a lot of pressure. On one hand, you are happy and excited because you are moving. On the other hand, you may feel sad because you are leaving your old life behind. With the right movers Virginia, you will feel less worried about your relocation. However, with our guide for moving from Manassas to Annandale, you will relocate to Annandale in no time.

    Plan your move from Manassas to Annandale well

    The first step toward every successful relocation is to plan it well. You need to compare the two cities, find out what are their differences, and prepare for any adjustments and possible changes. You may be relocating for work, to start a family, or just to try out something new. Whatever the reason, you will have to make some changes in your routines right after you leave your old home behind.

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    Moving from Manassas to Annandale has a lot of benefits.

    Cost of living Manassas vs Annandale

    One of the first changes you will probably have to make after moving from Manassas to Annandale is concerning the cost of living. Manassas is more affordable than Annandale. The overall living costs in Annandale have an index of 154.4. Manassas has an index of 125.9. They are both more expensive than Virginia’s average, which is 103.7. The median home cost in Manassas is $458,100, while in Annandale it is $672,900. The median home cost in Virginia is $329,200. As you can see, affordability probably isn’t one of the reasons you decided to call one of the moving companies Annandale VA and move to this city. However, the high costs of living are offset by many other things it has to offer.

    Moving from Manassas to Annandale for work

    When it comes to job positions, Manassas is a good place for one. The unemployment rate is 5.2%, which is lower than USA’s 6%. Also, over the past year, the employment rate increased by 1.9%. On the other hand, if you need a job quickly, Annandale is the right city for you because it has an even lower unemployment rate than Manassas, which is 4.6%. The highest-paid job in Annandale is a prosthodontist, whose salary starts from $80,000. The median salary for this job is $153,836. Highly-paid jobs in Annandale are also:

    • Pharmacist
    • Doctor
    • Marketing Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Professor

    Of course, these are not the only well-paid jobs in Annandale, there are more. However, these are some of the highest-paid and the most common ones. So, if you are moving to Annandale from Manassas for work, you have made a good decision.

    A couple holding moving boxes
    You will get used to living in Annandale quickly.

    Education in Annandale

    If you have decided to move to Annandale with your family because you want your kids to attend some of the best schools and have a wide choice, you have made the right decision once again. There are 35 schools in Annandale, 21 of which are elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and two high schools. There are 27 private schools and 8 public schools. One of the highest-rated schools is Canterbury Woods Elementary School, whose students all finish education with above-average success. That is another good chance you will make when you move to Annandale.

    Safety in Manassas and Annandale

    Speaking of relocation with kids, safety is one of the crucial points you have to pay attention to. It is essential even if you are not relocating with your family. But, if you have kids, your worries are bigger. In Manassas, there is a 1 in 54 risks of becoming violent or property crimes. Manassas is not among the safest neighborhoods in America. According to FBI crime statistics, Manassas’ crime rate is greater than 77% of Virginia’s cities.

    On the other hand, in Annandale, there are 17.17 crimes committed per 1,000 people each year. The south of the city is often thought to be the safest. In Annandale, your likelihood of being a victim of crime range from 1 in 110 in the south to 1 in 30 in the eastern areas. The difference isn’t significant, but Annandale is somewhat safer than Manassas. That is a significantly important fact to consider before hiring movers Manassas VA and relocating.

    A family unpacking boxes
    If you are moving with your family, know that Annandale is a great choice for younger people.

    Things to do in Annandale

    The diversity of cultures is what distinguishes Annandale and makes it so special. A Korean feel and old structures go along perfectly. Annandale is a lovely, welcoming location where you may engage in a variety of outdoor activities. There are several playgrounds, parks, and sports facilities. However, one thing in Annandale you have to visit right away is Green Springs Garden, VA.  There are more than 20 gardens, a greenhouse, and gift shops, one of which is a plant store, a historic home, and a horticultural library. However, what you don’t want to miss is the sunset time here

    A guide for moving to Annandale- final thoughts

    When you are relocating, lack of time and space often can be a problem. You might need to leave your old house sooner than you expected. Your new house maybe won’t be ready on time or you are simply downsizing, and you don’t know what to do with certain belongings for a while. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that also. Our storage services VA can fix all of your problems. If you contact us, your items will be safe after your move to Annandale. All in all, moving from Manassas to Annandale won’t be a problem, especially with our guide. Even though Manassas is a great living place, Annandale also has so much to offer. Prepare your things, get ready for your moving day, and enjoy your life in a new great city.


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