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    Preparing for relocation is never easy. No matter how much time you have or the distance you have to take, this is a big step in your life, and it should be planned in detail. Moving from Reston to Woodbridge is no different. Even though they are close to each other, around 40 minutes of driving, you still need to properly prepare for a relocation. Even with the help of movers Virginia, you still have a lot of work to do.

    Find out more about Woodbridge before you move there

    You will be happy to learn that Woodbridge is one of the friendliest places. It is great for millennials, and many young couples and families live there. v is one of the most vibrant suburbs, and it is in Prince William County. It has a population of about 4,400 people. The vast majority of residents own their homes. You can conclude by yourself that it means this area is pretty affordable, and people who come here decide to stay for a while, if not permanently. Therefore, you will not be making a mistake if you hire moving companies Woodbridge VA, and relocate here as soon as you can. You will love living in Woodbridge, so it is better to start preparing sooner.

    A couple packing their boxes
    There are many reasons for moving from Reston to Woodbridge.

    It is okay to be sad about leaving Reston

    Reston is a wonderful city with great living standards. Around 63,226 residents live here, and all of them adore lovely lakes, parks, and golf courses. The town center is home to several eateries and retail establishments. So, it is no wonder you feel sad about leaving such a lovely place. However, there are many reasons to move to Woodbridge. Everything you had in Reston, you can find in a lovely suburb of Woodbridge. There is one significant reason to call moving companies Reston VA and move to Woodbridge, and those are significantly lower living costs.

    One of the reasons for moving from Reston to Woodbridge is better livability

    When it comes to reasons for moving from Woodbridge to Reston, affordability is certainly one of them. The overall living costs index is 14.8% higher in Reston than in Woodbridge. To be more precise, the living cost index in Woodbridge is 119.7, compared to Reston’s 137.4. The difference can be significant, especially if you are moving with your family. Food and groceries are around 3% more expensive in Reston, but the difference in overall housing costs is considerably higher in Reston, around 40.7% higher. If you own a house in Reston, you will be happy to know that you can sell it, buy a house in Woodbridge, and still have some money left. The median home cost is 35.3% higher in Reston, which means the difference is $144,100. The median home cost in Woodbridge is $408,100, compared to $552,200 in Reston.

    A key in the lock
    Living costs are lower in Woodbridge than in Reston.

    Before you start packing for your move, organize your old home

    There are undoubtedly many things in your home that you don’t want to transfer with you. Those things will take up a lot of space and be more expensive to ship. That is why you should organize your home before the relocation. Carry out this action since it has several positive effects on your health. It is important to declutter and organize your belongings into two main categories: the items you want to keep and the belongings you don’t need anymore. After you have finished this part, you can find a few ways to do something with the items you don’t want to use anymore:

    • Toss away the items that are in a bad condition or damaged. If they are useless, there is no need to keep them.
    • Give the belongings that are in a good shape to your friends or family.
    • You can donate some items to a charity.
    • If you have time, organize a garage sale, or sell some items on eBay

    You can save up more when moving to Woodbridge

    One of the ways to save up when you organize a relocation, apart from decluttering, is by moving supplies. If you have valuable items, you should buy quality packing supplies. For the rest of your items, you can even improvise. Why not ask your neighborhood shops if they can provide you with the boxes they usually discard? If any of your friends have just relocated, ask them to sell you their boxes or, if willing, give them for free. Always search online to see if someone is offering their used materials for sale. They frequently offer them for sale at a low cost. However, extreme saving money is not an option if you are falling behind with moving tasks. That is when you should consider using packing services VA provided by your reliable movers.

    Welcome home sign
    Houses in Woodbridge are more affordable.

    Hire reliable movers

    One thing you should do when moving to Woodbridge is to hire a reliable moving company. That way, you won’t have to think about unloading and loading your belongings, and you can focus more on other relocation tasks such as decluttering and organizing your belongings. Many moving services will grant all of your wishes and help you have a stress-free relocation. All in all, Reston and Woodbridge are both beautiful cities. Moving from Reston to Woodbridge shouldn’t be an extreme change since they are close. With everything Woodbridge offers, especially its affordability, we are sure you will enjoy your life there. Good luck, and we wish you a pleasant relocation!

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