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    When you are moving from Lorton to Reston, you will need about 30 minutes drive. However, regardless of such a short distance, you have to prepare for relocation. The short distance doesn’t mean that moving preparations be easier. They are always demanding, even when you move across the street. And it takes planning and time. One of the first things is to find new accommodation in Reston. Renting or buying, you will need the place to move your belongings to. After that, you have to find good and reliable movers. That means that you will have to check the moving companies Northern VA. Once you check them thoroughly, you will hire one of them. And all this is just the beginning of the preparation process.

    Some interesting things about Lorton

    Lorton, with about 21,000 residents, is one of the Washington DC suburbs. It is a quiet town, where you can enjoy a suburban living style. Also, the crime rate is low. And, in case you have kids, you will easily find good schools for them. Lorton is surrounded by nice parks, where you can spend your free time. Also, it is famous for its Workhouse Arts Center.

    A small-town center with parked cars on the sidewalk you will see after moving from Lorton to Reston.
    Reston is a charming small town in Northern Virginia.

    The median home cost in Lorton is $451,900, and the median household income is $100,337. So, you can easily afford to buy your own home. Most of the residents are working in the Washington-Arlington metro area. There, the job market is very rich. So you can easily find well-paid jobs. Besides, Lorton is well connected to the metro area, which makes commuting very easy.  

    Moving from Lorton to Reston – what you can expect in your new town?

    Reston is a charming small town in Northern Virginia, with about 61,000 residents. It is a suburban community, with many opportunities to offer. It is an especially good place for young families with kids. Reston is known for the Fairfax County Public Schools. So, you will easily find good schools for your kids.

    Moving from Lorton to Reston, you will find many housing opportunities. The household income in Reston is $113,708. And, to buy a nice family house, you will need about $451,600. Also, in the center of the town, you will find apartments and condos for rent or purchasing.

    Reston lifestyle

    Although it has more residents than Lorton, it is also a quiet metro suburb, offering a relaxed lifestyle. You will feel it soon after arriving there with the help of movers Reston VA. The crime rate is low, and the community is tightly knit. So, soon after moving from Lorton to Reston, you will feel at home. Also, Reston will offer you a lot of possibilities to spend your free time. In general, it is a walkable place, with a lot of amenities. Moreover, Reston is considered one of Virginia’s best places for living.

    Reston offers its residents a unique blend of urban, outdoor, and other amenities

    Living in Reston you will never be bored. This picturesque Virginia town has a lot of interesting spots. It is also offering unique urban and outdoor amenities. There, you will be able to enjoy various places:

    • Restaurants and cafes
    • Parks and outdoor biking and walking trails
    • Lakes
    • Golf courses
    • Health & Fitness & Beauty center
    • Town Center’s ice-skating rink – a popular place to visit during the winter months

    The local shops are well supplied. And, since Reston is famous for its walkability, you can easily visit many of them. The thing is that you will not need to worry about parking. So you will feel more relaxed when going shopping. Also, in such safe surroundings, kids will easily walk to school and back.

    The economy and job opportunities in Reston

    The town of Reston is known for a lot of small businesses and possibilities for start-ups. Also, being in the proximity of Washington DC, many residents are finding excellent-paid jobs in the Capital. And, having excellent commuting possibilities, they can work in Washington DC. After working hours, they can enjoy the relaxing suburban atmosphere of Reston.

    The Capitol seen from the Old Post Office tower.
    Many Reston residents are working in Washington DC.

    Also, there are many corporate companies in Reston. So, after relocating with the help of moving companies Lorton VA, you will be able to secure a good job. The main employers in Reston are:

    • AT&T
    • Walmart
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Oracle
    • Cisco Systems
    • IBM
    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • Bank of America
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Deloitte
    • Boeing
    • Lockheed Martin Corporation
    • FedEx Freight

    This is just a part of world-known companies that have an office in Reston. However, already this shortlist shows how rich is the job market in Reston. The town is also close to Dulles International Airport, and many are finding jobs there too.

    Preparing for moving from Lorton to Reston

    You have already found reliable local movers VA, and you know the moving date. So, it is time to start with moving preparations. And, soon you start packing, you will realize that it is never too early to start with this job. The preparations are time-consuming. And there are so many things to take care of. So, it is a good strategy to prepare a detailed moving plan. Your moving plan will be your reminder of the tasks that you have to complete. And the tasks that you have to allocate to your family members.

    Family resting in the park while sightseeing.
    After moving, explore your new town.

    In the moving plan, you should define:

    • How to complete decluttering
    • How to handle the surplus items (sell, donate or discard them)
    • A way to complete the inventory
    • What amount of packing material you will need
    • Where to get or purchase the packing material
    • Define the packing procedure and give tasks to the family members
    • Decide what to pack in the essential moving bag
    • Calculate your moving budget and make sure it is sufficient
    • Call the utility suppliers in Lorton, pay the remaining bills, and cancel the contracts
    • Call the utility suppliers in Reston
    • Apply for changing your address with the bank and respective state bodies

    When moving with the family members, allocate some preparation tasks to them

    It is a good idea to involve your family member in the preparation process. First, ask each of them to declutter their own room. They will know the best what items they don’t need anymore. Also, give them the packing supplies and explain to them:

    • How to sort their possessions
    • How to wrap and pack the items in the moving boxes
    • The way to organize labeling and sealing the boxes

    After they are done with that part, they can all help in decluttering and packing things from the common premises such as the kitchen, living room, etc. This way, all preparation works will be done much faster. And most importantly, you will be ready for the moving day.

    After moving to Reston, explore your new town

    So, you have finally completed moving from Lorton to Reston. So, after you are done unpacking and settling down, it is time to explore your new town. That will help you and your family with orientation. You will find the fastest ways to reach certain parts of the town. Also, you may discover the good shops, fitness centers, and cafes. Here is also a short Reston guide that will help you in knowing your new place better. Besides, reading it, you will also learn a bit more about the Reston’s history.

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