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    Local relocations are often considered easy, and that is the biggest mistake most people make. If you have a local move soon in a week, you might’ve waited too long to start organizing it, or you found out suddenly you have to relocate. Either way, you have 7 days to plan and execute a move which is not the simplest thing to do. But, it’s not something to panic over either. With one of the reputable moving companies Northern VA offers, you too can relocate seamlessly no matter how short the time period. Start organizing the moving process immediately with our help. We are sharing a detailed guide to moving locally within a week.

    Moving locally within a week can be done stress-free

    You might be wondering how in the world you are going to manage to move in less than a week. Don’t worry, there is a way. With a few simple steps, your relocation can be smooth and pleasurable. Here’s what you need to do as soon as possible:

    • make a detailed plan
    • enlist some help
    • get rid of items you don’t need to lessen the number of things to pack
    • pack methodically
    • get moving services for an easy relocation
    woman making a list
    Moving locally within a week will be easier with a detailed to-do list.

    Make a detailed plan

    Making a detailed plan is the first step of any successful relocation. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, with a well-thought plan your move will be smooth and issue-free. Before your local movers VA arrive, make sure you have a plan of moving tasks to complete. Make a to-do list and go over it several times to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. You need to count on the time you’ll need to pack your belongings as well as to take care of some additional moving tasks. You should apply for an address change and transfer utilities before the move. Also, don’t forget to forward your mail and notify the bank and the mobile phone/internet providers about the change of address.

    If you’re going with a DIY move, enlist some help

    If you aren’t getting moving services, make sure you have someone to help you with the move. Even though it’s a local relocation, don’t attempt to do it alone. Carrying heavy furniture by yourself is not only nearly impossible, but it’s also very dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Ask your friends or family members if they are available to help you. And remember to show appreciation for coming to help you on short notice. Take them out to a nice lunch or dinner after the move, and make sure you provide snacks and refreshments for everyone on moving day.

    Get rid of belongings you no longer need

    Moving items you don’t use is impractical for several reasons. Firstly, you will need more time to pack them. Even if you hire the packing service Northern VA offers, it will still take packers more time to handle everything. Secondly, it will cost you more. Why waste your hard-earned money on stuff you don’t even need. Sell or donate the items in good condition, and toss the old, damaged ones. You will lessen the number of things you have to pack and also decrease the total cost of your move. And if you choose to sell some items, you might even earn some extra cash to add to your moving budget. That’s always a good thing.

    man under a pile of boxes
    Moving items you don’t use will only clutter your new home.

    Pack methodically

    Packing everything carefully will make it easier to unpack after the move. Even if you’re moving on short notice, make sure to neatly pack and label your boxes. You might find packing room by room the most convenient. Start with the rooms you use least, such as a guest room if you have one, or the attic/ garage. Leave the rooms you use every day such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom for last. Make sure to get protective packing materials, to ensure all your belongings are safe. Even a move to the house next door can leave some of your favorite fragile items damaged or broken.

    Get moving services for an enjoyable local move

    The best way to ensure you have a pleasurable local relocation is to hire reliable moving services. Having experienced residential movers Northern VA offers by your side will lessen the stress of the relocation significantly. Although it’s not ideal to start looking for movers a week before moving day, it’s not impossible to find them either. There are many moving companies that offer last-minute moving services, as well as services if you have to move on the same day or the next day. You will find that having a team of skilled movers handling your relocation will contribute greatly to your mental wellbeing. Not having to stress about anything and having the movers take care of your move from start to finish is relaxing and freeing.

    man and woman behind boxes
    With movers by your side, you will have a smooth relocation even on short notice.

    Short-notice local relocations don’t have to be a bad experience with the right helpers by your side

    Moving on short notice is nobody’s idea of a good time, but life happens sometimes. The key to moving locally within a week is to start as soon as possible and take care of as many moving tasks as you can. Hiring movers will help you have a seamless relocation experience, and you will be able to focus on other parts of the move while they do the packing. You can run errands and go transfer your utilities for example, or clean the home after the movers are done with packing. Every relocation is easier with the help of knowledgeable professionals, so make your local move memorable and book moving services as soon as possible.

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