A guide to packing cups and glasses before moving

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    Packing is always the hardest and most demanding part of the relocation. Each item type requires a different approach when it comes to packing. Personal belongings, bulky items, and breakables are something you should pay special attention to. Studying packing techniques can streamline your relocation process to a great extent. That is why consulting professionals such as Fairfax Transfer and Storage can be useful when packing cups and glasses before moving. Follow the advice from professional movers and secure yourself an easy and stress-free packing and moving process.

    A guide to packing cups and glasses before moving

    Packing breakables requires a meticulous approach and patience. Having a box full of broken glass is not the moving outcome anyone would hope for. To avoid this scenario, research all the packing techniques you can find. If you want to ensure all your glassware arrive at your new home in one piece, you will need to devote a lot of time and energy to packing. Before starting to pack your boxes and fill them with fragile items, it would be good to have some key factors in mind:

    • make an inventory and decide what to pack
    • buy enough amount of packing supplies
    • apply proper packing techniques
    • hire reliable movers
    a couple learning techniques for packing cups and glasses
    Proper packing techniques will streamline your relocation process

    Make an inventory

    Having a checklist of all your items, especially cups and glasses, is an extremely helpful addition to the packing process. An inventory will also come in handy before hiring one of the best residential movers in Northern VA. This way you will have a complete overview of all the breakables you are taking to a new home. Moreover, with a checklist at hand, you will be able to check whether all items are in place after arriving at a new home.

    Having a list of cups and glasses you are packing and moving will help you get rid of redundant stuff. Use this opportunity to clear the clutter in your current home and start life at a new address unburdened from redundant items. Carefully inspect every cup and glass you possess before packing. Look for dents and chips and throw out every cup or glass that cannot be used any longer. As for those that are in good condition, but haven’t been used for a long time, they can always be sold or donated. Once you settle into a new home, buy new glasses, cups, and mugs to make up for the ones you removed.

    Buy enough amount of packing supplies

    Packing material is something you cannot go without when it comes to relocation. Make sure to supply yourself with enough packing supplies. Buy cardboard boxes of various sizes for different kinds of items. As for cups and glasses, it would be best if you could use middle-sized boxes when you pack them. Ideally, boxes with dividers would resolve all your packing issues, but chances are slim that you will find them at regular stores. Check with the local liquor store if they are willing to give you their left-over boxes. Remember not to use old boxes, because they can easily fall apart. Provide only high-class material for fragile items like cups and glasses.

    a person holding bubble wrap
    Buy enough packing material and prepare well for the packing process

    Before you start packing, make sure to assemble and reinforce the boxes.

    As for the rest of the packing supplies, make sure to buy plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, and duct tape. You can also use towels or newspapers for cushioning. Be well prepared before the arrival of one of the best moving companies Fairfax VA offers.


    Apply proper packing techniques

    Before wrapping your breakables, be sure to set up a working space that best suits you. A clear and flat surface is the best environment for packing your fragile items. Put a couple of layers of packing paper or a towel on the bottom of the box. Fill the hollow part of the glass or cup with packing paper. Then wrap the glass in a bubble wrap. Use extra bubble wrap around handles and stems, as they tend to break easily. Wrap the stem first when you are packing delicate objects like wine glasses. Instead of a bubble wrap, you may use newspapers but bear in mind that it will leave marks on your glasses, and you will need to wash them thoroughly after unpacking.

    Glassware is extremely sensitive and breakable, whereas mugs and cups are more durable. You can stack mugs and cups one inside of another in your moving box, while glassware requires more attention and caution. You can wrap two glasses at the same time in packing paper or a bubble wrap. Make sure they are completely covered in the protective material and use duct tape to seal the package if necessary.

    Put heavier and larger glasses at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on the top. Cover them with more packing paper or packing peanuts, or you can use a towel as a top cushion. After you close the box, lift it up and shake it a little to make sure you don’t hear the noise of glasses clinking against each other. Make sure there is no empty space inside of a box with fragile items, and that cups, mugs, and glasses are firmly stacked.

    boxes in the apartment
    Make sure to label boxes after sealing them with duct tape

    Remember to label each box after packing and mark each box containing breakables with the tag fragile.

    In case you are struggling with packing, look for the best packing service North Virginia offers. Any professional advice will be beneficial to your packing and relocation process.

    Hire reliable movers

    Packing cups and glasses and moving them to your new home is much easier with professional help. The best movers you can find in the whole of Fairfax County are at your disposal for any moving-related issues. Fairfax Transfer and Storage will make sure you have a stress-free address change and polite staff will cater to every single of your relocation needs.

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