A guide to packing your book collection before the move

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    The complexity of the relocation process can vary quite a bit. Some relocations are easy to execute while others are extremely hard, dangerous, time-consuming, and costly. It all depends on the items you have and how many you possess. But one thing is certain, no matter what kind of relocation you have, you still must cover the basic moving tasks. One must cover packing, legalities, budget, and a search for moving companies Fairfax VA. And if you have special items with you, then the whole process becomes much harder. Today we will focus on packing your book collection and how to do it right. Let us help you pack everything safely.

    How to create a packing plan?

    The first thing you must do is inspect before packing your book collection. This is a time-consuming process but a much-needed one. The goal is to realize how many books you have and the condition they are in. Also, you want to know how many copies you possess, the rarity, value, etc. So, inspect your books one by one and sort them into designated boxes. Before you place them in a box, you must clean your books. But we will come to that part later. For now, find a nice place inside your home where you can sort everything out. You’ll need a big table or to spread a sheet on the floor and place your books on top of it.

    man and a woman creating a moving checklist
    Inspect your belongings and books included. List it all down on your moving checklist.

    Also, as you already know, books are heavy and robust. When moving in bulk, they can weigh quite a bit. This means you should use Fairfax Transfer and Storage company to do it for you. The professional moving team knows how to handle heavy items. Especially such a valuable cargo as your book collection is.

    Packing supplies you’ll need when packing your book collection

    You must call your moving company prior to the move to advise them on the number of heavy boxes you possess. They will help you prepare for this journey and organize it in a way so you won’t have to lift any of the heavy items you have. Boxes with books included. Your movers can even provide packing service Northern Virginia if you wish so. But if you decide on packing yourself, you must obtain the packing supplies first. No matter if you are moving the entire house or just your book collection, you still have to purchase all the basic packing supplies. But since you are moving anyway, this part shouldn’t be so hard.

    You should visit the nearest home depot and purchase cardboard boxes, blister packs, labels, packing paper, and adhesive tape. Also, you should obtain a pair of leather gloves to use when handling more valuable tomes. Packing your books is a tricky business and you must have a delicate approach. Therefore, purchase all packing supplies and focus on higher-quality ones. Once you have it all, we can start packing.

    Clean your collection before packing

    Books gather a lot of dust over time. Some tomes you haven’t touched in years. Maybe you have cleaned them from time to time, but this is the time to clean them again. Simply because you do not want to bring all the dust and dirt into your new home. So, the first step is to set aside a batch of books you are cleaning. Then, use leather gloves when handling books to prevent running them with moisture from your hands. As for the cleaning products, you can use chemics-free cleaning products that you can obtain online or from the nearest dealership. Your local bookstore probably has all the answers to this question. Although, if you have unique editions or extremely old books, then you should visit an art dealer or other professional.

    clean before packing your book collection
    Some books are more valuable than others. Use proper cleaning supplies at least for the unique tomes you possess.

    As for the other accessories you should use to clean your books, there is a duster and a fiber cloth. There is no need to do anything else to wipe off the dust from your books. For books with leather covers, you will use oil-based products that you’ll purchase from the same source we mentioned earlier. Once you clean your books, place them inside a box with a cushiony base. You can use blankets, clothing, or bubble wrap. Make sure to tuck your books in to prevent damage during transport. Cover them with packing paper or more clothing and close the box. Apply tape and labels with a detailed description. And do not overstuff your boxes. They shouldn’t be too heavy to move around.

    Downsize before packing your book collection

    If you have more books than you can handle, there is one thing you must do before you contact your residential movers in Northern VA and begin the moving process. You should consider giving some books away. Yes, we are aware books are valuable and usually, we gather them for a home collection. No one wants to give away any of the books no matter how bad the content is. But if you possess duplicates or books of no value, you should consider giving them away. You will have fewer boxes to pack and you’ll surprise one of your friends or neighbors.

    There is no greater gift than a nice book

    In case you have a few books, you want to get rid of, there is a lucrative way of doing it. Besides, you surely have some clothing, old appliances, furniture, and other random items you want to get rid of after decluttering. So, use one of the following solutions to do it:

    • Organize a garage sale.
    • Give to friends and family.
    • Sell everything online.
    • Recycle.
    • Donate to charities.
    woman lying on grass surrounded by books
    Giving a book away to your friends will be a nice parting gift. Your friends will appreciate it.

    As for your books, the best way is to simply give them away to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. They will appreciate it because there is no greater gift than a book. Especially if they never read it.

    Insurance and legalities

    You will work on your legalities and personal documents at some point. Also, you should consider purchasing the moving insurance. Especially now when you have your valuable book collection with you. You can check with your movers to figure out what kind of coverage they have. If it is not enough, purchase insurance from an insurance company. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Packing your book collection is not as hard as it looks. The harder part is to prepare and clean your books. But now you know to do both. Just find a reliable moving company to take care of things and your books will reach the other side unharmed. Good luck.

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