A guide to relocating from Centreville to Manassas

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    Moving locally seems like an effortless and undemanding venture. However, no matter how far you are moving, taking all moving tasks seriously is essential. If you are a Virginia resident who thinks about relocating from Centreville to Manassas, then the best movers in Virginia have a great guide for you. Follow the instructions and ensure a seamless relocation for you and your family. Let professionals navigate you through one of the most challenging tasks in life. Fairfax Transfer and Storage offers the best advice and the best service you may find in the wide Washington DC area.

    A guide to relocating from Centreville to Manassas

    Manassas is a 15-minute drive from Centreville. This means that even if you forget to bring something from your old home, you may easily return and pick it up. However, this does not mean that you don’t need to plan your relocation thoroughly. Moving from one small Virginia town to another is not a big change in your life. The surroundings are the same and your commuting time is pretty much the same. But conducting your relocation in an organized manner is always beneficial. Here are some guidelines to streamline your address change from Centreville to Manassas:

    • plan your relocation in detail
    • get enough packing supplies
    • downsize and declutter
    • learn packing techniques
    • hire reliable movers
    • explore your new town
    a woman making a plan for relocating from Centreville to Manassas
    Drafting a moving plan is one of the most important things when relocating from Centreville to Manassas

    Plan your relocation

    Before hiring movers Centreville VA to perform your relocation, it is important to plan the entire process to the slightest detail. Start with making a list of all items you are taking with you. Although Manassas is smaller than Centreville, it boasts various kinds of stores, where you can buy almost everything you need. Therefore, there is no need to take all your belongings with you. Make a list of the items you cannot do without once you settle into a new home.

    If you wish to perform DIY relocation, consider logistics, transportation, traffic, and weather conditions and pick the right moving day. Make sure to organize your work and daily life around relocation and try to minimize any disruption. Moving on your own requires a lot more effort than hiring a moving company. Asking your friends and family members to help you out might be inconvenient. That is why making a detailed plan and figuring out in what way will you conduct your relocation should precede any other moving-related activity.

    Buy packing supplies

    The inevitable part of your relocation plans is to obtain enough packing supplies. Make sure to buy boxes of various sizes, duct tape, packing paper, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. You may even ask your friends to lend you their packing material but be aware that the boxes need to be in good condition and sturdy. Even though you are moving only 15 minutes away from your current address, do not take this relocation for granted. Buy everything you need way before you start packing and have everything ready and complete prior to the moving day.

    Downsize and declutter

    Utilize the opportunity that relocation offers to get rid of redundant items. Especially if you are moving to a smaller flat or house. Determine which items would be unnecessary in your new flat and find the right way to get rid of them. If you live in a house in Centreville, organize a garage sale. Alternatively, you can sell your redundant items online. Giving them away to friends and family members is another way of decluttering.

    a storage facility
    Keeping your items in a storage unit is one of the best ways of decluttering a house before relocation

    However, there is a great option for those who are reluctant to give up any of their belongings. Renting the best storage Virginia has is a win-win situation for people who wish to keep all their belongings. Both long-term and short-term storage solutions are available, and professional staff will safely transport your belongings from your property to the storage unit. The best thing is that you can come and pick up your items whenever you feel the need to. Also, rest assured your belongings will be safe in the best storage facility in the state.

    Learn packing techniques

    Never underestimate the importance of packing techniques. Careful and efficient packing will make the unpacking process quick and simple. Also, it will be easier to settle in and start enjoying and arranging your new home if you pack smart. Not to mention that by using adequate packing techniques all items will reach your new Manassas home in one piece. Pay special attention when packing breakables and bulky items. Also, make sure not to pack your personal stuff, such as documents, medications, and phone, in a box. Always carry these items with you, so they don’t get lost in transport.

    Hire reliable movers

    Since you are not moving far away, it might seem like you can easily do the relocation on your own. That is true, but it is always better to leave it to the professionals. Skilled movers have the right tools, know-how, and equipment to conduct your relocation quickly and efficiently. Also, the amount of stress a DIY relocation can bring is huge, and for this reason, it is recommendable to hire moving professionals. Get in touch with the top-rated movers Manassas VA and leave all relocation worries behind.

    two men carrying a couch
    Polite and professional staff from a moving company will make sure all your items arrive safely at your new address

    Explore the new town

    Before finally relocating from Centreville to Manassas, research the neighborhood you are moving to. A charming historic district and plenty of museums are the main attractions of this town. Besides the proximity of the capital and the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Manassas offers numerous festivals and events. It is a vibrant small town where everyone can find their place. After the movers complete your relocation, your only task is to unwind, explore your new place of residence, and arrange and decorate your home.

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