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    The choice of a neighborhood is a decision that goes beyond just finding a house. It’s about discovering a space where families can thrive, children can grow, and lifelong memories are created. If you happen to be interested which are the best neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families, you’re in the right place. Before you hire moving services in Northern VA to make the relocation process easier for you, take some time to explore what are the features of neighborhoods they could take your belongings to.  Namely, each neighborhood in this city offers its unique flavor and array of amenities, making the decision both exciting and significant. With education, parks, dining, and shopping varying greatly across different areas, finding the right fit becomes crucial for the well-being and happiness of a family. So choose wisely and rely on your family’s needs.

    Old Town Alexandria – the first neighborhood most people visit

    Old Town Alexandria is first and foremost known for its historical charm and scenic waterfront. However, this part of the city is also a family-friendly neighborhood rich in culture and amenities. The area features educational establishments such as top-rated schools, alongside libraries offering numerous learning opportunities. For recreation, Founders Park and Jones Point Park are popular among families for their scenic beauty and engaging activities. Dining in Old Town is diverse, with establishments like The Fish Market and Gadsby’s Tavern offering seafood specialties and colonial fare. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to unique shops that provide a mixture of modern and historical shopping experiences. Therefore, should you direct your chosen movers Alexandria VA residents trust, toward this part of the town, you and your family will likely love it.

    Del Ray – ideal for those who prefer eating out

    Del Ray, distinct from Old Town Alexandria, boasts an eclectic mix of dining and artistic experiences. It’s known for its unique character, with a collection of independent restaurants and shops.

    These are the venues you shouldn’t miss visiting:

    • Del Ray Café: This French café is a neighborhood staple, offering a blend of local and organic fare.
    • Evening Star Café: A popular eatery since 1997, known for its American cuisine and rooftop garden.
    • Del Ray Artisans Gallery: A community art gallery hosting numerous shows, workshops, and art activities.
    • Stomping Ground: A lively spot for music lovers, serving up great drinks and fried chicken.
    • Pork Barrel BBQ: Renowned for its barbecue dishes, particularly the brisket sandwich.

    Del Ray’s community-centric approach is evident in its regular events like the Taste of Del Ray, where locals can sample and vote on dishes from various eateries.

    a restaurant in Del Ray, one of the best neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families
    People living in Del Ray often enjoy exploring various restaurants.

    Kingstowne – for movie buffs and nature lovers

    Kingstowne is another one of the best neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families. The Kingstowne Towne Center is a hub for dining, with family favorites such as Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Bone Fish Grill, alongside options for sweet treats at Sweet Frog and Dairy Queen. Entertainment is abundant with Kingstowne Regal Cinemas presenting the latest films. Additionally, the community enjoys outdoor activities at Kingstowne Park, a welcoming space for family outings.

    Here are the top venues in this part of Alexandria:

    • Dining: Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Bone Fish Grill, Uno’s Pizzeria & Grill.
    • Entertainment: Kingstowne Regal Cinemas for movies.
    • Recreation: Kingstowne Park for outdoor activities.
    • Shopping: Wegman’s for groceries, LA Fitness for fitness needs.
    • Services: Various local businesses in Hilltop Village Center.

    For families moving to Kingstowne, local moving services like Fairfax County movers are available to facilitate a smooth transition into this dynamic area. Kingstowne’s combination of modern amenities and a close-knit community atmosphere makes it a desirable location for families.

    a cinema in one of the neighborhoods in Alexandria VA
    The proximity to a cinema is why some people believe Kingstowne is one of the best neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families.

    Rosemont – one of the best neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families

    Rosemont in Alexandria is renowned for its historic charm and family-friendly environment. Moreover, this neighborhood is supported by strong educational institutions within the Alexandria City Public Schools system. Recreational spots like local parks provide families with spaces for leisure and play, enhancing the community’s appeal. The area also boasts various dining and shopping options, reflecting its rich cultural fabric. For those relocating to Rosemont, local movers VA provides can both help you move and direct you towards the best venues in town. It is often the case that locals work in these companies and they are happy to share their knowledge about where to eat and how to have fun in each neighborhood. Regardless of whether you explore it on your own, or follow other people’s suggestions, you’ll enjoy your stay in Rosemont and the great conveniences you’ll find there.

    Abundant recreational opportunities await in Cameron Station

    Cameron Station in Alexandria, VA stands out as a family-friendly neighborhood, primarily due to its abundance of recreational opportunities. Here’s a glimpse of what makes it so appealing for families:

    • Ice & LightsThe Winter Village at Cameron Run: This venue transforms into a winter wonderland, offering unique light displays, and outdoor ice skating under the stars. There are also options for hot beverages and snacks. It’s a seasonal attraction that brings holiday cheer to families​.
    • SPOT: Family fun day: Scheduled for September 30, 2023, at 520 Cameron Station Blvd, this event is designed to foster community spirit and create lasting memories. It includes food, games, spiritual hymns, and a variety of interactive activities, emphasizing the neighborhood’s focus on family-oriented events​.
    • Parks and Green Spaces: The neighborhood is adjacent to Ben Brenman Park, which offers athletic fields, a dog park, picnic areas, and walking/biking trails. Nearby parks like Armistead L. Boothe Park and All Veterans Park, along with smaller green spaces, provide ample outdoor activities for families. Additionally, Cameron Run Regional Park offers a water park, fishing lake, miniature golf, and batting cages, ensuring diverse recreational choices​.
    • Convenient location and amenities: The neighborhood’s location in the West End section of Alexandria offers easy access to major routes and is close to Old Town Alexandria and Washington, D.C. It includes essential amenities like a coffee shop, restaurant, market, and daycare facilities, making daily life convenient for families​.

    Cameron Station’s emphasis on recreational activities, and community events, and its array of amenities make it a particularly attractive neighborhood for families looking for an active community environment.

    mother, father, and a child are walking down the road in a park
    Those who like spending time in nature daily should move to Cameron Station.

    Every neighborhood in Alexandria is great in its own way

    Alexandria presents a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and array of amenities catering to the needs of families. From the historic streets of Old Town to the serene ambiance of Rosemont, the city offers a multitude of choices for those seeking the perfect family-friendly environment. The significance of selecting the right neighborhood cannot be overstated. It is a decision that influences daily life, community interactions, and the overall growth and happiness of a family. These five neighborhoods in Alexandria VA for families, are settings where people can engage, children can flourish, and a sense of belonging can be deeply rooted. For those considering a move to Alexandria, these neighborhoods represent the best of what the city has to offer.

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