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    Are you or your child looking into their higher education options and the best places in Northern Virginia for students? Luckily, Virginia offers a lot of different things for its residents, and good education is one of them. To help making your decision easier, we prepared a list of the best cities to study in. And once you’ve made up your mind, you don’t need to worry about the logistics of moving. Just ask reputable professionals like Northern Virginia movers to help you with relocation! You can be sure that your move to Northern Virginia to pursue higher education will go smoothly.

    What is important for the people looking for the best places in Northern Virginia for students?

    The first thing that you should consider is, of course, what you wish to study. Based on that, you can make a list of all the best schools where you can go. This list will get smaller if you want to stay closer to home, or maybe your grades won’t be enough. But, other than that, what are some of the things students look for when moving to a new city to study?

    Kids going into school in one of the best places in Northern Virginia for students
    Virginia has one of the top education systems in the US

    Choosing the right campus and its amenities can be very important, especially if you enjoy sports and want to be able to practice. You should also consider the safety, if not of the whole city, then of the campus and areas around. Moreover, expenses and living costs may be deciding factors for many people when choosing a place in Northern Virginia to move to. Finally, young people are also looking for cities with plenty of outdoor activities, parks, and entertainment opportunities.

    Education ratings in the state of Virginia

    Virginia is one of the most popular states to move to. With its safety, good cost of living, and many opportunities for school and work, it’s one of the best states you can live in. And students often choose this state as well. That’s because education in Virginia is at a high level. In fact, Virginia is among the top 10 states with the best public education. Many students here are very diligent, so they rank highly both in elementary, high school, and college education. So, if you or your child are moving here to study, rest assured that Virginia is one of the best places for students.

    Keeping that in mind, we’ve gathered some information about places you might be interested in. There are surely plenty more, and this will depend on the type of school you want to go to. But generally, these can work as well. Since, as we mentioned, Virginia has amazing school ratings, wherever you go you will be content. So, choose based on the subject you want to study and the place you feel you would enjoy the most.

    Centerville VA offers great proximity to Washington DC

    Centerville is considered to be one of the best places to live in Virginia. It is practically a suburb of Washington, DC, so you will be able to get to the capital of the country quickly if you need it. This can seem appealing to many students as it increases their chances of being close to important events. But, it also provides a lot of fun opportunities for them to experience. When it comes to the population, Centerville has around 75,000 residents, while the median age is 36 years. There are plenty of young people here, both school-age and young professionals, so you’ll make friends quickly.

    Kids with their teacher
    There are plenty of great schools in Northern Virginia, and manz of them are in Centerville.

    Centerville is famous for having one of the highest numbers of highly rated public schools. There are 12 public and 8 private schools in the city. Those looking to pursue a higher education can enroll at Central Michigan University and Columbia College. Top movers Centerville VA offers can relocate you here in a quick and safe manner, just in time for the start of the school year.

    One of the safest places in the state is Fort Belvoir

    As a military city, Fort Belvoir can often be overlooked as an ideal place to live in. But, if you are searching for a quiet and small town to live in as a student, it can be a great option for you. The overall livability here is amazing. Since it is a military base, the safety is one of the best in the state. It also has a lower cost of living than the national average, which can mean a lot to people hiring movers Fort Belvoir VA.

    Education here is on a good level. But it is not often that students choose to live here, simply because the population is small and some might think that it is not as exciting as big cities. But, if you want a tight-knit community or if you are interested in military education, then consider settling down in Fort Belvoir. Moreover, itćs good to know that schools here have great funding, both from the government and the community. This leads to amazing amenities students have access to, like labs, computer rooms, and fully equipped libraries. On top of that, professors here are great at their job, and there is a diverse curriculum and support for students to try many different things.

    Alexandria is the city for all nature and history lovers

    Alexandria is a larger city full of history and remnants of the past. It can be fascinating for students of all ages to discover all these, especially if you are looking forward to studying history. Other than that, it is situated on a Potomac river and offers so many green spaces you can spend your time. This is particularly popular among students during warmer months, as they often hang out in nature. Pace of living in Alexandria might be faster, but it is not even close to that of cities like Washington or New York City.

    A student in the library
    Schools in Alexandria have great amenities

    Moreover, Alexandria has around 160,000 residents and is quite diverse in terms of food, culture, and education. The top-rated public schools in this city are Lyles-Crouch Elementary School, Charles Barrett Elementary School, and Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School. There is also Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as an option for higher education. If you decide this sounds like a good option, you will be pleased to know you don’t have to relocate all on your own. Some of the best moving companies Alexandria VA has to offer are here to help you with it. This way, you can focus on your new school and meet new friends.

    McLean is also one of the best places in Northern Virginia for students

    The public school system in McLean also falls under the Fairfax County education system. There are great schooling options in the town, but the closest higher education options are Arlington and Falls Church. And you can be sure that the quality of education here is amazing! However, the cost of living in McLean is quite high, meaning not everyone will afford to live and study here. But, if you are still interested, there are amazing movers in McLean VA ready for your call.

    You’ll love living and studying in the self-sufficient city of Reston

    This city has been proclaimed as one of the healthiest places to live in Virginia. It had plans to become a self-sufficient green city, and in many ways, it succeeded. So it’s no surprise that moving companies Reston VA get a lot of calls from new customers. People from all walks of life are interested in moving here – young people, families, retirees, basically everyone. This can be a great place for students interested in the environment as it can be a great example of what we, as people, can do.

    Students sitting in the park
    Students can enjoy many green spaces in Reston

    It has around 60,000 people living here, many of whom own their homes. Based on their words, it is a great city to study and live in. Students have an opportunity to spend a lot of time outside, but also in many coffee shops and restaurants. Public schools have great ratings here as well, and there are good options for elementary, middle school, and high school education. On top of that, students interested in more can enroll in one of two colleges or the University of Reston.

    Falls Church is one of the great places in Northern Virginia for students

    Falls Church is yet another town on this list that is close to the capital of the U.S. Living here might not be for everyone, but for people who like small, tight-knit communities, it can be a perfect choice! You will definitely make friends here, and from different age groups as well. It is a place where neighbors know and look after each other. This can be especially comforting for students moving out of their homes.

    Besides, Falls Church City Public Schools offer only the best for their students. There are five schools in the system, with a graduation rate of a whopping 99.5%. Students are encouraged to try out different things, and great scholarship options are just a benefit. So, if you are not used to big, bustling cities, the Falls Church lifestyle will be ideal for you. There are also plenty of moving companies Falls Church VA to make the relocation here even easier.

    Quantico is a specialized town for people in government jobs or those interested in them

    Quantico is a tiny city in Prince William County, with a population of only about 600 inhabitans. The city is famous for its ties with the government and the Marine Corps Base Quantico. Therefore, it’s not a surprise most people which hire movers Quantico VA relocate here for work. However, that doensn’t mean you won’t like living here as a student! So, if you are a student looking to get into the Marines, one of the agencies, or into government jobs, you will find great opportunities in Quantico. 

    Military salute
    If you are interested in the military, Quantico is a great place to live

    There is civilian training and education programme at Marine Corps Base Quantico and Marine Corps University. However, the city also has three elementary schools and one middle/high school. This is a good opportunity for the families of those employed in Quantico, as they won’t feel left out!

    If you are looking for a city with lots of green spaces, you can move to Chantilly

    Green spaces are incredibly important for people living in cities, whether they are young or old. Luckily, after the movers Chantilly VA bring your things to a new house in Chantilly, you’ll enjoy spending time at Ellanor C. Lawrence Park! This city boasts around 23,000 residents, who all often go and get some outdoor activity here. If you’re a student who loves sports and similar activities, you’ll enjoy meeting like-minded people in Chantilly!

    Moreover, students living in Chantilly have a wide range of schools they can choose from. In 22 private schools, you’ll find over 3,600 students. At the same time, there are approximately 15,000 students in 14 public schools. Students pursuing a higher education can allso choose between few colleges, including the CIA University.

    Mount Vernon is another great place for students

    Most famous as the burial location of the first president of the U.S., George Washington, Mount Vernon offers a sparse suburban feeling to its residents.  Nowadays, the city has about 13,000 residents, of different age groups. While there are not that many schools in this city, theey offer good education to the kids living here. Also, by living in a tight-knit community around them, students can feel more confident in their abilities. If you think you might enjoy this historic place, movers Mount Vernon VA will be ready to help you out.

    Preparing a student for moving out of the house and into one of the best places in Northern Virginia for students

    Moving out of the childhood home is something a lot of teenagers are excited about. Especially after finding the best places in Northern Virginia for students. New school, new friends, and new experiences. But, even with all the excitement, it is not that easy to simply leave. Depending on the type of accommodation you will have, you can also plan to pack your things. Dorm rooms are typically sparse with space for your things, so don’t think you will bring everything you own.

    The best thing is to pack the clothes for the two upcoming seasons, as you don’t need summer clothes in the winter. And after you can switch when you don’t need oversized sweaters anymore. You can add space in your room with baskets and boxes in which you can store your items. Also, bring some things that remind you of home, they can add a little comfort if you start feeling homesick!

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