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    Deciding where to move after retirement is not always easy. It’s probably the last time you’ll move, and most people aren’t big fans of moving anyway. It involves a lot of mess, chaos, and stress. That’s something you want to avoid in your senior years, right? So, how do you choose where to retire in Northern Virginia? We are here to help. We have compiled a list of the best places for retirees in Northern VA. Each of these cities has something that makes it unique and appealing for life after retirement. And to make your relocation even more enjoyable, Fairfax County movers are at your disposal. Everyone needs a reliable moving team for their relocation, since having professionals help you takes away most of the stress from moving. But first, let’s decide where you should move!

    If you are planning to retire in Northern Virginia, here are some places to consider

    Virginia as a state has many places that have been ranked as the top ones to retire in the US. That speaks for itself. However, the ideal city you want to spend your retirement in will be different for everyone. Some people love more action, while others enjoy calm activities and peace. Of course, you can always hire some of the interstate movers Northern Virginia offers and move far away.  But why do that when there are some amazing places that can make your golden years perfectly happy practically at your doorstep? Anyway, you are the only one who can decide where you want to move. Here are some of the very best places for retirees in Northern VA:

    • Falls Church
    • Fairfax City
    • Abingdon
    • Reston
    • Alexandria
    • Arlington
    • Manassas
    hands of an elderly woman
    If you want to retire in Northern Virginia you will have plenty of excellent options.

    Falls Church

    Falls Church is one of the best-ranked places to move to after retirement in Northern Virginia. It offers great healthcare, has the most doctors’ offices per 1,000 people (16.3), and its population has 12.9%, senior residents. This small Virginia town offers a calm, suburban feel and lots of outdoor amenities if that is something you love. You will have the chance to spend time golfing with your friends on one of the many golf courses in Falls Church. There are also numerous parks, biking, and hiking trails you can enjoy if you are a fan of an active lifestyle. The median rent is around $1,900. If this sounds appealing, hire some of the movers Falls Church VA residents love and trust, and let them do all the hard work when it comes to your relocation. The time for you to relax and enjoy has come!

    Fairfax City

    Fairfax City is the best-ranked place on the list of top places to retire in Northern VA. It offers up to 3 retirement centers per 1,000 people and elderly citizens make up 14.9% of its population. Fairfax also offers multiple retirement benefits and has several senior communities you can join. Here you can also get retirement benefits for continuing education. If you missed out on a college education because you didn’t have the option in your younger years, now is the time to pursue your passion.

    elderly couple walking and thinking about where to retire in Northern Virginia
    Only you know what the ideal post-retirement place is for you.


    Abington is one of those places ideal for artsy souls. Any fans of art, parades, concerts, and festivals will enjoy spending their post-retirement years in this Northern Virginia city. Home to only 8,376 people, you know this place offers a small-town, suburban feel. Peace is perfectly mixed with the ideal dose of art and music. And if you love enriching your time with some outdoor activities on top of that, Abingdon has several biking and hiking trails you can use. You can even enjoy horseback riding if that’s something that you like! If you’re more of a walker, but enjoy a beautiful view, Jefferson National Forest is right there. With one of the longest public tracks, you can walk all you want and never get tired of the magnificent nature that surrounds you.



    Reston is another place that offers plenty of opportunities for fun and enjoyment to its senior residents. Home to 58,000 people, this city is a short drive away from Washington DC should you need anything. But, that is unlikely to happen, since Reston provides almost anything you could wish for! Great healthcare, plenty of outdoor amenities, and a multitude of senior living options are the reasons why moving companies Reston VA offers are always busy. Whether you love spending your time walking, canoeing on the lake, or playing chess at the park, you will find those and many more interesting options in Reston.

    two senior men playing chess
    You will have all the time you want to play chess after you move to Reston.


    Alexandria is another Northern Virginia city that is a retiree-favorite and for a good reason. Although the median home price of over $500,000 makes Alexandria more expensive than other smaller cities, this place is home to over 16,000 seniors and they have no regrets. This thriving city provides everything you could look for in your future, post-retirement home. Excellent healthcare, numerous health, and wellness facilities, as well as retirement communities you can join, are only some of the reasons why you should hire movers Alexandria VA has at your disposal ASAP. And let’s not forget the walking trails and many other outdoor exercise options for all the active birds out there.


    In Arlington, you’ll be transported back in time. The area is celebrated for its proximity to important national sites like Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. There, the visitors can immerse themselves in the American military history. The Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, with its solemn ambiance, provides an opportunity for contemplation and remembrance.

    This city is also a great place for those who prefer outdoor pursuits. The Mt. Vernon Trail is perfect for walking and biking enthusiasts, offering picturesque views along the Potomac River. Another tranquil spot is Theodore Roosevelt Island Park, a natural oasis ideal for picnics and wildlife watching. For shopping and dining, the Village at Shirlington presents a charming mix of stores, eateries, and cultural venues. Coffee lovers will appreciate Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Pentagon City for its selection of craft coffees. If all this seems great to you, all there is left is to call some of the reliable moving companies in Arlington VA, to make this city your retirement destination​.

    Arlington National Cemetery, in one of the places to retire in Northern Virginia
    If you like history, Arlington is a good place to retire in Northern Virginia for you.


    Another city with a deeply rooted love and respect for history is Manassas. In fact, this is why each year more and more seniors become clients of the Manassas VA moving companies. The Manassas National Battlefield Park is a highlight, offering a serene environment for those who enjoy nature and history, with opportunities for walking and picnicking. Additionally, the Hylton Performing Arts Center is a cultural gem in the area, hosting a range of performances.

    The city’s Historic Manassas District further enhances its appeal, featuring museums, galleries, and eateries that mix the city’s rich history with contemporary lifestyle. For those seeking an active retirement, the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center provides various fitness options. The local farmers market is a popular spot, offering fresh produce and fostering community spirit. Manassas also boasts unique attractions like the MedStar Capitals Iceplex and Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters, adding to the city’s diverse recreational offerings.

    How to decide where to retire in Northern Virginia?

    When choosing a retirement location in Northern Virginia, you should carefully consider several criteria to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling retirement lifestyle. These factors include:

    • Cost of living: Evaluate the affordability of housing, healthcare, taxes, and daily expenses. Northern Virginia is known for its varying cost of living across different cities, so choose a location that aligns with your budget.
    • Healthcare access. Proximity to quality healthcare facilities is crucial. Check for nearby hospitals, clinics, and the availability of specialized healthcare services.
    • Recreational and cultural amenities. Look for cities that offer recreational facilities, cultural centers, parks, and community activities. This aspect is important for an active and engaging retirement.
    • Public transportation. Easy access to public transportation is beneficial, especially if you prefer not to drive. Consider cities with reliable and convenient transit systems.
    • Safety and security. Research the safety of the area. Opt for neighborhoods with low crime rates to ensure a peaceful living environment.
    • Community and social interaction. Consider if the area has a thriving senior community. Social interaction is key to a fulfilling retirement, so check for clubs, groups, and activities for seniors.
    • Climate. Northern Virginia has four distinct seasons. Consider how the local climate may affect your lifestyle and health.
    • Proximity to family and friends. Staying close to loved ones can be a priority for many retirees. Consider the ease of travel for family visits.
    a woman thinking about something while holding a phone and sitting at a table
    Make sure you evaluate the financial aspect of living in the city you intend to move to.

    After you retire in Northern Virginia, hire professional movers to help you with your relocation!

    Whichever of these amazing cities you choose to call your home after retirement, you will not make a mistake. Deciding to retire in Northern Virginia, in general, is an excellent idea! However, for a successful relocation, you should hire professional movers. Every relocation tends to have its complications, regardless of how far or close you’re moving. So, to be on the safe side it’s best to opt for expert moving services. That way you can be sure that your cherished belongings are in the best hands possible. Relocation specialists will handle your possessions with the attention and care they deserve. After booking moving services from a dependable company, all that’s left for you to do is relax. Enjoy your new home and your retirement to the fullest!


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