Change-of-Address Updates Not to Forget When Moving

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    Moving to a new house is more than just calling a new place home — you are also moving your life. To keep everything organized and life going along as usual, you need to update your address.

    While it’s easy to remember the staples like the electric company, your bank, and the insurance company, several other companies and organizations will also need your updated information. Here are some of the important change-of-address updates you don’t want to forget.

    Online Retailers

    a house where you have to implement change-of-address updates not to forget when moving
    Learning about the change-of-address updates not to forget when moving is a must if you want to save money.

    Online shopping is the best; you get the items you want delivered directly to your door. If you shop online frequently, you probably have your address saved in your profile to make shopping online faster and easier. Don’t forget to update the address.

    You might not discover that you forgot to update the address until after the package has shipped. Once shipped, you will likely be unable to change the address, which means you have to wait for the package to be delivered to the wrong address, returned, and then resent to you.

    Medical Providers

    Your health is your most important asset, but sometimes life gets in the way. Between professional and personal obligations, you may not always remember when it is time for your regular dental cleaning or annual checkup with your doctor.

    Many medical offices send out reminders to patients to schedule these appointments, but if you haven’t updated your address, you won’t receive the reminder. Also, if the reminder is for an already scheduled appointment and you miss the appointment, you might be charged a missed-appointment fee.

    Church or Religious Center

    If you’re actively involved in a church or another religious center, you should also update your address with the person responsible for maintaining member records. If you contribute more than $250 within a calendar year, the IRS will allow you to claim this amount as an itemized deduction.

    However, you will need a tax document from the church to do so. If you fail to update your address, you won’t receive the report, which means you could forget about the deduction or, at the least, the address mix-up will delay your ability to file your taxes.


    Ensure you update your address with the DMV. When moving locally, some people assume that they do not need to change their address right away, but the state of Virginia requires you to change your address within 30 days of moving.

    If you don’t update your address and you’re pulled over, you could face ramifications. The address listed with the DMV will also affect your voter registration record. If you fail to change your address before a future election and you show up at the wrong polling station, you may not be able to vote.


    You may not be making an employment change, but your employer still needs your updated address, even if you’re receiving your pay through direct deposit. In addition to your tax documents, many employers provide information about benefit updates through the mail.

    For example, if your employer switches health insurance companies, you may receive a notice in the mail providing this information. If you don’t receive this information, you might not learn that your coverage has changed until you’re at the pharmacy picking up a prescription and you are notified that your coverage was denied.

    Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Hire a professional moving company to handle the logistics and heavy lifting so that you can focus your attention on updating your address and other more tedious yet important tasks. Contact Fairfax Transfer & Storage today to learn how we can help you move.

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