Common moving scams and how to avoid them

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    Millions of people move during a single year. Only in America, that number is around thirty-five million people. Although most of the moves were safe and without any accidents, there are still cases of people getting scammed. The best way to avoid scams is information. The more information and knowledge you have on the topic, the better it is for you. So what are some common moving scams, and how to avoid them? And how can you find reputable movers in Virginia? Worry not, since we give you a list of potential scam indicators!

    Moving scams

    There are many types of moving scams. Some are more common while others are not. If you are well informed, you will have all the tools necessary to spot a scam a mile away. From unauthorized moving companies, high pricing, and “lost” items to postponed packages, and so on. There are many common moving scams to look out for. Some are more and some less obvious, and if you are moving for the first time, you might not realize them until it is too late. This should not scare you, since everything has its advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand, it is also easy to find good legal movers, you just need to have good research skills. Staying away from sketchy movers will be a piece of cake with these tips!

    People excangeing paperwork in order to prevent common moving scams
    There are many common moving scams, but what most of them have in common is the lack of paperwork.

    Not getting an on-site inspection

    After you contact a moving company to schedule a move, the company needs to do an inspection. That’s why moving companies Woodbridge VA, and any other good moving companies send estimators. They need to come in person and do an on-site inspection. That way, they can determine the price of your move. So, if you contact a company and they give you an estimate without coming on-site, watch out! That is one of the red flags for common moving scams. When your estimator arrives, watch him closely. If he walks through the house aimlessly, he is suspicious! Usually, estimators will need to open cabinets and look around in detail before offering you the final price. Followed by questions such as:

    • “Are you planning to sell anything before the more?”
    • “Will you be bringing any food from the pantry?”

    Deposit and insurance

    When you contact a reputable mover, some things usually follow- an on-site inspection and estimate of cost, and you might get a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. If you hired good movers and ask about their license and insurance, they will provide you with all the information you need. Many common scams work by avoiding the law, meaning they will not have all the documents needed

    You must have all of your items on the inventory list. If an item is not on the list, the company is not responsible for it. Insurance is also of big importance when moving. Although it may not seem like a big deal to you, in most cases, it is. If your item gets lost or damaged, insurance covers those losses, making it easy for you to replace or fix them. But in many moving scams, insurance is not an option.

    Man and woman nothing down the inventory
    Additional fees are used to scam unsuspecting people.

    Added fees and overpriced services

    Sometimes one of the most common scams is overpriced services as well as added fees. Added fees happen when you are told that you will be charged more due to some “unexpected” circumstances. For example, you live on the 8th floor. You will probably pay additionally to have your belongings relocated the way you originally asked for. As for overpriced services, those are some of the most common moving scams. If you play for someone to pack you, they will charge you inflated prices for the packing materials. Not to mention paying for time and labor on top of that as well. So to be safe, the best thing is to call multiple moving companies, enquire about their prices and choose the best residential movers in Northern VA.

    An unclear contract is a scam

    This is something that is usually common sense. Well, it should be. But with the fact that it’s one of the more common moving scams, we guess it’s not. Always make sure to read the contract carefully! It is of big importance to know what you are signing! And never sign a blank contract. No matter how good the company looks, make sure that there are the exact estimate and all extra fees in the contract. Also, check your pickup and delivery dates. Read the list of your items as well. Don’t be satisfied with it writing “Kitchen supplies”. Make sure you write everything down! All of your belongings need to be written down on that list. Why? If something goes missing after you have used packing services VA, you cannot file a complaint if it wasn’t on the contract. A detailed inventory list is an important thing.

    Man sighning a contract
    Don’t sign anything without reading it. To be safe, you need to know what is written in the contract.

    Moving scams and how to avoid them- conclusion

    There is a certain time after the move when you can file a complaint. What many don’t know is that you only have nine months to file any form of complaints, insurance claims, or problems with movers. So after moving, check all the boxes and items in them to spot any damage or missing items. It would be ideal to write those down on the receipt after the move before you sign it. The moving company has 30 days to acknowledge any of your claims. And in the next 120days, they must provide feedback. They can either deny all of your claims or offer to pay for the damages. If you ever find yourself being the victim of some common moving scams, you can file a complaint with The FMCSA.

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