Differences between professional movers and amateurs

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    It is common for every job to have people more or less experienced in their niche. So it’s no wonder there are many professionals and amateurs in the moving business. Although not many pay attention to professionalism when picking out a moving company, that can’t be ignored during the moving. The absence of professionals is a big problem in the field. So when looking for a moving company, only looking for affordability is not the answer. When choosing which movers in Virginia to hire, pick only the best of the best! You can do so by understanding the differences between professional movers and amateurs!

    The main differences between professionals and amateurs

    The process of relocating is hard, and that is exactly why moving companies have been created- to help you finish all the tiresome tasks with minimal effort from your side. Over the years, many companies have made a name for themselves, but there are still many companies that are new or not as experienced. And that’s where you can see the main difference between professionals and amateurs in this line of work. We will tell you exactly why professional residential movers in Northern VA are the best pick.

    The cost of moving

    There are many things to consider when moving, and one of the biggest factors that influence the move is company choice. In the world of moving, the most expensive companies do not always equal good results. At the same time, the cheaper ones are not always bad. Although there are big differences between professional movers and amateurs, some things are apparent.

    Woman showing the difference between professionals and amateurs with her work
    Differences between professional movers and amateurs can be quite visible.

    When consulting professional moving companies, the cost of moving should always be reasonable. Only when someone with no experience is relocating can it be overpriced or too low. The process of determining moving costs is simple. After you contact the movers of your choice, they will send someone to estimate the price of your belongings. And this is where you will see if the company is a pro or not. The professional local movers VA will be opening everything, and looking everywhere, followed by questions such as:

    1.  “Will you be bringing all of the items from this cupboard?”
    2.  “Will you donate all old furniture to The Furniture Bank, or will you move it as well?”

    On the other hand, amateurs tend to do a walkthrough, meaning they will just walk everywhere without touching or asking anything. And although the price they tell you can be lower, that doesn’t mean it’s good. Because they didn’t look everywhere, there are things and possessions they didn’t write down. And, in the case your belongings go missing or get damaged, you have no proof of them even being there.

    Man counting money
    Choosing a professional moving company is essential for a successful relocation.

    Work competence is very different between professional movers and amateurs

    One of the best ways to see the differences between professional movers and amateur ones is by looking at their work and how they do it. Moving is a hard job, and anyone saying different is not being honest. It is not as simple as putting things in a box and carrying it around. Moving needs a lot of patience and preparation. Professionals are aware of that fact and have been for years.

    These people have been taking their job seriously and sharpening their skills for quite some time, from the correct packing to the long-distance or local moving. They know it all. On the other hand, unlike moving companies Woodbridge VA, there are some companies with less experience. That means they might not have all the skills necessary for their line of work, or they might not understand the weight of their responsibilities. It is not easy to be responsible for someone’s belongings, especially when those belongings can sometimes have astronomical value.

    Moving services

    Differences between professional movers and amateurs can also be revealed by looking at the company’s services. The longer the company works, the more services it offers. What do we mean by that? For example, only professional movers will offer piano moving, pool table, arcade game moving, and so on. There are a few more indicators that can help you distinguish an amateur and professional movers. Why is this important? Not all companies can move some of the more fragile and expensive items. Pianos can sometimes be worth thousands, if not millions. So will you employ just anyone to move it? Of course not! You will be looking for a professional. The same goes for every aspect of your move. Will you let inexperienced people pack your belongings?

    A piano in a room
    A few indicators can help you distinguish an amateur from a professional moving company.

    Choosing between professional movers and amateurs

    During the moving process, you do not want anything to go wrong, and unfortunately, many things can go wrong. With that in mind, you should always pick people with experience, dedication, and commitment to their work. Although everyone needs opportunities to learn and earn more work experience, those can be done with less demanding moves. For your household move, where there are many appliances, furniture, items, and expensive or sentimental belongings, we only recommend professionals.

    Even without this article, you were probably aware of the fact that differences between professional movers and amateurs exist. And that is why you should only look for the best. Don’t be swayed by lower prices or bigger promises. Professionals are transparent about the amount they will charge you for a move. And for that amount, you will get all you wanted and have been promised. But by paying less and hiring unprofessional movers, you get poorer quality services. Therefore, consider the differences between professional movers and amateurs and think carefully before opting for a specific moving company.

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