Do’s and don’ts in storing a piano in Lorton, VA

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    To own a piano must be so delightful, and the ability to create and play music must be really satisfying. If you own a piano, you know how delicately you should treat it, and how careful you should be when it comes to maintaining it. And if you plan on storing a piano in Lorton VA, you should also approach this task seriously and responsibly. It would be a disaster to risk the well-being of the piano while it’s stored in a storage unit. So, to avoid that, follow these pieces of advice, and your piano will be the safest it can be. Meanwhile, consider using the services of moving and storage Nothern Virginia when it comes to moving and storing a piano, as well as the entire household.

    What should you know about living in Lorton VA

    Lorton, VA, is a suburb of Washington, D.C., with almost 21,000 residents. It is in Fairfax County and one of the five best places to live in Virginia. Moreover, Lorton is well known for music education. Besides schools, there are a lot of musicians and professors who are offering private lessons on playing the piano. So, if you are a piano enthusiast and in search of a place to settle, Lorton can be your choice. And until you find the perfect home, using self storage Lorton VA is a good choice.

    University Chapel in Virginia
    Lorton, VA is one of the best places to raise a family in Virginia

    On top of that, the community is very diverse, and a lot of young professionals choose to relocate here to a calm area. Lorton has a lot of parks and possibilities for outdoor activities, so many young parents choose to raise their kids here. And public schools are very highly rated, which makes them even more attractive to parents. The housing structure is almost even: 57% are owners, and 43% are renting their homes. So, it’s no surprise that many people decide to make Lorton their home.

    Taking care of the piano before storing it

    So, now that you know more about Lorton, it’s time to find out more about storing your piano there. As we said, a piano is a very sensitive instrument. And it must be lovely to have the chance to play it whenever you wish. Sometimes, the space that a piano occupies in your home must be used for another purpose. In that case, knowing how and where to store your piano and avoid ruining it is beneficial. It is important to store your piano carefully so it remains playable again.

    Where to store a piano and where don’t

    When we declutter, the garage is the first place where we store the extra stuff. For storing a piano, the garage is a bad idea. The temperature in the garage is always about 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the outside, which is almost always too hot for the piano. If it gets stored in a too-hot or too-humid environment, the wood starts to swell, as do the keys. Another place you should avoid storing a piano is on your patio. Even when the temperature is good, there is no chance that you can protect it from humidity. You cannot protect it from all kinds of lizards, rats, and spiders that will start to make a home in your piano. The conclusion is that the only place where it is safe to store a piano is a storage unit with temperature and humidity control.

    A clean piano is a happy piano

    Besides the importance of the place where the piano will be stored, it is important to consider the condition of the piano and how you will protect it. First of all, clean your piano properly. You need to remove all of the dust and fingerprints from piano keys. Following that, you should oil it with Protec or a similar action oil to ensure that the keys move smoothly. If you are going to store it for a while, make sure to properly oil the rail pins, felts, and keys.

    a person cleaning
    Cleaning and polishing a piano will keep him in good shape while stored.

    Also, you can give it a little playthrough so you can hear that everything is in good shape. After you have cleaned the inside, you should clean the outside as well. It’s time to clean the lid, fallboard, and rest of the piano case. Using a cloth, wipe off as much dust as you can, along with fingerprints and blemishes. After cleaning, polish it well.

    Protection of the piano

    Investing in durable, heavy-duty padded cloth blankets is a must if you want to store your piano properly. These blankets will ensure that the piano doesn’t get in contact with walls or a moving truck. You need to wrap the body of the instrument as well as the legs, which you need to remove before. Cover the key slip as well. The shrink wrap comes after the blanket. One thing you should do for a few weeks is gradually change the temperature in your home. This is the trick that helps the piano adjust properly to the new environment. Contact your local movers VA and your piano is ready to go!

    Storing a piano in Lorton VA

    Hiring reputable moving companies Lorton VA  is essential when you are choosing whom you are going to entrust to move and store your piano. If you are a Lorton resident, the higher the probability is that the movers will have to move your piano from a two-story house, as this type of houses make the majority here. For moving a piano, movers will use a special cart called a piano trolley. They protect the walls, stairs, and doors from damage, as well as the piano.

    mover guy smiling to the camera
    These experienced movers know all about storing a piano in Lorton VA

    Or if you are living in a condo, your movers will have to deal with narrow hallways. The movers will put the piano on its side and on the piano trolley, allowing it to slide through the hallway easily. For the two-story house, the procedure is pretty much the same, in addition to a ramp over the stairs. They always secure the piano for the trolly so it doesn’t accidentally slip or move.

    This is a reminder to never try to lift the piano by yourself because you can get really serious injuries, and the piano could get ruined. Never move the piano unprotected or with the lid open. If you follow all these steps and hire a reputable moving and storage company, storing a piano in Lorton VA should be easy and your piano should be safe.

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