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    As most of us already know, movings aren’t exactly anyone’s favorite pass time. Entering this stress cluster is even bigger if you think you can do it alone. The first thing that comes to mind is to call your friends to help, believing that will save you some money and make it easier. Friends can help with parts of the moving process, but you shouldn’t rely on them to do everything. There are certain downsides of friends relocating you instead of professional movers VA, and we got them on display for you to read.

    What to expect

    Movings are a lot of work, and most of us have already experienced that. Being extremely organized is a must to save your nerves and some time. Packing in advance can speed up the process, and help you be ready in time for the move. This is a part in which your friends can partake if they are willing to do so. Make sure you get enough good-quality packing supplies in advance to avoid any last-minute purchases.

    Research proper packing techniques and share the tips with your friends. Though your friends can help with packing, probably the best solution for everyone would be to hire professional packing services VA. Professionals are well trained to deal with various situations and problems related to moving, so keep in mind that your friends don’t usually have that kind of knowledge and experience.

    moving box
    Your friends can help you pack if you think you can handle it. Research packing technics to prepare for packing.

    Downsides of friends relocating you

    As previously mentioned, your friends probably don’t have enough experience and knowledge for all the things one move requires. Also, there is a list of potential problems that can occur if you decide to rely only on your friends’ help to move. Downsides of friends relocating you are mostly concerning the type of relationship you are in.

    You are asking for a huge favor, keep that in mind

    To be more straightforward – you need to know that you can’t boss around, as they are not paid workers trained for the job. You are not hiring your friends, you are asking for a huge favor, so keep that in mind. Booking long distance movers VA, on the other hand, is way more different. Professional movers are trained and paid to get your things moved from one place to another. They can and will cope with your bossy attitude if you do have one. If your friends agree to help you, you need to know that their will has nothing to do with their actual capability to help. To put it differently, your friends may have the best intention, but the process can go way differently as they are not trained for it.

    Person thinking
    Moving processes are as stressful as it gets. Getting professional movers keeps you from bursting out on your friends if something doesn’t go as planned.

    Your friends have their own stuff to deal with

    If they accept helping you, that doesn’t mean you are going to have their undivided attention for your relocation. And you can’t be mad at that, it’s just the way life works. Even if they have a day off from work, there are a lot of things that can pop up in the middle of the process. Kids, pets, unexpected paperwork, you name it, any kind of emergency can happen. That’s just one of the downsides of friends helping you move. On the other hand, if you get residential movers VA, it will be different. Even if the crew is doing more relocations on the same day, you will have their undivided attention during your hours.

    You can get injured in the process

    As you and your friends aren’t professionals, if you don’t pay enough attention you can get injured while carrying the boxes. If you don’t know the basics of packing, you might overload the boxes. They will be too heavy to lift and carry. You can easily hurt yourself in that case. Damaging your stuff if something ends up falling out of the box is possible too.

    The worst-case scenario is one of your friends gets hurt and ends up being mad at you for calling them to help in the first place. A lot of emotional moments can happen during relocation, and you will probably be stressed out. One of the downsides of friends moving you is definitely having an argument with them. You can easily say a thing or two you don’t actually mean just because you are overwhelmed.

    people talking besides moving boxes
    One of the downsides of friends relocating you is trying to boss around your friends. They are not working for you, but doing you a big favor, remember that.

    It is not really cheaper

    If you think you’ll be saving a few bucks if you get your friends to help you relocate. That might happen but only in a few cases. Having to drive back and forth between homes requires a lot of gas, especially if you are moving long distance. When you add packing materials, food, and drinks for you and your friends, and all the work you will do alone, it’s simply not worth it. Getting a professional moving company would probably end up cheaper than all this. Even if it doesn’t, it will give you some peace of mind.

    To conclude

    One of the worst downsides of friends relocating you would be having an argument. Don’t let your friendship suffer, it’s not worth it. Your friends aren’t working for you, they are doing you a big favor. Also, bear in mind that improper packing can lead to injuries. And that’s highly possible as you probably do not know how to pack and carry heavy stuff.

    Having time off to help a friend in need, doesn’t mean everything else stops. And your friends can have unplanned obligations they can’t avoid and leave you mid-packing or loading. The stress and emotions following the relocation can lead to miscommunication with your friends creating more tension that no one needs. What you can do is ask your friends’ help with packing if you think you are up to the task. Also, research and prepare quality boxes and other materials for packing to speed up the process. remember, booking professionals can save you from a lot of stress and problems and in the end, it would eventually end up being cheaper than doing it yourself.

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