Eco-Friendly and Space-Saving Toy Alternatives for Toddlers

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    Although people don’t realize this, some toys can be quite bad for the environment and our kids. We understand that sometimes some parents can’t say no to their children. But we stay strong behind the claim that not all toys are good for them. Also, there are some other things you should be aware of. After the delivery service in northern Virginia brings you the toys you ordered, and your kid plays with them for some time, what happens next? When they outgrow them and you discard them, they will only become a piece of plastic. So we decided to share with you some eco-friendly and space-saving toy alternatives for toddlers.

    Why is it important to get good toys for our children?

    One thing is for sure: when kids are little, one of their favorite things to do is play with their toys. It is quite normal for kids to have big crates with toys or, in some cases, even rooms. Although we are not big believers in overbuying and getting more toys than your kid needs, we do agree they definitely need some. But buying just any toy is not the answer either. Sometimes our Fairfax county movers come into contact with parents who buy their children many toys made out of plastic. And when moving, they simply throw it away without thinking, which is not the best solution for our environment.

    Wooden toys are one of the best Eco-Friendly and Space-Saving Toy Alternatives for Toddlers
    One of the best eco-friendly and space-saving toy alternatives for toddlers is wooden toys.

    At the same time, there are many toys that contain bad chemicals. For example, phthalates are often used in order to make plastic softer and more appealing for kids to play with. Of course, there are other types, such as lead, which was also found in some toy paint samples, as well as arsenic and mercury. We hope you understand that none of those chemicals are good and are actually quite harmful to your little one. That’s why eco-friendly and space-saving toy alternatives for toddlers are becoming more popular.

    Toys made out of wood

    Wood has been used to make toys for children for centuries. So it should not be surprising that it is on our list. Although it did become harder to find wooden toys after the over-popularization of plastic ones, they can still be found. The reason why wooden toys became scarce is, in most cases, due to their price. Wooden toys are not easy to make and will require a little more time. Especially in cases where they are handmade. So they will also have a higher price than the plastic toys in stores.

    Eco-friendly modeling clay

    Kids love to create sticky and messy situations. And we think they should be able to do so from time to time and play to their heart’s content. But not all the materials kids use to do so are good for them. In some modeling clay kids use in homes and schools, traces of lead and other bad chemicals were found. In order to let your kids express their inner artist, we recommend you find and use eco-friendly modeling clay.

    A kid playing with homemade clay
    Making something and playing with your kids at the same time, is nice for even more bonding!

    And the best part is, you don’t even need to buy it! You can easily make your own playdough! Just by using flour, salt, oil, water, and non-toxic food coloring, you can make something that will be a fun toy for you and your toddler.

    DIY puppets

    All of us liked to play with dolls as kids. But over time, our plastic dolls didn’t show themselves as quality product that could last for generations. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t make an eco-friendly version of those dolls for our kids! At the same time, making puppets is always a good option. All of us have some materials scraps, old ripped clothes, as well as that one sock that doesn’t have a pair. The best thing about making dolls and puppets is that you can do it with your toddler!

    A girl hugging her doll
    Sometimes kids bond with their toys, and keep them even when they grow older!

    This is a big deal because your kid will have a voice and choices when making his dolls and puppets. From the color of their skin and eyes to their hair and nails, and other details like clothes and boots. Do they want a green-skinned fairy doll with pink hair and a purple dress? No problem! When you look into moving and storage northern Virginia, maybe you’ll find some old materials that you can use to craft them yourself.

    Playrooms for kids

    This one may sound too expensive and space-consuming, but give us a minute to explain. When we say “playroom” we are not talking about a big room filled with toys. We are referring to a space made to tire out your kid. Now, this is something you can design in many different ways. For example, you can place rock climbing “rocks” on the wall so they can climb over the room, or perhaps a swing. There are also many outdoor toys you can keep in the storage Lorton VA movers provided you with.  The main point of those toys would be to tire out your kids!

    Be careful what you buy!

    All parents have to be careful when buying toys for their kids. Especially if the kids are still babies and have a tendency to place items in their mouths. There are many different bad chemicals that some questionable companies may use in the paint or other parts of their toys. So in these cases, eco-friendly and space-saving toy alternatives for toddlers are your best choice. With these toys, you can utilize your space, and spend time playing with your kid without any worries.

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