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    When moving home, all we are thinking about is the safety of our items and our family. You are surely doing the same. And the only thing that can ensure a safe relocation is to have professional movers DC area with you. Although, there is one more thing that will influence your relocation greatly. Yes, the packing process. The way you pack matters greatly and the packing materials you use as well. Hence, let us introduce you to the safest methods and to the essential packing supplies you must have if you want to pack safely. Let’s go.

    The king of each relocation in the world!

    No matter if you are shipping, storing, or relocating items, you will use carton boxes. Cardboard is the ultimate solution for the moving industry and it has been around for quite a while. It was only improved to be biodegraded, recycled, and put back into circulation. It is cheap, easily accessible, and most importantly, endurable material. Hence, the master of each relocation. Although, if you want to take your relocation to another level, you can always use sturdier and much more expensive containers. But cardboard is something that will fit into everyone’s budget and that is the beauty of it.

    essential packing supplies
    Cardboard boxes are the most important packing materials. Purchase enough of them and ensure the safety of your relocation.

    So, each relocation will need around 30 cardboard boxes depending on the size. Some even more but usually that is the optimal number. It is better to have a few more than to run out of it. It is one of the most essential packing supplies and you won’t be able to organize any relocation without it. Hence, check out at the nearest hardware store or at the home depot and obtain enough of them. Or check with professionals. Residential movers in Northern VA you will enlist for the job might offer packing services and they can supply the boxes as well.

    Plastic bins and other containers

    As we already mentioned, more durable and higher-quality containers and holders are out there on the market as well. And again, you can purchase them at the hardware store, online, or from your local movers VA. They are a bit more expensive but they find a great use for many situations while moving. Check out a shortlist of the most utilized ones:

    • Plastic bins.
    • Wooden crates.
    • Metal containers.
    • Customized cardboard boxes.

    They have moderate prices depending on the quality and manufacturer. Usually, plastic bins are used for delicate items that you want to keep in air-tight or climate-controlled conditions. Wooden crates are good for paintings and delicate furniture while metal containers are there to isolate all kinds of delicate, fragile, expensive, or even hazardous goods. And finally, customized boxes are there to accommodate oddly shaped items and furniture. You can have it all if your budget can afford it. But remember, among the essential packing supplies, you’ll probably find only the plastic bins. You probably already have a few of those inside your home but you forgot that they are lying somewhere in the basement or the garage. Find and use them for the relocation.

    Plastic wrap is one of the essential packing supplies as well

    Plastic wrap, blister packs, or bubble wrap, call it any way you like, it is an amazing packing supply. There is no better solution when it comes to the protective wrap. You will wrap any kind of furniture or household items and tuck them inside your boxes nicely without thinking about damages at all. It is the best buffer and cushion on the market. There is no adequate substitution on the market to compare it with. Other cushions like Styrofoam or packing peanuts are more expensive and you can’t use them to wrap items.

    wrapped furniture
    Blister packs are amazing to protect furniture and other belongings. Wrap it all up!

    Hence, bubble wrap is the ultimate solution for all your possessions. Although, for the items you are packing inside boxes, you can use blankets, sheets, old clothes, etc. This way you’ll save a bit of money and get almost the same result. People often use blankets, pillows, and similar cushiony objects this way. It is a smart thing to do and you should as well. But when you are about to protect your furniture, be sure to wrap it in blister packs.

    Packing tape

    This one is a brainer. You must have high-quality packing tape to tape down all your moving boxes and keep them together. Therefore, adhesive tape is a must for each relocation. Ensure you purchase a good one and always have more than one roll in your home. You can easily lose it while packing so always have a backup.

    Labeling system

    No matter if you decide to pack by yourself or you purchase moving services Northern VA, you must have some kind of labeling system established. Some people use numbers to match them with the inventory list. Others use a coloring system while others simply write down the name of the room items belong to. You should do the same. Find the best way to navigate yourself through the new environment and soon as you arrive, tell your movers where to place those boxes. Later when you start settling in, you will have a much easier time unpacking if you follow your labels.

    labeled boxes
    Be sure to label each box adequately. It will be easier for everyone.

    Essential packing supplies and tools you should have in your home

    Now when we covered all the essential packing materials one must have to pack safely, we must mention one more thing. There are a few essential tools you should have at your home just in case you need to cover minor repairs on your property, furniture, or something similar. You will surely need a screwdriver, a hammer, and a measuring tape. So, having a basic home toolset is highly advisable.

    This was the list of essential packing supplies you must obtain to pack properly for your relocation. Hopefully, we gave you a few pointers and ideas on how to obtain and use some of them. The goal is to pack safely and affordably. Now you should be able to organize yourself to the fullest and pack like a pro. Good luck.

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