Fun activities for the whole family in Northern Virginia

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    Each year a lot of families visit Virginia and the areas close by for some fun. As the leading Northern Virginia movers, we’ve compiled a list of famous places you need to visit! Most of the activities on our list are meant for people with smaller children, but not all are completely safe. So, it’s up to you to choose which fun activities for the whole family in Northern Virginia are right for your family! You know your kids better than anyone else. Just think about what they would enjoy seeing and doing, and start there!


    Alexandria VA is the perfect location for families. Not only does it have amazing schools, but there is much less crime than in other places in the US. And as an amazing plus, you have many fun activities to choose from. As the first on our list of fun activities for the whole family in Northern Virginia, we’ve chosen Huntley Meadows Park. The Huntley Meadows Park is a beautiful park where you can just enjoy the scenery and nature. But, it also has a few amazing hiking trails. If you want to teach your children to love the outdoors, it’s the perfect location.

    A family on a pier
    Alexandria is one of the best places for families

    You’ll have no trouble finding the right moving companies Alexandria VA once you decide to move. There are many professionals ready to take your call at any time. The Winkler Botanical Preserve is another amazing place with a lot of nature. It’s a secluded area with a lot of trails to walk and hike on, a mountain lodge to hang out after all of the activity, and a gorgeous waterfall in the woods. The Upcycle Creative Reuse Center is an amazing place to take your kids to express their creative side.

    And, they do some zero-waste upcycling along the way, teaching them some valuable lessons. Scramble is an indoor playground focused on education. Your kids can learn a thing or two while enjoying fun games with their peers. The last family activity we’d recommend today is the Get Air Trampoline Park. For hyperactive children, this place is heaven. No longer will your kids have too much energy to go to sleep.

    A woman jumping on a trampoline
    Trampoline parks are a family favorite.


    Next on our list of fun activities for the whole family in Northern Virginia are the family-friendly activities in the town of Centerville. Perhaps the most famous kids’ fun zone is the Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run. This waterpark is Atlantis-themed, obviously, and it has an amazing arsenal of various pool-related activities for your little ones to enjoy. It’s active during the summertime, and perhaps the most famous experience in the park is the 1000-gallon dump bucket! The Ellanor C. Lawrence Park offers an incredible wildlife preservation area. Allow your children to meet nature and animals in their natural habitat. It’s an amazing way to make sure your little ones stay in contact and in tune with nature. Additionally, this park is an amazing place to organize a picnic.

    As soon as your movers Centerville VA set you up at your new home, you need to go exploring. We’d recommend the Starlight Cinema. This outdoor cinema is the perfect way to unwind after a difficult and stressful day. You can pick from a variety of movies and enjoy the evening breeze as you watch. Or, you can visit Cox Farms to meet some cute farm animals. The Cox Farms offer many activities alongside meeting the animals, so be sure to check it out! Some of the kids’ favorite locations also include Sky Zone Trampoline Park, SplashDown Waterpark, and the Skate N’ Fun Zone.


    There’s no shortage of fun activities in the lovely Reston. The Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole might just be the most sought-after fun family activity in this town. This family waterpark is truly tailored to all ages. It offers more than an acre of fun activities! This includes slides, sprays, showers, floatables, flumes, and much more. The selling point of the Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole is Pete’s Peak, located in the center of the park. You can jump from this mountain and perform some thrilling activities in a safe environment. Many moving companies Reston VA would recommend the same places we have. But, be sure to ask them for some advice as well!

    Next, we’d like to mention the Surf Reston – Stand Up Paddleboarding. It is regarded as the ultimate in lake paddle boarding. The staff is more than pleasant, taking extra time with each child to explain everything properly. Doing things by yourself is encouraged and your kids could build some self-confidence. Roer’s Zoofari is an amazing place to take your kids for some interactive fun with animals. You can pet and feed goats and other small animals at this amazing petting zoo.

    Goats in a a petting zoo
    The Roer’s Zoofari is the perfect place for your children to meet some cute animals in a safe environment.


    If you’re hiring movers Fort Belvoir VA for a military relocation, you’ll be happy to know that very near the base there are many family-friendly activities to choose from. For example, the Sky Zone in Springfield offers fun trampolines for all ages. Go Ape is an amazing family-friendly location where you can swing from ropes, and go zip lining, and there are even survivor-type courses created for kids specifically. For a safe adventure-like fun time, be sure to visit Go Ape, your kids will love it. The Beehive Indoor Playground is a 3-level playground with different activities to enjoy. If you need some alone time with your significant other, while also knowing that your kids are in safe hands, give the Beehive Indoor Playground a chance.

    We hope our list of fun activities for the whole family in Northern Virginia has shed some light on the various places you can visit. There are no rules! Just ask your little ones what they would enjoy, and go have some fun.

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