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    There are two usual reasons why people have to speed up moving preparations. The first reason is procrastination. Regardless of having the moving date set well in advance, some people are postponing the packing process. The second reason is getting to move on short notice. The last is usually happening when you have to report to a new job on the set date. However, in both cases, you have to figure out how to get ready for the last-minute move to Alexandria. So, you should start with logistics. You can book moving services Nothern Virginia, or rent a truck in case of a DIY move. You will not have much time for research companies. Still, make sure you are dealing with trustworthy companies.

    Packing fast is essential for the last-minute move to Alexandria

    You don’t have much time when moving to Alexandria at the last minute. Thus, you have to pack really fast. So, how to do it? The key is in decluttering. Check all rooms, closets, and cabinets in your home. Don’t be sentimental and ponder too long about each thing you pull out. Be practical and get rid of all things that you are not using. Also, make a quick decision if you wish to donate, sell, or send things for recycling. The fewer things you keep, the faster you will pack them.

    Townhomes in Alexandria, Virginia – USA to check when getting ready for last-minute move to Alexandria.
    Packing fast is essential for the last-minute move to Alexandria.

    Donating some of your furniture may be a good idea

    You probably have some furniture that is already old. Or some appliances that are not working properly anymore. So, you can donate all of them. There are lot f charity organizations that will come on your call. The good thing is that they have their own means of transportation. So, they will take the surplus things away. And you will save time that is very precious when getting ready for the last-minute move. Also, this will mean even fewer things for packing. And additional sawing of time and money. So, you are donating things, but you will need less packing material. Also, your move will be cheaper.

    Getting the proper packing supplies is not easy when you are in a rush

    To save as much time as possible you have two possibilities:

    • Ask moving companies Alexandria VA for the packing services – in this case, they can also secure the necessary packing supplies. Also, their skilled staff will complete packing very quickly. And you can be sure that all your staff is packed in the right way.
    • In case of a DIY move, ask friends and relatives to help you find packing supplies. The more people are involved, the faster you will get needed packing supplies. So, they can also help you with packing.

    Either way will help you with the last-minute move to Alexandria. You will get ready on time. And all your belongings will be securely packed.

    Girl hugging a dog on green grass and smile.
    You can easily forget about kids and pets during last-minute packing.

    With the last-minute move to Alexandria, you can forget about the organization

    When you are in rush to complete moving preparations, you can forget about organized packing. Usually, you would sort the items. Also, you will carefully label the moving boxes. That way, the unpacking process in your Alexandria home would be easier. With a quick move, you will just pack and sort the things while unpacking. The only important is to pay special attention to your fragile and sensitive items. Wrap them carefully before putting them into a moving box.

    What kind of accommodation do you have in Alexandria?

    If you are late with packing just due to procrastination, you probably already have a new home in Alexandria. However, if you are moving on short notice, the situation could be different. Not only that you have to do the last-minute packing. Chances are that you haven’t had time to check the real estate. So, at best, you have some temporary accommodation in Alexandria. Thus, moving things at this point is not very advisable.

    The better solution is to take only essentials along. The rest of the things you can put in a storage unit. Once you purchase your own home, you can hire a delivery service Northern Virginia. So, they will transport your belongings from the storage to your new home.

    Pre-packing can help you get ready for the last-minute move much faster

    When you have to move on short notice, pre-packing can help you save time. And have at least the essentials organized. Basically, pre-packing means that you will pack the most needed items before anything else. The rest of the moving boxes can be without labels and mixed up. However, the pre-packed things should be labeled. Also, keep those moving boxes separately. This will help you to better have essentials available for the first few days in the new home.

    A person cleaning surface near sink.
    You can also hire a cleaning service in Alexandria.

    Although you have a lot to complete for the last-minute move, remember the kids and pets

    With speed packing, your home might easily get messy. And, as you have a lot of helpers, you can easily forget about kids and pets. So, it would be much better to bring them over to grandparents. Or to find a babysitter for kids. As curious as they are, they can easily get hurt in such a crowded place. And they will for sure get confused with things happening around them. Even some of your friends might volunteer to keep them in their homes. Accept the help until the arrival of residential movers in Northern VA. It will make good to you, and to them. And also, they will not be on the way of movers on a moving day.

    Present your pot plants before you move to Alexandria

    If you are a pot-flower lover, you probably have a lot of plants in your home. However, they are among the items that you are forbidden to load onto a moving truck. So, before your last-minute move, present them to your friends. You will know who among them love flowers. That way, you will do good for your plants. And you will make happy your friends.

    It is nice to leave your home clean for the new owners

    When you are in such a rush to move for less than a week, you will hardly find time to clean the old home yourself. So, it would be a good idea to hire a moving service. First, the last-minute move to Alexandria will drain all your power. Second, with such speedy packing, there will be a lot of surplus papers and wrapping materials. It would be embarrassing to leave such a mess to the new owners. Also, you can hire a cleaning service in Alexandria. So, once you arrive, you can start unpacking immediately. As you were packing fast, you will need a lot of time to unpack properly.

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