Getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir – a complete checklist

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    Getting everything done by the moving day can be really stressful and full of anxiety. That is why everyone with some kind of moving experience will advise you to make a moving checklist. This list should help you out with packing, preparing, and organizing our move. If you are not sure where and how to start, you can always call and get informed by the moving company. And there is no better moving company in this area than Fairfax Transfer and Storage. Not just that these professionals will give you great tips. They will also give you a hand and help your relocation go smoothly as possible. So, if you have made a decision to move, check out this simple guide on getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir.

    Why will it be hard for you to leave Fort Belvoir?

    Leaving your current home can not be easy. Especially if this place has so much to offer you. But if you are looking for some better opportunities and a fresh start, even moving from Fort Belvoir can be a little easier. Wherever you move, try to find the best schools, both public and private, like Fort Belvoir has. The number of well-educated ids who have left these schools with some kind of degree is enormous. That is why it will be hard to find a place that can compete with. But the great thing about getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir is that you can hire some of the best movers Fort Belvoir VA has.

    to do letter and yellow paper
    You can even write down why you should leave your current place

    Getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir – how to make a checklist?

    If you have listened to the advice of people who had some kind of moving experience, making a checklist should not be a problem. Just to be clear. Even a bad experience is some kind of experience. Use this opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes and get ready for the move in no time.

    What should the checklist contain?

    You should definitely start with hiring one of the most reliable and reputable residential movers in Northern VA. This is also one of the first tasks you will have on your checklist. After you have hired and made a deal with the moving company, you should pay attention to the next stuff.

    Make sure that you know what kind of services is the wanted company offering you. There are numerous services, from packing and renting storage to the delivery service Northern Virginia can provide you with. The most important thing is that you know what you want and need. Do not think that getting any kind of service is a waste of money. It is priceless to have your items relocated without any damage and on the schedule that you have decided. 

    Place your checklist someplace visible

    When you are getting ready to relocate from Fort Belvoir, you should be aware of the things you have done and the things that are waiting to be done. That is why putting a checklist someplace visible is the number one thing to do. Choose the room most family members use all the time. It could be either kitchen or the living room. Making a checklist visible all the time gives you a chance to get your tasks done faster. You can even color different tasks. Each family member can have its color. So that, for example, if your partner chooses the yellow color, everything colored in yellow is his art of the job.

    days written in notebook
    when you’re getting ready to relocate from Fort Belvoir make sure you place the checklist someplace visible

    Getting ready to move can continue with packing

    Whether you are about to hire some professionals to help you with the packing process or you will be doing it on your own, there are some simple rules that you need to respect. For instance, packing should be done room by room. This way you can be packed a lot earlier rooms that are not being used the most. And of course, what is packing without decluttering?

    Make sure that before you pack your clothes and items, you divide them into 3 piles:

    1. Most important items, such s documents or valuables,
    2. items that you are taking with you
    3. items that will be thrown away or given to charity.

    Do not forget that every piece of clothes or item that you are not in need of should be given to someone in need. If you are not sure where you can stop off this stuff, you can always search for some donation centers near you. By giving your stuff you are helping yourself at the same time you are helping others. If you find it hard to give something away, just think about how many people will spend the next winter without a jacket.

    Getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir means that you might need cleaning services

    This is not something that is a complete waste of money. It will not be nice and polite if you leave your home in a complete mess. And you should not be looking if someone new is going to move there after you. Leaving a dirty and messy house is really bad. That is why you should get cleaning services. However, if you think you can manage cleaning the home without any assistance, there are some tips too. You can clean the room as you pack it. So one the moving day the only thing that is left p be clean ill be the doors and the hallway.

    person writing down to do list on getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir
    Even hiring cleaning services should be on your checklist

    Making a checklist for getting ready to move from Fort Belvoir is going to make your moving process a lot easier.  Of course, along with hiring some good residential movers Northern VA has. You can even write down the most simple things that you need to do. Such as drinking a lot of water, or taking a rest. It is important that every family member is involved in this process. You will not be tired, exhausted, and sick of moving once you get into your new home.

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