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    Vinyl records come in a wide range of price ranges. And the people that buy them can range from hipster teenagers all the way to collectors. And as such, there are many reasons one would need to know how to pack a vinyl record properly. For example, you could ship them, place them in storage, or simply get them ready for the move before one of the moving companies Fairfax VA arrives for them. But not everyone understands the importance of packing them correctly, and even fewer people know how. So we decided to make this guide to packing vinyl records and hopefully help you at least a little bit.

    Remove the vinyl from its sleeve first

    Most complaints after moving or shipping vinyl records come for the same reason. The number of people complaining about the other sleeve splitting is not small. It is actually safe to assume that almost every vinyl owner has had this happen to them at least once. This is something many people neglect to do before packing or shipping. Although this can be solved with one quick call to one of the Northern Virginia movers not many remember to do so.

    A person packing vinyl records for the move
    Before you start packing vinyl records, there are some easy steps to follow in order to do it properly.

    Actually, you can even go one step further when packing vinyl records! You can also remove it from the inner sleeve. This may not be a necessary step when the inner sleeve is paper. But in case there is a picture inside, it is best to remove it as well. The possibility of the inner picture splitting due to movement is large due to the material it is made out of. Usually, it’s made from thin paper or a card. It is best to place the vinyl into a poly-lined sleeve and place that along with the outer and inner sleeves into a plastic one. This way, everything will be together, but at the same time, safe. It minimizes any movement and, as such, prevents most or all damages.

    Why use a poly-lined sleeve?

    If you are wondering why we picked out a poly-lined sleeve, it is actually quite logical. You see, usually most records come in a hard case. And when you open them, due to the movement caused by shipping or moving, you will notice the damage. All residential movers in Northern VA are very careful with your items during the move. But if you neglect packing vinyl records, no matter how careful you are during the move, mistakes will happen.

    Make a record sandwich

    For this step, you will need to go and find two pieces of cardboard. In order to make sure you have more protection as well as to firm up the sides around the records, this is a must! Sometimes, if you are feeling like a more expensive vinyl, you might even consider doubling it up! Place the cardboard on both sides of the records, making a sandwich! If you are looking for “cardboard stiffeners” online, pay attention to the thickness. Getting the thickest option out of all the available ones is obviously the best thing to do. This is a must when packing vinyl records, so don’t skip it!

    A record beeing played
    You can even play your favorite record while you pack the rest.

    Use boxes and bubble wrap

    Picking out a box is important! Don’t think that everything is fine as long as you follow the previous steps. The box acts as a barrier between your records and potential damages. So picking out the right one holds some weight. You see, if the box is too big, there will be too much movement inside the box! and there can be potential damage. But on the other hand, if it’s too small, you won’t have any room for the added protection. And trust us, you will need it!

    Bubble wrap is your best friend when packing vinyl records. Especially when dealing with collectibles or sentimental records. Therefore, make sure you get a lot of it, and wrap every single record at least three times. We might seem paranoid, but we are dealing with objects that are highly breakable. And also, when taking their prices into consideration, it’s better to be a little paranoid than to let your vinyls them break.

    How to place vinyl records in a box

    If you’ve already found the perfect-sized box, it’s time to place your records in it!

    • Carefully place them inside one by one, making sure they are tightly wrapped. It’s best to place them vertically.
    • Make sure there is no empty space. Fill any holes with bubble wrap or cardboard.
    • Packing peanuts is a nice option for placing under the records as well as above them before closing the box.
    • Tape the box carefully from all sides.
    • Label the box and make sure that you mention to your movers to pay attention when moving it.
    Pink and yellow vinyl records
    It may be for the best sometimes that you transport the most important records yourself.

    Is it better to handle packing vinyl records on your own, or to hire help?

    You see, there are all kinds of records out there. Among them, many are quite expensive and collectible. And as such, it is no surprise that there is a separate, specialized packing service Northern Virginia can provide especially for them. But do you need it? Of course, we would recommend that you hire professionals, but this is something that only you can decide.

    If you have a lot of records to move, as well as expensive ones, the best would be to hire professionals. On the other hand, if you don’t have many, you can manage packing vinyl records yourself. All in all, some records, although not expensive, have a different value. a sentimental one! And again, it becomes something precious that we have to be careful with when moving.

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