How to avoid fraudulent movers in VA

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    Is your relocation getting closer? Then, you better start planning and organizing it because this is not something you’d want to do last minute. If you find planning too stressful and challenging, you can always get moving services Northern VA and let professionals handle the move for you. Moving companies can take care of various tasks and make the entire process much simpler for you. However, we need to point out that not all moving companies are reliable. There are many scammers out there so you need to be very careful when picking a moving company for your upcoming relocation. But don’t worry, this guide is here to help you avoid fraudulent movers in VA.

    Right here we’ve explained the process of finding reliable companies and avoiding scammers. Simply follow the steps we provided and you will have nothing to worry about.

    What are the risks of hiring fraudulent movers in VA?

    There are many decisions one has to make before relocating to another place. One of them is whether they will move on their own or hire a moving company. This might seem like a hard decision to make, but when you weigh the pros and cons of both options, it becomes much easier. Moving companies are here to make every step of the relocation easier. They offer different services and can plan the entire process for their clients. That’s why so many people opt for hiring movers instead of moving on their own.

    But, as we already said, there are also many scammers out there. If you become a victim of their carefully planned scams, you could lose money and time. You could end up with lost or damaged belongings. Even your home might get damaged during this process. Learning how to avoid fraudulent movers in VA and find the best moving rates is a must for an easy move.

    Person signing a moving contract
    Don’t sign the contract until you make sure the company you want to hire is reliable

    Tips & tricks for avoiding fraudulent movers in VA

    Whether you are looking for local or interstate movers Northern Virginia, you need to make sure they are reliable. Go through the following steps and you will learn how to avoid fraudulent movers in VA.

    Identify your moving needs

    First things first – before you start your search for a moving company, you will need to identify your needs. Do you need to get packing services as well? Or maybe you need to get a self storage Lorton VA while you’re moving? Only after you list all the services you need, you can start your search for movers. Take into consideration only companies that offer all the services you just listed.

    Know where to look for reliable movers in VA

    It is important to know where you can find reliable movers in VA. You shouldn’t just opt for the first company you find. Instead, you should ask the people from your surroundings for recommendations if they’ve moved recently. Also, you should move the search to the Internet and look for companies that are near you. Make a list of 2 or 3 companies that can offer the services you need and then move on to the next step.

    Check the company before you hire it

    This is where the search becomes a bit tricky – you will need to research the movers you want to hire to make sure they are not scammers. This is something that has to be done even if you need to move on short notice and think you don’t have time for doing the extensive research.

    Man researching the company he wants to hire to avoid fraudulent movers in VA
    Online reviews can tell a lot about one company

    Here’s how to properly research the company:

    • Check if the phone number and address they provided are legit. Call the company and, if possible, drive to the provided address. If the company provided false information, this might be the sign you’re dealing with scammers.
    • Try to find if the company has changed its name in the past. It’s not unusual for the company to change its name. But, if it had many different names in the past, that should raise the alarm.
    • Look for online reviews and ratings. There are many different websites where you can look for online reviews. Keep in mind that overly positive reviews can be as bad as negative comments.
    • Look for profiles on social media platforms and compare the information. Nowadays almost all moving companies have their profiles or social media platforms. Find them! Compare the information they provide with the one you found on social media platforms. Also, check comments and their reviews.

    Schedule an in-person meeting

    If you think you’ve found a good moving company, schedule a meeting with the company’s representative. This is a great way to tell whether you’re dealing with scammers or not. Prepare for this meeting by learning all the questions you need to ask before hiring movers. In addition, look for the potential red flags, such as:

    • Providing false references
    • Unrealistically low estimate
    • Asking for a large payment up-front
    • Having old trucks and bad equipment
    • Asking for extra fees that are not included in the estimate
    • Making a confusing contract
    Two people shaking hands
    Schedule a meeting with the company’s representative to make sure the company can meet your moving needs

    How can you fight back if you become a victim of fraudulent movers in VA?

    Moving scammers are masters at making you think they know what they’re doing. They sound confident, seem reliable, and plan their scams carefully. It’s easy to miss the red flags and become a victim of fraudulent movers. But how can you fight back if you become a victim of their scams?

    You should file a moving fraud complaint as quickly as possible, right after you notice the people you hired are scammers. If your items are held hostage, you need to notify local law enforcement and seek their help. While you wait for the dispute to be resolved, you should contact the Better Bureau Business. Although the BBB can’t help with resolving the dispute, they track all complaints and make them visible and help people avoid fraudulent movers in VA.

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