How to break the news about your long distance move

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    Planning a move isn’t such a simple task. You have to arrange a lot of things, so don’t hesitate to use the help of movers VA. Choosing a reliable company, downsizing, and packing aren’t so complicated to do when you compare them to saying goodbye to your beloved ones. If you are relocating to a faraway city, you must be prepared to realize that you will not see your friends, and family so often. It’s gonna be hard, but don’t worry. At least you can alleviate the part of spreading the voice. Let’s find out everything about possible ways to break the news about your long distance move.

    Don’t wait for the last moment

    Yes, relocation and telling the news must be daunting. Both for you, and for others. When you inform people from your environment, keep in mind that each person will need some time to process this information in their way. Each is an individual, and that news can be quite shocking. That’s the reason why is it so important to tell it in advance. Waiting for the last moment must be quite disturbing. Allow yourself and your friends to get used to the new situation. Of course, be aware of the fact that you can always seek the help of long distance movers VA. Do so, and make your life much easier!

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    Break the news as soon as possible

    Pay special attention to your children

    Moving can be really tricky, especially when you consider your kids’ feelings. Usually, relocation is more stressful to them than to you. The best time to inform your children is as soon as possible. Do not wait for your residential movers VA to arrive so you can tell your kids that you are moving. While speaking, you should provide a couple of reasons for them to be enthusiastic about the transfer. Come up with something unique to the new location. Also, try to explain to them that not everything is so black. Let them ask any questions and tell them that they can always see their friends via video chats. While having this talk you have to be very careful. Find the right time and comfortable place.  You will have to be very mindful when telling the kids about moving to another city.

    Face to face should be a priority

    If you are relocating to Washington DC, you already know that it will not be as cheap as you think so. You should keep in mind moving estimate VA. So, plan and prepare your budget in advance. When thinking about different types to break the news about your long distance move, one thing is for sure – do it personally. We frequently hurry through life, keeping in contact primarily with quick texting and interactions through social networks. A situation like this requires a more serious type of conversation. Together you will realize how crucial it is to stay in contact. Also, you will decide about a type of further way of seeing each other.

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    Tell your friends in person

    Use social networks to break the news about your long distance move

    Nowadays, social media consumption has become an inextricable aspect of existence. Of course, we think that this kind of information you should announce eye to eye. But, if you are very busy, and don’t have enough time to dedicate yourself to each one individually, you should take advantage of social networks. There are a few options for doing so:

    • Write a status on your Facebook profile where you will explain everything
    • You can post a story on Instagram in order to break the news about your long distance move
    • A Twitter account is also a great option to inform your followers about the next move
    • For your office colleagues, you can use your Linkedin profile

    Keep in mind that this type of informing should be saved for the people you don’t interact with quite often. It wouldn’t be bad if you also tell them more about your new neighborhood, so they can have a complete picture.

    Choose a suitable location to meet and talk about the move

    When choosing a suitable location in order to tell your friends that you are moving, it all depends on the type of the person. Find a private place to discuss this thing if you know a buddy is likely to be very sensitive. Remember your friend’s favorite coffee shop or restaurant, or the place you like to go to together. Also, you can choose an occasion such as going to a picnic or watching a favorite movie. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too crowded. Don’t hesitate and speak from your soul. Be prepared to expect a wide variety of responses.

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    Take them yo your favorite place to break the news about your relocation

    Be considerate to your office

    When telling your work colleagues about the move, you will have to be very mindful. Especially, when you have to spread the news to your boss about quitting the job. It’s very important to say this stuff in advance. In that way, they will have enough time to find the proper replacement for you. You should give them a certain amount of time, such as two or three weeks. Be free to offer any kind of help to your superior during this process. For example, you could interview potential candidates. Also, this is a perfect chance to ask for your letter of recommendation, which will be awesome for sure.

    Expect the unexpected

    A situation where you have to break the news about your long distance move is not a delicate one. So, firstly, you have to be prepared for everything that is waiting for you in your new life. Secondly, when spreading the news like this one you have to expect that there are going to be different responses. Not everyone will react in the same way. Some of them will be sad, others will be maybe a little bit angry. But we believe, that after a short period they will realize that this is the best for you.

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