How to handle rain on moving day in Arlington

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    Let’s face it – weather is unpredictable. Even if you scheduled your move during the summer to avoid the rainy season, a downpour can still surprise you. And moving while the rain is pouring is not fun. Nor is it recommended. Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. But, what we can control is how we deal with it. There are certain steps you can take to prepare yourself in case the weather is unfavorable on the day of the move. These will ensure you and your belongings remain dry during the relocation. And, commercial movers Northern VA will be there to help you. So, read on to learn how to handle rain on moving day in Arlington.

    Try to plan ahead for moving day rain

    Depending on where you’re moving from the chances of rain can either be extremely high or very low. Virginia has average annual participation of 44.3 inches per year. Therefore, this means there is a solid chance you’ll experience a rainy day move. But, it doesn’t matter whether rain is a regular occurrence or a rarity. Being prepared for surprise bad weather is advisable. The best you can do prior to your move is to consult a weather forecast. And pick a date when the likelihood of rain is low or, even better, non-existent. In any case, movers in Virginia are there to help you handle rain on moving days to Arlington.

    A window glass smudged because of the rain
    As your moving day to Arlington approaches, try to keep up with the weather forecasts.

    Can you count on your movers to move you to Arlington on a rainy day?

    You’ll want to be sure that your moving crew will arrive at your doorstep. Even when there’s rain on relocation day in Arlington. And it’s true that most moving companies Arlington VA will complete your move, despite the unfavorable weather. But, just to be safe, make the inquiry when asking for an estimate. Rainy day relocation to Arlington is more challenging than the usual one. However, in a large number of cases, the moving is a success.

    Know when to reschedule

    Even though you may have already finished with packing services VA, there are circumstances when it’s best to reschedule your relocation. A slight rain on relocation day in Arlington may not be problematic. Nonetheless, when the rain is combined with lightning, it may be better to wait for the weather to improve.

    Keep in mind the safety precautions

    During any type of move, and especially if there’s rain on your relocation day in Arlington, the safety of everyone involved is the number one priority. So, here are some tips on how to stay protected during your move if it happens to be raining:

    • Stay inside in case of a thunderstorm. – You don’t want to put anyone in danger by being outside hauling large, metal appliances. Thus, wait it out and be safe inside the house.
    • Be cautious around slippery surfaces. – Be careful where you step when you are moving in the rain. Plus, be extra careful on smooth surfaces.
    • Put on clothes appropriate for the weather. – Try to keep a rain jacket close by. You wouldn’t want to get your clothes wet and soggy. In addition to increasing the risk of injury, you are also more likely to catch a cold if that happens.
    A person lying beneath a bunch of boxes
    However overwhelming rain on relocation day to Arlington might be, safety comes first.

    How to protect your home in case it rains on moving day in Arlington?

    Dealing with rain on relocation day in Arlington also involves protecting your floors, carpets, and rugs from potential water damage. Obviously, movers will be coming in and out of your house to move furniture and carry boxes. In order to avoid damaging wood floors and soaking carpets, you should lay down some old towels or tarps for protection.

    How to protect your items if it rains on moving day in Arlington?

    Some belongings may be ruined if left in wet conditions for too long. Especially those prone to water damage. Here’s some advice on how to ensure your belongings remain safe and dry when relocating to Arlington during rain:

    • Protect your items with moving blankets, towels, or shrink wrap.
    • Be careful with the two most vulnerable types of items to move in the rain. These are your appliances and wooden furniture.
    • Do everything you can to keep moving boxes out of the rain.

    Set up an assembly line both when loading and unloading the truck

    This tactic may be one of the best ways to handle rain on relocation day to Arlington. Whether loading or unloading the truck, designate teams to work as indoor and outdoor crews. This prevents mud and water from being tracked inside. Additionally, it makes the entire process flow more quickly and smoothly.

    A couple dancing after a successful move to Arlington
    Sticking to this advice will help you keep it light even if there’s rain on moving day to Arlington.

    Upon moving in, manage the moisture ASAP

    As soon as you move into your new place in Arlington after moving on a rainy day, unpack swiftly. It may happen that some of the boxes become wet during transit. So, unpack them as quickly as possible to prevent irreparable damage. Also, if your utilities are on, make sure you turn up the heat.Cranking the heat up will remove moisture from the air. Additionally, the atmosphere will be more comfortable overall.

    After completing the move during the rain on moving day in Arlington, indulge in some self-care

    Handling rain on moving day in Arlington makes for an especially exhausting day. So, you should carve out some time for yourself and unwind at the end of the day. Take a bath, watch a movie, or check out some other ways how to relax and unwind after a stressful move. You’ve done a great job, now take time to enjoy your new Arlington place!

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