How to make things easier for your movers during relocation?

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    Moving is hard, stressful, and requires a lot of planning and commitment. But there are ways for you to make it easier. One of those ways is hiring movers in Virginia. Professional movers are always a welcomed asset. Not only will they help you move faster but they will minimize the chances of an accident happening. But is there anything you can do in order to help them as well? Surely, their job is to help you but that doesn’t mean you should just sit and not move an inch. We will gladly tell you how to make things easier for your movers during relocation!

    Good organization is key

    Every good thing starts with a good plan. And moving time is not an exception. In order to make things easier for your movers, it’s advisable to have a moving plan before they even arrive. And making a plan is not hard either! It only takes so much effort to take a pen and paper and organize what needs to be done. With good organization, so many accidents can be avoided and no energy will be spent on unnecessary things. Not only will you make residential movers in Northern VA happy to work with you, but everything will be easier on moving day.

    Reserch online for ways to make things easier for your movers
    Sometimes a simple plan can make things easier for your movers. And you can always find more ways to help them online or just by asking them.

    Declutter before the movers come

    Why would you make your movers pack and move items that you won’t need? Just by selling or donating you are going to make things easier for your movers, and for yourself as well. Most moving companies bill you based on the number and weight of the items being moved. That being said, not only will moving useless furniture and time raise your overall moving cost, but it will also waste time. The time movers spend on packing and caring for old furniture is time lost.

    There are many ways you can declutter. From yard sales, online ads, and donations to charities like The Furniture Bank. One thing you can do to make the process of decluttering easier for yourself is going room by room. There are also some things your movers will not move. For example, food items, except canned one, are one of those things. It’s easy for food to go bad, especially when the weather is hot or during a long move. Therefore, you can add those items on the list of things to use or get rid of before the move.

    Pack something beforehand

    After calling your movers and arranging a moving date you can start packing some items. Of course, you might use packing services. But that doesn’t mean you should just sit and wait. There are some things that are safer when packed with your own hands. Those things include heirlooms, expensive items, collectibles, jewelry, passports, and so on. Not only that,  but it’s better to keep track of their whereabouts during the moving process, or just simply move them yourself.

    Woman packing a suitcase
    Packing your essentials as well as important items yourself is the best way to go about it. This way you won’t have to worry about who will touch it or if they will pack it properly.

    This is a nice way you can make things easier for your movers, as they can concentrate on packing and moving without the worry of dealing with some really sensitive and important items.

    Deal with kids and pets

    Can you imagine anything more stressful than trying to do your job surrounded by kids and pets? Sure, kids are adorable and pets are always cute, but there is a time and place for everything. And that place and time certainly is not your home on moving day. Not only that, but having them around will also stress you out even more and will consume a large portion of your attention. Moving sites can be dangerous. So movers must concentrate on their work, and a kid running around is not helping. Make things easier for your movers, as well as yourself, and send them somewhere on moving day or hire a nanny.

    The same goes for pets. Find a friend or a family member that can take care of them during the move. This way, your animal won’t be stressed and will not get into any trouble. If, for some reason, you can’t find anyone to watch them, put them in an empty room and secure them with a fence on the doorway. This is a must-do since movers oftentimes leave the doors open when they move items into a truck. So, sometimes your pets can escape!

    Providing parking will make things easier for your movers

    This may seem like a simple thing, but it has a huge impact on the move. Many moving companies Woodbridge VA have gotten used to their work. They give their all no matter who the client is. But that doesn’t mean you should just watch them and not even try to make things easier for your movers. Some things that seem so insignificant can make a huge difference, and one of those things is parking.

    A worker placing boxes in a van
    Some things can be taken for granted. One of those things is the distance between the wan and the home!

    This seemingly small thing can impact the morale of all workers involved. If the van or truck is located further, then the movers have more work ahead of them. But if they can, for example, park right at the entrance, the amount of work decreases.

    Offer tips and refreshments

    There are times when a nice tip or some refreshments can go a long way. Are you wondering how a tip will make things easier for your movers? It is a nice motivation! Most of them work long hours in the sun or without a break. and need to concentrate as well as carry, load, and unload heavy items. So any advice is appreciated! But if you don’t want to tip them, then offering refreshments are a nice gesture, especially on hot days! A drink and snack break can sometimes be a lifesaver!

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