How to move musical instruments in Alexandria

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    Alexandria has such a famous historical name. And you are about to move to the homonymous city in Virginia. Moving is such a complex action. Yes, you can do it on your own, but many questions will remain unanswered. If you are a music lover, do you know how to move musical instruments in Alexandria?  We are here to help you. Hire the best moving company you can find to help you with all those things you just don’t know how to handle.

    Choosing a moving company

    If you are about to choose a moving company to partner with, always ask your friends for a recommendation. Maybe some of them moved recently, so they will offer you a word of advice. If that is not the case, search for movers that are close to you or close to the place where you are about to move. There are many moving companies Alexandria VA located. They will know about the specifics of this place, so choose one of them.

    a mover preparing to move musical instruments in Alexandria
    If you want to move musical instruments in Alexandria hire a moving company.

    If you are doing your research on the web, do not skip reading the reviews. Other people’s experiences can make a difference. Take your time. Maybe you’ve already located in Alexandria and you just want to change your home. This is also the case when your movers will be valuable. Just think of all those things you would have to relocate. Not to mention the fragile ones. If you want to move musical instruments, just call residential movers  Northern VA to help you with that. They will answer all your other questions, too.

    How to move musical instruments in Alexandria

    We do hope that you already decided to hire a moving company. They will for sure know how to move musical instruments. They probably have a wide range of services, so ask them for the ones you are interested in. Among others, we guess that you will have benefit from delivery services Northern Virginia based. Their vehicles are clean, and they will transfer all your belongings safely and quickly.

    Pack your musical instruments

    The truth is that musical instruments vary in size from a big bulk piano to smaller ones like a violin. If you want to move musical instruments, you should use packing material of the highest quality. You want to protect well what is so valuable for you. Get yourself packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing box rated as professional grade. You could use some custom-made wooden crates. That will prepare your favorite fragile item for transport. We will list some advice specifical for some of the most popular musical instruments.

    young people with instruments
    Musical instruments vary in size.


    Pianos are so heavy, weigh a minimum of 500 lbs, so you will have to call professional movers with experience to relocate them properly. They have needed dollies and piano skids, so they can move them safely. The legs of the piano will be separated before the move because they could break easily. This will give them a chance to move the piano more easily through doorways and halls. Then, your piano will be additionally secured on the moving truck, so it doesn’t get a chance to move during the transport.


    If you pose hard cases for your guitars, then that will probably be enough for packing. This is often the case and it is enough. You don’t have to put them in cartons. However, you can add some packing material in the case, like packing paper or bubble wraps, so your guitar can’t move a bit during the transport. Those hard cases can be wrapped in a padded blanket so that the outside of the case stays protected. If you have a soft case, or you don’t have a case at all, your guitar will be completely wrapped and then put in the carton or crate. The best is to loosen strings slightly before packing. Accessories like guitar straps and so should be removed and packed individually.

    guitar playing
    Use a guitar case to pack it.


    This instrument is so vulnerable to scratches. Professional movers know to take special care of your drum set when it comes to the integrity of the drum itself and those metal parts. Hardware will be disassembled and put in a hardware bag that will be labeled. your movers will remove legs and wrap individually using a bubble wrap and then put in a carton of the appropriate size. The heads will need a lot of cushioning for packing. Wrap your cymbals in a bubble wrap, too. Movers will fold stands and then pack them.

    Move musical instruments in Alexandria

    By now, you probably understand that musical instruments ask for proper packing and special preparations. Only that way, you will be sure that nothing will damage them during a move. We gave suggestions for some of the most common instruments. But the same techniques apply to all. It will be different since every instrument has its specifics. Packing saxophone won’t be the same as packing keyboard, or trumpet, or organ. Your movers will know the best packing and padding techniques. So make sure to give that assignment to them.

    Transport to Alexandria can be easy

    Alexandria is an independent city in the state of Virginia. You will have a chance to start a new chapter of your life when you move there. And it will be an excited one. But first, do everything to move with ease and be stress-free as much as possible. We know that you want to move musical instruments in Alexandria and that will ensure that joys of your life remain the same, wherever you live. Start one step at a time and know that relocation can be messy but that will pass and you will have a chance to enjoy a new start. That will renew your life and you will get some new friends and discover some new places to enjoy. In no time you will explore Alexandria and its tastes, smells, and people. The adventure awaits and it is closer than you think. Just take the first step.

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