How to move your Chantilly home in a week

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    Is it possible to move in a week? Well, ideally you will have a few weeks to prepare. You will also have enough time to check and find the movers. And you will be able to slowly check your possessions. Sorting them and decluttering the surplus will certainly make your move easier. And the move itself would be much cheaper too. However, if you must move on short notice, you certainly will. And, if you have to move your Chantilly home in a week, getting professional assistance would be wise. So, no worry. With the help of reliable movers Chantilly VA, you will be able to complete the task timely.

    Well organized logistics will help you to move your Chantilly home in a week

    Instead of panicking, take a deep breath and move on. The first thing is to organize your logistics. This means that you have to organize your packing. For this, you have two options. You may hire a moving company to help you with your entire relocation. Or you can use only some of their services. If so, then you will need the help of your family and friends. 

    Decluttering when you have to move your Chantilly home in a week.
    Boxes for decluttering three types of items.

    However, before you call them, make a moving plan. Plan activities for each of the seven days you have at your disposal. During a part of the first day, you will work alone. Besides making the plan of activities and assignments, walk around your home. Note down all the bulky and heavy items that you have. For those things, you will certainly need the assistance of professional movers.

    Don’t waste time on too detailed planning

    As any household, your is having some things for decluttering. Ask each member of the family to check their things. By doing so, they can put aside all their surplus items. They can also divide them into three piles:

    • Good items that they want to keep
    • Items for sell or donate
    • Things that you should discard

    Remember, the less weight you move, the cheaper it will be. Once they are done, they can together check the common premises like the living room and kitchen. At the end of the day, you should have a general idea about the next tasks. First, you will know how many moving supplies you need. Second, you will have an idea about an assignment for each of your helpers.

    A young woman is seating near the moving boxes and checking cell phone.
    Collect a good packing material.

    Things that you can complete on the second day

    First thing in the morning, give a call to movers DC area. As you have done decluttering, they will be able to give you a more precise cost estimation. This is important, as cost estimation is the main item on your moving budget. Adding up some smaller costs, you should be able to calculate how much money do you need.

    Ideally, you will have enough time to save up money to cover the moving costs. Or, if you are in the business where deployments are often, you will be ready. However, a lack of funds can be a problem for ordinary people. The last-minute relocation means that you will need money immediately. In case you have some savings, that is excellent. But, what if they are not enough. Well, you will have to find ways to cover the costs difference. There are a few ways to add up money to your budget:

    • Selling surplus items
    • Finding free moving materials
    • Check with your company if they are reimbursing moving costs
    • Check with your mover about possible discounts

    Get free of charge boxes for your Chantilly home move

    There are some items that you will need for packing your possessions. So, to save up on moving costs, ask your friends if they already have some moving boxes. Or your relatives can spare some. Also, you and each of your helpers can ask further, in their social circles. It can easily turn out that they know people who were recently moving. Such persons may be willing to give the moving boxes and other packing materials. Some may do it for free. Some may ask for some reimbursement. Even then, the price will be symbolic.

    So, here are the basic moving supplies you need:

    • moving boxes
    • bubble wrap
    • styrofoam peanuts
    • packing paper
    • packing tape
    • permanent markers

    Storage is an excellent solution for things you can’t move so quickly

    When moving from your Chantilly home, you may find that you don’t have enough space in the new place. Or you can’t afford to move all things for the time being. The cheaper solution is to use the self storage Lorton VA. With the excellent conditions they are providing, your things will be perfectly safe from burglary. Also, the clean storage units with climate-controlled conditions will keep your things perfectly preserved. Moreover, your stored things will be insured.

    The cart with goods inside the storage unit.
    Use reliable and climate-controlled storage for your things.

    This is not the case with the rest of your things. If you have opted for a DIY relocation, you have to buy moving insurance.  Otherwise, your things will not be covered by any insurance during transportation. Transportation may pass in a perfectly safe way. Still, you are exposing your belonging to high risk. The same is the case if the moving company is transporting the things you were packing. In the case of damage, they will not be held responsible. So, when packing, despite the rush, make sure to pack your items properly. And be very careful.

    To avoid unnecessary stress when moving in a week, hire the reliable movers

    In case you have to move in a week, hire the local movers Nothern VA. That will spare you from many worries. Their skilled employees will pack, load, and transport your possessions easily. Your possessions will be insured. And they will be handled with due care.

    During that time, you can make calls to your bank and government institutions. You will inform them about your address change. Also, you can take care of transferring medical and school records. And finally, check all the utility bills. Make sure they are all paid. Call the utility institutions in your new city and arrange for their services. So, hiring professional movers will give you time to complete many other tasks. And, with so many obligations to complete, the week will fly by.

    When moving from your Chantilly home, clean the old and the new one

    With the short-notice move, you will not have time to clean your home on your own. So, a cleaning service can help you in this case. First, you will move into a freshly cleaned and sanitized home. Second, you will leave your old place clean. And you can be sure that the good moving company will make the throughout cleaning of both places.

    So, moving in a week was a hectic event. But, with a good organization, you could move your Chantilly home in a week. Even if you are skeptical,  following the tips for moving in a week, you did it. Now, you can relax. And start slowly to unpack and adjust to your new surroundings.

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