How to pack a mirror for the move

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    When you move, one of the biggest concerns is how you will pack up your household. Packing is time-consuming and both mentally and physically draining. There are so many elements to it, from when and where to start to how to properly pack different household objects. Some of the most delicate items you have to pack are mirrors and glassware. Hiring reputable movers Northern VA will take away from the stress of worrying you’ll break anything while trying to pack it properly. However, if you are packing on your own and want to know how to pack a mirror for the move, we have the answer! We have compiled a list of the very best ways of packing mirrors with no fear of breakage in transit. Your mirrors will safely make it to your new location if you follow a few simple steps.

    How to pack a mirror for the move- step by step

    Packing a mirror doesn’t have to be scary. Unless you are hiring movers Lorton VA offers, you will have to pack your mirrors by yourself. It is worth your while to take some time and study how to do it right. Although they are very fragile, properly protecting a mirror for relocation is not that complicated. All you need is to follow a few simple steps, and you are guaranteed success. Here’s what you need to do:

    • buy enough moving supplies before you even start packing
    • take the time to pack the mirror carefully
    • get a special moving box for mirrors
    • label the boxes which contain the mirrors properly
    mirror and flowers
    With our tips, you will learn how to pack a mirror for the move in no time.

    Step 1: Buy enough moving supplies

    Before you even start packing, you need to buy enough moving supplies. To protect your mirrors properly you will need a few things:

    • bubble wrap
    • packing tape
    • packing paper
    • special box
    • labels or markers
    • styrofoam or cardboard pieces to protect the corners of your mirrors

    It might seem redundant to buy both packing paper and bubble wrap, but trust us, you will need both to properly pack your mirrors. When it comes to glass objects, especially large ones like mirrors, you want to ensure there is enough padding to prevent friction of any kind in the box. That way, even if there is some shaking in the moving truck, your mirror will be secure.

    Step 2: Carefully pack the mirror

    Once you’ve bought the moving supplies, it is time to start packing. It is best to pack your mirrors on the dining table or your bed. This is because it is easier to pack and wrap large mirrors on an elevated surface than on the floor. The first thing you want to do is to tape an X across the entire surface of the mirror. You can also tape a grid shape. It is important that you don’t skip this step because this will prevent any glass from spilling everywhere in case the mirror breaks. After that, pack the mirror tightly in packing paper. When that is done, all that’s left is to wrap the mirror in bubble wrap.

    If your mirrors have sharp edges, you will want to protect them as well. If you can, get styrofoam pieces for the edges. But if you cannot find those, you can make edge-shaped pieces out of cardboard. The cardboard pieces will also work fine.

    Properly protecting your mirror is of utmost importance.

    Step 3: Put the mirror in a special mirror box

    When you pack mirrors, you don’t want to pack them in regular boxes. The regular cardboard box is too wide and doesn’t fit most mirrors properly. Although you can find free cardboard boxes, it is better to invest in proper boxes for your mirrors. You need a special box for mirrors and artwork. Such boxes are long and thin, just like the object you are putting into them. You want your box to be slightly bigger than your mirror so that you can wrap the mirror abundantly and add some padding inside the box as well. Once your mirror is wrapped in packing paper and bubble wrap, prepare the box where you will put it. Add a thick layer of bubble wrap or crumpled paper to the bottom of the box. Then put your mirror in carefully. Fill the remaining space in the box with more crumpled paper.

    Step 4: Label your boxes properly

    Once you pack your mirror and place it in the box, you want to label your boxes. Whether you choose to buy special labels, or simply write on the boxes with markers, it is important to mark them before your Fairfax county movers arrive. Write “Fragile” and “Do not lay flat” in large, visible writing on both wide sides of your mirror boxes. Your mirrors should never be placed flat down in the moving truck. The glass is fragile and will easily break if anything heavy is put on top of it. Your mirror is best put on its side, against a wall of the truck, and with nothing put on top of it. You should also make sure there is no wiggle room for the mirror to fall, or the boxes to move and crash into it.

    mirror and plant
    Don’t forget to label your boxes properly so your movers know they are handling a fragile object.

    You don’t know how to pack a mirror for the move? Let the professionals do it

    Whether you are moving your household, or are looking for commercial movers Northern VA has at disposal, choosing professional moving services is always your best bet. If you need to pack a mirror for the move in the best way possible, there’s no one to do it better than the packing experts themselves. You may not be sure how to pack mirrors properly. However, professional packers have the experience and knowledge to pack different items perfectly. You will not have to fear your mirrors breaking with professional services. They will make sure to pack everything properly so that the chances of damage are down to the bare minimum. You can simply relax and plan on settling in your new home.

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