How to pack and move a piano

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    Relocating home is never easy. It is a stressful inducing process and it requires many tasks to complete before you can relocate and settle in. You must prepare adequately, find the right set of moving services Northern VA, organize packing, sort out your budget, and more. And if you are having special items with you, the whole project becomes much harder. Today we will talk about one of those items. We will cover how to pack and move a piano safely. Let’s dive into it and ensure your precious instrument is properly covered.

    A plan to pack and move a piano

    Each relocation needs a good strategy and a bit of preparation. Obviously, you will inspect all your furniture and belongings to prepare for packing and moving. But we will focus on the piano mainly. The first step and the most important one is the environment. You must inspect your home inside out. Or at least the path between the piano and the moving truck and make sure it is safe to bring it out that way. If there are any staircases you must consult your movers in Virginia about it. But be sure you can’t do this alone or with your friends. Moving a piano requires proper tools, expertise, and at least four people to do it. Therefore, call your movers straight away and create a plan to move a piano together.

    inspect the environment and pack and move a piano
    Stairs can create huge problems for movers. Inspect yours and ensure everything is in good shape.

    Search for a moving company to help you pack and move a piano

    Once you figure out how complex your environment is, you should contact your movers Alexandria VA. But first, you must find them on the internet. Just make sure they are licensed and have all the tools for the job to move a piano. Usually, reputable moving companies have a dedicated piano moving team. You should aim for that and hire them to handle your instrument.

    Also, if you are moving a piano only, you should purchase a delivery service Northern Virginia only and let professionals pick up the piano, load the moving truck, and relocate it safely. This is a great service for concert pianos or for antique pieces that shouldn’t be mixed with any other item inside a moving truck.

    Preparation is required

    Before you move a piano even an inch, you must prepare it for the journey. Firstly, you should clean it a bit. Do not stress about it much because you must do it once it is delivered anyway. All you must do is close the lid and close the latch. Protect your keys from being damaged during transport. Then, the whole piano must be wrapped in some kind of cushion. The best solution is to use bubble wrap and strong cardboard case protection over it. But again, your movers know this part the best and if you are unsure, ask them about it. Then again, you probably know how to maintain your piano and to pack it for moving so if you can handle this part, do it.

    a person using bubble wrap roll
    Blister packs are the best way to protect your piano. Wrap it in bubble wrap and get it ready for transport.

    Moving budget and the insurance

    No matter who is packing and transporting the piano, you will need moving insurance. As you know, pianos are expensive and a single dent can cost you a lot to repair. Therefore, ask your movers if they provide insurance and what kind of coverage is it. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, obtain insurance from an external source. Also, you must dedicate a proper budget for the whole endeavor. Make sure that you can cover the packing, moving, road tolls, and insurance. Especially if you must have your piano delivered at a specific time for a rehearsal or a concert. You do not want to have any delays due to a lack of budget or unforeseen issues.

    That is it, now you know how to pack and move a piano. All in all, if you want to do it alone, obtain bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and secure your instrument. But the rest of the tools will have to come from your moving company. They have all the straps, dollies, pallets, and wheels to roll your piano out of the house and load it into the moving truck safely. Hopefully, you will have no problems with the entire project. And remember, this is a four-man job. We strongly recommend you to use a moving company for this job because the risk is far too great to do it alone or with friends. Good luck and stay safe.

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