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    Packing your entire household for a move is probably the most tedious part of relocating. However, if you want everything to make it to your new location you need to pay extra attention to proper packing techniques or let the professionals take care of it. Packing some delicate items such as antiques or fine china requires more skill and care. If you already hired movers Virginia to do all the hard work, you have nothing to worry about! But, if you decide to pack the household by yourself, you will find our tips on how to pack fine china quite useful for your upcoming relocation!

    Here’s how to pack fine china safely

    If you are looking for some useful tips for packing china, you’ve probably had some mishaps in the past. Unless you booked residential moving services in Virginia, there are a few hacks you should know. Fine china is very delicate and usually passed on from one generation to the next so it has a lot of sentimental value. It is only natural that you want to avoid breaking or even chipping anything. But, don’t be discouraged by the sheer fragility of the items, china is not that hard to pack. You just need to focus on protecting it properly. Here are some tips on how to do it:

    • for starters, get enough packing supplies
    • wrap the irregularly shaped items first
    • wrap each plate individually
    • pad the boxes abundantly
    • label the boxes
    porcelain vases
    Pack the oddly-shaped vases and cups first when you pack fine china.

    Get enough packing supplies

    Before you even start packing your fine china, you need to get enough packing supplies. It doesn’t matter whether you will move the next day or you are storing your china in storage Lorton VA offers to its residents, you will need enough packing supplies to protect your belongings properly. Don’t skimp on bubble wrap, packing paper, or packing tape which is stronger than regular tape. Also, get enough packing peanuts and cardboard boxes. Since you are packing breakable items, you should get a bit more bubble wrap and packing paper than you think you’ll need, just to be on the safe side.

    Wrap irregularly-shaped items first

    Packing fragile china sets which have been in your family for generations is very stressful. So, when you get packing, start with the most complicated part which is the oddly shaped items such as cups, teapots, or saucers. You want to fill each item with crumpled-up paper, and then wrap it generously in packing paper. You can add a layer of bubble wrap on top of that, for extra security. After you’re done, pack the items carefully in a box padded with bubble wrap.

    Wrap plates individually

    When it comes to the plates in your china set, you want to pack each plate individually to prevent breakage. Take one plate at a time, wrap it in packing paper, and then in a layer of bubble wrap. After that, you can place the plate in a cardboard box. Another tip is to double-tape the bottom of your boxes so they are additionally fortified. To add extra protection, put a layer of bubble wrap between each wrapped plate in the box. With all those layers, you will minimalize the chances of delicate china pieces getting damaged in transit on a moving day.

    repaired porcelain plate
    You want the bubble wrap to form a cushion inside the box to prevent damaging your china.

    Pad the box all around

    Before you start packing your wrapped china set in the boxes, make sure to pad each box with several layers of bubble wrap. By putting layers of soft bubble wrap between each item china you are creating a cushion that will prevent any breakage and damage. After everything is in the box, tape the box shut and shake it gently one last time. If you hear any loud noise, it means something is not wrapped right. You will want to give it one more look and try to pack the items in more packing paper and bubble wrap.

    Label the boxes properly

    After you pack your china set and tape the boxes shut, you should label them. It doesn’t matter if you will buy fancy labels or simply write directly on the box, as long as you mark the boxes properly. You want to put a label or write “fragile” on at least three sides of the box. That way your movers Chantilly VA will be able to see which boxes contain delicate items and need extra attention and care when they are loading the moving truck.

    The best way to pack your china is to let professionals do it!

    If you are still unsure you will be able to protect your cherished china set properly, consider booking professional packing or moving services. If you choose a full moving service your worries about the move will end there. The movers will do all the hard work for you, including packing everything properly and transporting it to your new location. However, you can opt for packing-only services. This will come in handy if you already have something arranged with friends or family regarding moving your belongings to the new house, but you just need some help to pack everything properly. Packing experts will know exactly how to handle even the most delicate fine china so you can rest assured nothing will get damaged in transit.

    dinner table will be ready for your next event if you pack fine china properly before you move
    Moving professionals will know how to pack your fine china in the best way possible.

    When it comes to packing your household there is a lot to take into consideration. Various items need special handling and packing techniques to avoid damage. If you want to pack fine china properly, the first thing you will need is enough packing supplies. You need to call our movers Chantilly VA and buy moving boxes, enough packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. After you’re done, follow our tips and you have nothing to worry about. The best decision you can make is to book professional moving or packing services. Your china set will be as safe as ever for your relocation. 

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