How to pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton

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    Moving your home is one of the most exciting things you can do. You are probably moving somewhere where you can expect a lot of nice things to happen. Like moving to Lorton for example. It is a place where you will have a lot of opportunities. But for now, you need to learn how you can properly prepare your home for the move. And you shouldn’t worry about it. Moving and storage Northern Virginia are here to help you out. Here you will learn how to pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton. It will help you speed up the process a lot.

    Gather packing supplies before you pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton

    It is very important to have enough packing supplies to pack everything before you begin the packing process. This is not something you can rush, so make sure to plan everything. When it comes to collecting packing supplies, you would want to get as much as you can. Because it is always a better choice to have extra packing supplies than to lack them. In this case, you can do the following things:

    • If you have friends who moved recently, then you can ask them to give you their used packing supplies. We are sure they will give them to you gladly.
    • Depending on what type of items you are moving, you would want to get brand new packing supplies for items that require special care.
    • Some people sell their used supplies over the internet. And most of the time it is for a low price.
    • If you walk around your neighborhood, you can visit your local stores and ask them if they can give you their boxes for free.
    people showing how to pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton
    Ask your friends if they have some extra packing supplies before you pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton

    These are some of the most important steps you need to do before you begin packing your bedroom for your Lorton move. Especially if you have some valuables to transport. But sometimes it can be really hard to move everything at once. In this case, you would want to store your items until you are done moving. That is why you need to consider renting storage Lorton VA. There your items will be kept safe until you come back for them.

    Empty your wardrobe

    Make sure to empty your wardrobe. It is far easier to transport your bedroom furniture when it is empty. You won’t have to carry everything that can be heavy. And these big items can be complicated to move in one move. In this case, you can use vacuum packing bags. Simply put your clothes in them, and then suck the air out with a vacuum. You will see how you can save up to 70% of space when packing. This is a perfect solution when you are about to move and need space in your moving trucks.

    Dismantle your furniture

    The next step in your move is to dismantle your furniture before moving. Now, make sure to have the right tools to do it. This means that you can get screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers that are rubber-coated. It is the best way to avoid damaging your wooden furniture when packing them for the move. When you dismantle your furniture, you will see how easy it is to pack it for the move. It is far easier to do it piece by piece than to pack the whole wardrobe for example. And when you have to move it, you will notice that it is easier to transport it as well. And you can always get movers Lorton VA to help you out. With their help, you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan.

    empty wardrobe
    Try to dismantle your big furniture pieces

    What kind of supplies to use when packing

    Now you are probably wondering what kind of items can you use when packing for the move. Well, this is fairly simple. You already have some items in your home like big blankets, bedsheets, and pillowcases. You can always use them as wrapping materials for your fragile wooden furniture. Simply use those blankets and wrap them around the wardrobe and other bedroom furniture pieces. Then you can use packing tape and string rope to keep the wrappings in place. It will ensure that your items are properly protected during the move. You can also pack clean your wooden furniture properly before moving it. This can preserve its quality for a long time.

    Don’t risk moving them by yourself

    These items are very big, and sometimes they can be very heavy to move by yourself. You can easily injure yourself when moving them. Even if you know how to properly lift heavy items, you will still have to get some help to do it. In this case, you can ask your friends to come on over and help you out with heavy carrying. This can mean a lot because you can avoid any back injuries or damages to your items. Furthermore, if you are not certain about your packing skill, you can always get packing services VA for your move. Professional packers know how to properly pack your belongings so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    friends packing for the move
    Ask your friends to help you out with the packing process

    This is how you can pack your bedroom when moving to Lorton. This guide will help you out with your move, so you don’t have to stress over anything. Following these steps will ensure that you keep everything under control, so you won’t have to deal with any moving mistakes or delays. We are glad we helped you out with your relocation. And if you are looking for more interesting moving tips and tricks you can use, then you can read our blog. There are a lot of good articles that can help you out.

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