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    When relocating, the distance between the two homes will determine, to a large extent, how the entire move will be carried out. There’s a huge difference between preparing for a cross-country move and getting ready for an in-town move. In the second case, the new place can be just down the street or, in the worst-case scenario, in another part within the same town or city. Piece of cake, right? Nevertheless, even though you’re moving only a short distance away, you should still expect to face and overcome common relocation challenges. So, to be prepared to plan your move across town in the best possible way, check out the following tips moving companies Northern VA have prepared for you.

    1. Prepare a plan or a checklist (or both) for your move across town

    The shorter moving distance will be a huge bonus for you when moving across town. Firstly, your relocation will be much more cost-effective compared to a cross-country move. And secondly, you should be able to finish the move within several hours and certainly within the same day! Nevertheless, the success of your in-town move will still depend on how well you organize your time. As well as how many essential moving tasks you’ll be able to tackle prior to moving day itself. In order to use your pre-move time most efficiently movers Fort Belvoir VA recommend following a detailed moving checklist. So, simply write down all the important tasks that you will need to take care of before the day of the move.

    Three friends taking a selfie after learning how to plan your move across town
    When you have a plan moving across town is a piece of cake indeed.

    2. When moving across town you can organize a DIY move

    Sometimes hiring moving companies Mount Vernon isn’t necessary. In fact, moving across town by yourself is a great chance to use your organizational skills. As well as to prove to yourself that you are perfectly capable of overcoming a few move-related obstacles. A moving vehicle should be arranged for in advance. So, either rent a truck from a local truck rental agency or borrow a pick-up truck from a friend. You could also transport some of the boxes and smaller household items with your own car. Moreover, moving by yourself is not something you should try to do entirely on your own. Therefore, stay safe by getting a few good friends to help you during the day of the move.

    3. Or, you can hire professional cross-town movers

    Needless to say, the easiest way to move across town is to leave everything to experienced movers Chantilly VA. There are a number of factors that you should consider if you think about hiring professional movers. Such as:

    • Do you own large and heavy furniture pieces? If you do, then it’s a good idea to hire professional movers. Since moving heavy furniture around poses real dangers for property damage and risks of personal injury if not done by experienced hands.
    • Do you intend to move any special items? If so, then you shouldn’t risk possible damage to some of your unique and even priceless possessions.
    • Are there enough people to assist you? If not, definitely get experienced professionals to finish the task.
    Two professional movers carrying boxes
    Moving across town is doable whether you choose to move across town yourself or to hire professionals.

    4. Purge any unnecessary items

    Local moves are a great opportunity to declutter your home. As well as to purge any items that you have not used for a long time. Doing so will save you a bunch of packing time and energy. Plus, if you’re hiring a moving company it will also save you money as well. Therefore, consider selling or donating all the items that:

    1) you don’t want or need to move to the new home

    2) are still in good condition and would be a waste to throw them away.

    5. Get the right packing supplies as soon as you start to plan your move across town

    Don’t let the very short distance of your move across town trick you. You’re still going to need to protect your items in case you’ve decided to complete packing on your own. Before buying new packing materials, know that you can usually find some of them for free. In any way, some basic packing materials you’re going to need are:

    • cardboard boxes of different sizes
    • clean packing paper
    • bubble wrap

    You can cut your packing expenses by using, whenever applicable, pieces of clothing instead of bubble wrap and plain newspaper as a filler instead of blank packing paper.

    A girl sitting among moving boxes
    The right moving equipment will make a huge difference when moving across town.

    6. Pack for a move across town

    Once you downsize your household items and get the right type and amount of packing supplies, you’ll be ready to initiate the packing task. Begin packing up for your cross-town move as soon as possible, don’t waste time. Also, consider the cost-saving idea of using the same packing boxes multiple times. How? Since you’re only moving within the same town or city, you may choose to do several trips to the new home, thus emptying the filled boxes and using them again on your next relocation trip.

    7. Do not forget to transfer utilities

    Once you start to plan your move across town, do not forget about this task. It’s easier than you think to forget about important tasks when moving. This is why, as recommended above, you just have to stick to a moving checklist. For example, you may forget to take care of is transferring your home utilities to the new residence. First, create a list of your home utilities and then decide if you’re keeping all of them or not. Then, contact your current utility providers and schedule the disconnection of the utilities in the place you’re leaving and their re-connection at the place you’re moving to. Because you’re only moving across town, you’ll only need to transfer the utilities to the new place, not change them which has its benefits.

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