How to prep your Alexandria home for movers arrival

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    Moving requires a great deal of planning. When it comes to packing your belongings and organizing your move, it’s easy to forget that the movers will come into your home. However, Movers in Virginia, your moving company, will be ready to take everything upon themselves on your moving day. Make sure to prep your Alexandria home for the movers arrival ahead of time to get your relocation off to a good start. Don’t forget to bring cash for tips and kennels for your pets until the last minute. We have some tips and methods for you to help you prepare for your movers before they arrive on the big day.

    Pack all your things into boxes

    If your move does not include packing services, you will be responsible for adequately packing the majority of your possessions before the movers arrive. Preparing your Alexandria home will take some time. The better you pack your belongings, the less likely it is that your movers will break anything. Before you begin packing, double-check that you have the appropriate boxes and supplies.

    Packed and labeled cardboard boxes
    For easier relocation, label your moving boxes

    For your packing, you’ll need:

    • separators, foam pouches, bubble wrap for fragile stuff,
    • many robust, corrugated boxes of all sizes,
    • telescope boxes for artwork, mirrors, and TVs,
    • plastic bins for apparel and electronics,
    • bankers boxes for office files and supplies, which should also help you prep your Alexandria home.
    • For easier relocation, label your moving boxes

    After you’ve finished packing, make sure to mark (and color code, if you want to make it even more organized) each box according to its new home’s room. This will not only make it easier for the Movers Alexandria VA to figure out what goes where, but it will also simplify the unpacking process for you.

    Prep your Alexandria home, but also prepare the parking spot

    Parking is a basic yet crucial aspect that is frequently ignored during the relocation process. However, it will be the most important thing in your movers’ minds on moving day. On the big day, the driver will most likely call you to let you know they are on their way. They need to inquire where you want them to park. You’ll need to make sure the movers have a place to park their enormous truck if you haven’t already worked it out with a contact at the moving firm. This is extremely important if you hire long distance moving companies Northern VA. If you’re not parking in your own driveway, you’ll need to get a parking permit for the street or special permission to park in a shared driveway.

    Make sure your house is protected in case of the bad weather

    It’s up to you to adequately prep your Alexandria home, but also to secure your new house before the movers arrive. If it rains, snows, if there is ice or wind, you’ll need to protect your home from water damage. Check Alexandria’s weather forecast and, if possible, choose a nice day for moving. If the weather still surprises you and there’s heavy rain, you can put huge blankets or tarps in the doorways. You can do the same on the doorsteps, in the foyer, and in the hallway. To avoid damage, also cover hardwood floors with blankets or a tarp regardless of the weather. Finally, you don’t want yourself or your movers to get hurt that day. If the weather makes your doorsteps or walkways slick, use salt in ice or snowy circumstances.

    house in bad weather
    Be prepared for bad weather

    Hire a babysitter for your children and take care of your pets

    One of many parts of preparing your Alexandria home for movers includes making sure your children aren’t around. It’s not a good idea to look after toddlers and move boxes at the same time. Keeping an eye on your youngster while a group of movers is in your home will simply divert your attention away from the responsibilities at hand. This is why, if you’re moving and have small children, it is strongly advised to get assistance on moving day. You’ll need someone trustworthy to watch your child, whether it’s a babysitter, kindergartener, family member, or friend. This will not only prevent the movers from hurting your children or themselves accidentally, but it will also keep your child’s daily feeding and sleep schedule on track.

    Make sure you have a plan in place for your pet on moving day before the movers arrive. Keep in mind that the movers will need to be able to load and unload their trucks with the front door wide open. Unfortunately, this will make it even easier for wandering pets to go outside.  That’s why it’s crucial to confine your dog or cat to a single area during the relocation. Using a kennel, hiring someone to keep an eye on your pet, or limiting them to one area with a doorframe gate are some of the solutions. This is one of the crucial things in preparing your Alexandria home. It will also help you save money because nothing will be destroyed in order to keep your pets safe.

    Check if the furniture fits through the door

    While preparing your Alexandria home for movers, you must be sure that all the pieces of your furniture will fit through the door. A professional moving company will certainly be able to move your furniture from your old to new home without difficulty. However, if your doorways are narrow or your furniture is particularly large, your movers may require advance notice. This allows them to plan ahead of time and provide the appropriate resources for your move. Make sure your couches, pianos, and other large things will fit through your entrance or window by measuring them. If you’re still not sure if you will be able to complete the preparation on time, you can always ask packing service Northern Virginia for help.

    A couple carrying a sofa
    Make sure your furniture fits through the door

    Prepare the cash for tipping your movers

    Tipping the movers isn’t something you must do. But, for those movers who do flawless work, what better way to express your gratitude than with some cash? When you prep your Alexandria home, make sure you have cash on hand before the movers arrive. While tipping advice differs depending on who you ask, many experts recommend paying your movers either 5% of the whole price or a decent flat charge. Of course, your tip should reflect the quality of service provided and the level of satisfaction you received after your relocation.

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