How to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance

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    When moving, people usually concentrate on the house furniture, little items, and the inside of the home. But what most overlook is the outdoor furniture. And when the moving date approaches, they find themselves surrounded by furniture that is yet to be packed. In a stressful situation like moving, this doesn’t help at all. It only creates unnecessary last-minute work and even more stress. Of course, everything can be avoided by hiring the best packing service Northern Virginia has to offer or by learning how to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance on time.

    Make a moving plan first

    In order to have a successful move and to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance, you will need to start by making a plan. A good plan goes a long way in the moving industry. Not only will you make the jobs of your movers much easier, but you will also be under less stress. Good organization is always necessary in order to avoid moving chaos. The plan should contain detailed steps you need to take to ensure a smooth move, and list of items you need to pack. That way, both you and long distance moving companies Northern VA will feel less stressed.

    Make a plan to help you prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance
    Writing down a detailed plan will help you prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance.

    Other steps you need to take in order to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance

    Some people actually invest large sums of money in their outdoor furniture. And those people will, without a doubt, also want to move that furniture into their new home. Outdoor furniture has shown itself to be good furniture that can last for a long time. As a result, even those who did not invest large sums of money in them do not want to throw it away and opt to prepare outdoor furniture for long distance moving. After all, why would you leave or throw perfectly good furniture away, when you can move it?

    A hanging bed on a patio
    Depending on your investments and likes, outside furniture can be found in all types of shapes and sizes, sometimes making it hard do pack alone.

    Packing and preparing outdoor furniture for moving is not actually that hard. If you just follow a few simple packing tips, you can do a good job. Actually, you might only require help when dealing with heavy furniture. Well, of course, if you wish, you can always contact movers Arlington VA, and find one of their services to do it for you. Find the moving supplies you will need. and decide if you will do all the work alone or with some small help. Of course, other options, like calling friends, are also possible and recommended.

    Check your furniture for damages and bugs

    The first step you will need to take is to inspect your furniture. Due to it constantly being outside there are chances of uninvited guests being on them. Such as spiders, wasps, critters, and other types of insects. In order to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distances it has to be clean. Not only of any potential insects but also dirt. The furniture that stays outside is also influenced by the weather.

    While cleaning and inspecting for insects also look for any signs of damage. For example, wood can root if exposed to rain, and so on. This way you can sell or donate the furniture you dont need any more. For example, The Furniture Bank is one of those places where your old furniture becomes someone else’s treasure.

    Clean your outdoor furniture thoroughly

    Sometimes people choose not to clean their indoor furniture due to the chances of them becoming dirty again while moving around. When moving and packing your indoor furniture, the dirtiest aspect of it is actually the dust! However, when it comes to outdoor furniture, you must keep in mind that they experinece a different type of dirt. Just think about all of the mud, dust, leaves, and other types of dirt that can get stuck to them.

    A man cleaning the table
    You dont have to make everything sparkle. But at least doing the bare minimum cleaning will help you out in the long run.

    If you want to avoid getting everything in the truck dirty, thenYou will need to clean them.You can’t properly prepare outdoor furniture for long-distance moving without doing this.
    Cleaning it is not even that hard! It is enough to wipe downall furniture pieces with disinfectant wipes. If they are dirtier, you can also hose them down with water. Make sure they are completely dry before you attempt to pack them.

    Disassemble the furniture

    Finally, in order to prepare outdoor furniture for moving long distance, you will usually need to take it apart. This way you will make more space in the truck, as well as make the whole process easier. But not all furniture can be taken apart! For example, most outdoor chairs are packed and moved as they are. One thing most yards have is an outdoor table with a glass top. And this is one of those pieces that needs to be taken apart in order to have a safe move. First start by taking the glass off, and wrapping it in blankets or wrapping paper.

    Of course, if you don’t wish to take some furniture apart or move into your new home, you can always call Fairfax Transfer and Storage. And in their storage areas, some of your outdoor furniture can wait until you need it. Remove cushions from all the outdoor furniture and make sure it’s dry before you pack it. Then proceed by taking apart any other furniture you wish. Make sure all of the small parts are located in the same box or bag in order to prevent losing them. Grab your packing materials, and the packing can start.

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