How to prepare your home for a move in Northern Virginia

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    It will take approximately 45 hours to pack your three-bedroom home for a relocation. We won’t lie and say it will be easy, because it’s not. People usually don’t realize that those 45 hours are hours of constant packing without any distractions. While you can make that process easier by finding packing service Northern Virginia, we can still help you plan and prepare your home for a move there. So, let’s go over some fun facts about Northern Virginia, packing tips, and other useful information to help you prepare for your move.

    Moving to Northern Virginia – what to expect

    If you are already living in Northern Virginia, all of these perks will be familiar. And if you are moving to Northern Virginia, no matter if you are hiring cross-country or local movers VA, you can expect a few things. Firstly, “NOVA,” as the residents call North Virginia, is home to some of the best public schools. The thing that sets Northern Virginia apart from the rest of the state is the fast-paced lifestyle. There are places that are less populated. However, cities near the DC Area have the highest population levels, and life in those cities moves pretty fast. It is very common for people to work in DC while living in NOVA, which has great job opportunities.

    Washington Monument, USA
    Many people work in DC and live in NOVA

    Northern Virginia has a great climate, and you can expect to experience all four seasons. And, as with the weather, living in Northern Virginia offers a wide range of experiences. From people to architecture, there are all kinds of living styles to suit almost anyone. What makes Virginia, and especially the north, incredibly popular is the fact that it’s a tech hub. From Amazon’s headquarters in Arlington to many startups, there are great job opportunities for the IT industry in Northern Virginia.

    What should you do if you want to prepare your home before a move in Northern Virginia?

    So, how should you prepare your home before moving if you are already living in Northern Virginia? Since moving is a complicated task, there are some things you should do to prepare yourself and your home for a relocation. The first obvious choice is to hire the best movers in Virginia. It is a well-known fact that your relocation will be much easier if you hire reliable movers. This is especially true if you have a large home and are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of doing it on your own. The next thing should be writing a moving checklist. This list should contain all the tasks that need to be done within a certain timeline. Make sure you include deadlines for each of them so you avoid doing everything at the last minute. You can divide these tasks by week to get a complete picture of the timeline.

    Person making a checklist to help them prepare your home for a move in Northern Virginia
    The best way to prepare your home for a move in Northern Virginia is to make a moving checklist

    Usually, all moving checklists include tasks like packing, moving day, and all that relocation-related stuff. However, if you want to sell the house after you move out, you should make repairs and small renovations before you move out. Every home needs a small repair here or there or even a fresh coat of paint. Simple improvements that will help you sell your home can increase the number of offers you receive. They don’t have to be big renovation projects, and you can take the opportunity to do them while packing.

    Out with the old and in with the new

    Relocations are a perfect chance to get rid of anything you no longer need. The best way to prepare your home for a move is to declutter. Of course, by that, we don’t mean the light decluttering you occasionally do. It’s necessary to have a critical eye and really assess everything you own. Of course, you should do this before hiring residential movers in Northern VA. This is because the fewer items you have during transport, the less you pay your movers, and it’s much easier to keep track of all your things.

    Now, it may be hard to simply throw all the things you no longer need away. Because of that, we recommend either getting a storage unit where you can keep all the items with sentimental value so they don’t clutter your home or donating them. Secondly, you can try giving those items to people who might need them. You can do this by donating your clothes, shoes, furniture, or working electronics to your local Goodwill. That way, someone can end up using them instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere. Lastly, you can sell items you don’t need. There is a marketplace for nearly everything online, and it can be a great way to even earn some money while decluttering.

    Prepare to update all your documents before a home move in Northern Virginia

    One frequently overlooked aspect of moving is all the bureaucratic procedures you must go through when you change your address. If you are changing states, the procedure might take a little more time. However, if you are moving to a different home in the same neighborhood, making sure your information is updated on all documents and utilities is crucial. Here are some things you might need to do:

    • Change your documents. No matter how far you are moving, you should update your address on all your documents, like car registration and other IDs.
    • Cancel your subscriptions and utilities and set them up at a new address.
    • Update your home insurance information and prepare your home for a move in Northern Virginia by updating your insurance information.
    • Update your voter registration with new address information.
    • Notify the post office so that all mail sent to your old address is automatically forwarded to your new one.
    • Contact both state and federal tax agencies as well as the Social Security Agency to notify them of your change of address.
    A stack of folders piled onto each other
    Updating your documents is the most important aspect of any relocation

    Lastly, in order to prepare your home for a move in Northern Virginia, don’t forget to ask your friends and family for help if you need it. You don’t have to ask them for help when it comes to the actual packing and moving because you can hire movers for that. However, it is important that you avoid feeling overwhelmed by this task. All that’s left is to wish you good luck and a happy relocation.

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