How to put your suitcases to good use when relocating

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    Buying tons of packing materials is one of the most tedious parts of relocating, besides packing. You are never quite sure if you bought too much of something, or too little. It often happens that people wind up with dozens of moving boxes lying around their house along with packing paper and bubble wrap because they bought too much for their move. Luckily, you probably have plenty of items in your home you can use instead of moving boxes. A good example is your suitcases. Chances are you will be moving with moving companies Northern VA offers. Learn how to put your suitcases to good use when relocating and be ready when your movers arrive!

    Here’s how you can put your suitcases to good use when relocating

    If you didn’t plan on using your suitcases during your move, you’re making a big mistake. They can be very handy, and they are better than cardboard boxes for multiple reasons. Firstly, they are more sturdy and can’t rupture as boxes can. Secondly, they are better at protecting the items you put inside. Even if you don’t have many suitcases, surely you have at least one. Put it to good use for your move with movers in McLean VA. Here are some ways to use your suitcases when you pack for your relocation:

    • pack your clothes in them
    • put your suitcases to good use when relocating by packing your shoes in them
    • books and important documentation will be safe in a suitcase during the move
    • fragile items are ideal for packing in suitcases
    pink suitcases
    Learn how to put your suitcases to good use when relocating with our tips.

    Use your suitcases to pack your clothes

    It is quite obvious, but you can use all of your suitcases for packing clothes when you move and save on moving boxes. Not only will you save some money, but your suitcases are excellent for protecting even the most delicate of your clothes. You can also skip the packing paper and other protective packing materials when you use your suitcase. You can also put your bedding, sheets as well as towels in, but they are not as sensitive as some clothing items. Things like silk dresses or shirts, or leather jackets are easily damaged which is why you want to focus on protecting them properly when you move with residential movers Northern Virginia has at its disposal.

    Your shoes will be secure in your suitcases during the move

    It’s a great idea to use your suitcases for packing clothes when you move. It’s an even better one to use for shoes. Your shoes are not too delicate, but they can also suffer damage if you pack them improperly. Not only that, but wrapping your shoes in a newspaper, which is a hack many people use, can lead to ruining them for good. The ink from the newspaper can transfer onto the shoes and it’s very hard to get it off. To ensure you don’t get dirt all over your suitcase, line it with any kind of packing paper, bubble wrap, or plastic wrap.

    Whatever you have on hand will do, just skip the newspaper. An additional perk of using a suitcase instead of a cardboard box is that it can’t get smooshed under the weight of other boxes as easily. If you put something heavy on top of a box with shoes inside, there is a great chance that your precious pair of leather shoes can get damaged. That’s why a suitcase is a much safer option.

    shoes in a suitcase
    Your pretties shoes will be safe in your suitcase.

    Pack your books or documentation in a small suitcase

    If you are a book lover, it is possible that you have plenty of books that you need to pack safely when you relocate. Your suitcases will be your best friend in this case. Although there are many places where you can find free boxes to pack your books in, they are not the best option. The weight of books easily adds up, so you can wind up with very heavy boxes you’ll need to carry, or even worse- they can rupture. The last thing you need when you move is for your books to fall out of their box and have to pick them up when you’re already in a hurry. To avoid adding any more stress, pack your cherished books in a suitcase. The same goes for any important documentation you have. Everything is safe in a sturdy, compact little luggage case.

    Suitcases are ideal for packing fragile items

    Another excellent way to use your suitcases when you move is to pack any fragile items you have in them. Their hard outside will provide fantastic protection for your glassware, mirrors, fine china, or other delicate items you have. However, with breakable items, it’s imperative to pack them in lots of packing paper and bubble wrap. Even a firm suitcase is not enough to protect glass from breaking in case of any tumbling around the moving truck. Stock up on protective packing materials and learn the proper techniques. Putting your most valuable and fragile items in a suitcase once they are properly packed will be the cherry on top of the successful relocation cake.

    glasses are breakable so put your suitcases to good use when relocating and pack glassware in them
    Protecting your glassware properly is essential when moving.

    Consider hiring professional packers for your relocation

    If you still aren’t sure you can put your suitcases to good use when relocating, let the professionals do it for you. Hiring packing service Northern Virginia residents have at their disposal. That way, you will know for sure everything is packed safely and adequately. Your packers will provide all the packing supplies you need, but they can also use your suitcases. Let the professionals tackle the nuisance that packing is. You can relax and enjoy your relocation!

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