How to recognize a fake moving review?

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    If you are in process of choosing reliable movers Virginia, looking at their reviews can tell you a lot. If reviews are mostly good, it means this company is trustworthy. However, if the reviews are mostly negative, you should probably skip this company. Today almost anyone can leave a review. That caused the internet to be full of fake reviews. Fake reviews give misleading information and can cause damage. If you are not sure how to spot a fake one, we offer you tips on how to recognize a fake moving review!

    What are fake moving reviews?

    Fake moving reviews are moving reviews made by a fake account. People leave fake reviews for a couple of reasons. However, the most common reasons for leaving fake moving reviews are :

    • Damage to the company’s reputation
    • Advertise other companies
    • Troll out of boredom
    A guy using internet to recognize a fake moving review
    Learning how to recognize a fake moving review can be extremely helpful.

    How to recognize a fake moving review?

    Fake reviews have many characteristics that make them stand out. It’s important to recognize real reviews to separate good local movers VA from bad ones. Some of them include all capital letters, a lot of weird punctuation, many reviews in a couple of hours/minutes, very detailed or poorly written reviews, and many reviews in a foreign language. The profile of a person leaving reviews can tell you a lot. For example- If the account is new, with many reviews but with not that many pictures and personal information, it’s probably a fake account leaving fake reviews.

    All capital letters and punctuation signs of a fake moving review

    The fake reviews are usually all in capital letters. Also, they are probably fake if they have other suspicious characteristics. For example- if a review left of the residential movers VA is mostly in all capitals and with many numbers, exclamation points, or question marks, it’s probably a fake one. Trolls usually write these types of comments. Also, the people leaving fake reviews want to damage the reputation of that company. The review is a fake one if it looks like- ” WORST COMPANY EVER12345!!!! “.

    A moving worker leaning on a truck
    Fake reviews usually have similar characteristics.

    Other characteristics of a fake review

    If the review is very detailed, it might be a fake one. Also, if the review is negative but consists of two or three words, it might be a fake one. If the very detailed review compliments another moving company, it might be someone advertising the other moving company. It can also mean that they are trying to damage their reputation by writing bad reviews. You can recognize a phony moving review if there are too many in a short time. It’s suspicious if there are many positive or negative reviews in a short period. For example, if there are 30 reviews written within 20 minutes on moving companies Fairfax VA website, they are probably fake ones. Moreover, if there are many reviews in different foreign languages, they are probably fake.

    In conclusion, many indicators can help you recognize a fake moving review. By recognizing them, you are making sure you avoid shady companies and are making sure to trust reliable ones. We hope you find genuine company and enjoy a stress-free move to your new home.

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