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    During the move preparation period, you were under huge pressure. The moving day had its own challenges. But that period is over. You have successfully completed your move with the help of Fairfax Transfer & Storage company. You have also unpacked all your possessions. So, now is the time to settle in Lorton VA. Still, take it easy. As your long-awaited relocation is over, there is no need to rush anymore. On the contrary, give yourself some time to recover and relax. One of the best ways is to start exploring Lorton. You were probably visiting the place while buying the new home. But that was not giving you time to go around. And Lorton VA has many jewels worth exploring.

    Start to settle in Lorton VA exploring its lifestyle

    Lorton VA has about 21,000 residents. It is located in Fairfax County and is one of many Washington, D.C. suburbs. However, although it is a part of the Washington-Arlington metro area, it kept the relaxed lifestyle. And residents are very liberal. Lorton is known as a place where the rich artistic culture flourishes. Besides, the area is full of parks and wild natural places. So, no wonder that it offers numerous possibilities for outdoor recreational activities.

    Ariel view of the town, fields, and river.
    Settle in Lorton VA after relocation.

    Every person needs a various adjustment period

    One of the best ways to speed up the adjustment period is to engage in town activities. That way, you will soon get to know people. Also, you will get close to your neighbors. And then to their friends. With such a small town as Lorton VA, very soon you will have many acquaintances. And you will start to feel comfortable in your new town. Also, an excellent idea is to join some of Lorton’s sports clubs. Or visit the art community if you prefer, and get to know artists and their works. Lorton also has an excellent school system. So, the town is the ideal place for young families and artists.

    Public transportation possibilities in Lorton Virginia

    Exploring Lorton VA, you might be surprised to discover its excellent public transportation system. It has excellent, frequent, and timely bus and train lines. Famous Virginia Railway Express has a stop in Lorton. So, many residents are using the train as a reliable and safe way of commuting. Also, expressways are connecting Lorton with many major places. Thus, you can also use a bus or your car even for trips or commuting.

    The job market in Lorton VA

    Commuting possibilities is very important. The job market in Lorton is not so rich. Thus, many people from Lorton are working elsewhere. Here is the list of the main industries in the town:

    • Health Care & Social Assistance
    • Retail Trade
    • Public Administration
    • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services
    • Information technologies

    Lorton VA is known for highly-rated public schools

    If you are a young parent, you will be happy to learn about Lorton public schools. They are part of the Fairfax County School system. And they are all highly rated. There is also the South County High School for your older kids. So, enrolling the kids in school and driving them to and after school, is also a way to meet other parents. And this is yet another way to get acquainted with more of your new town fellows. Some of the Fairfax County movers bringing their kids to school you might already know.

    Woman in orange clothes with long hair painting in an art studio planning to settle in Lorton VA
    Artist at work in a Workhouse Arts Center studio.

    The Lorton VA popular neighborhoods and real estate

    Lorton has several constituent neighborhoods. The most popular ones are:

    • Crosspointe
    • Laurel Highlands
    • Laurel Hill
    • Stone Manor

    Living in Lorton is not very cheap. The real estate prices are higher than in the rest of Virginia. Also, they are higher than the national average. However, thanks to good incomes, most of the residents in Lorton have their own homes. In some of the neighborhoods, you will find only family houses. However, some neighborhoods have apartment buildings. Those buildings are popular for their amenities, like pools and gyms.

    Renting possibilities in Lorton VA

    Those who are planning to stay for a short period, are usually renting. Also, if you don’t know the town, you may decide to rent first. At least until you settle in Lorton VA. And see which of the neighborhoods is the best for you. Once you purchase your own house, you can hire the movers Lorton VA. They will easily relocate you to your new home.

    Once you get familiar with the town, you can continue exploring the surrounding areas

    There are many interesting places that will help you to settle in Lorton VA. Visiting them, you might find them attractive. Some of them can be very interesting for you. This is especially if you are inclined towards art. Or if you enjoy the outdoor activities. And, you might find the right spot to move your business. So, here are some of the places you should visit:

    Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia

    Located in the former Lorton Reformatory, this workhouse is using the repurposed cells. They are converted to art studios. There you can enjoy exhibitions or performances of renowned and emerging artists. You can also attend the art classes. Or you can simply walk around and enjoy the vibrant, and creative atmosphere of the place.

    Occoquan Regional Park

    This is one of many parks surrounding Lorton. There, you can either use your boat or a canoe on the Occoquan River. Or you can simply walk around and enjoy yourself in one of the many nice waterfront restaurants.

    riding a kayak
    A man in a kayak paddling on the river.

    Pohick Bay Regional Park

    It is located alongside the Potomac River. In this park, you can rent a canoe, kayak, or paddleboat. Or you can use some of the numerous tracks for hiking or biking.

    Laurel Hill Golf Club

     If you are among those loving golf, you will enjoy this beautiful place. And this is also a way to spread up your settle in Lorton. Becoming a club member, you will meet and befriend many golf lovers.

    Pohick Bay Golf Course

    You may also enjoy this golf club. It is located on the Mason Neck Peninsula. And it meanders through hilly, wooded terrain, which makes it more interesting.

    With so many interesting places, you will soon become content with living in Lorton Virginia. Also, when you have time, you may like to visit Mt. Vernon. It is located only 10 miles eastward from Lorton. And you will, for sure, enjoy the tour in and around George Washington’s home. And become one of the million people that are annually visiting this famous landmark.

    After you settle in it is time to go back to work

    As you had enough time to settle in Lorton VA, you can continue with your work. Now, you already know people. Kids are enrolled in good schools. And you know your ways around the Lorton. And, in case you are an entrepreneur, it is time to hire commercial movers Northern VA. They will relocate your business fast, skillfully, and cost-effectively. So, very soon, you can restart your work in Lorton VA.

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