How to simplify the unpacking process

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    If you ever moved before, you know how exhausted you were after reaching your new place. You were spending days, sometimes weeks planning the move. After that, you had to check everything. You had to complete decluttering, making the inventory, and then packing. And all that was just a part of your obligations. You also had to find the proper packing supplies. And to check moving companies DC area to find a suitable one for yourself. Luckily, your moving company was able to give you advice on how to simplify the unpacking process. And it starts with proper planning and careful labeling of your moving boxes.

    How can the proper labeling simplify the unpacking process?

    When packing, write clearly at each box in which room it should go in your new home. Also, make a list of the items packed in each box. So, when unloading, the movers will put all the boxes in their respective rooms. This way, you will have boxes already sorted in rooms. And all this even before you started with unpacking. This will simplify the unpacking process a lot.

    A woman in green shirt is labeling carboard box with marker to simplify the unpacking process.
    Proper labeling will simplify the unpacking process.

    Follow another important unpacking advice of your movers

    When moving, always bring the tools kit in your essential moving box. Soon you start unpacking, you will realize that your movers were right. Before anything else, you will have to assemble your furniture. There would be no point in unpacking your clothes without having a wardrobe to put them in.

    Which room you should unpack first after moving in?

    Once the moving companies Arlington VA unloaded all your goods and left, you will have to decide about the unpacking order. You will have to decide room to unpack first? Of course, unless you already have it in your moving plan. Common sense is to start with the room that everyone needs. And that is the bathroom. As there will be a lot of other things to complete, you can start unpacking the basics. To start with, clean the bathroom. Then, add some towels, paper, and basic hygiene items. Later on, when you have enough time, you will arrange it the way you like.

    Give the throughout cleaning to your home before you start the unpacking process

    This may not look like simplifying the unpacking process, but it actually is. Once you reassemble the furniture in the rooms, it will be full of dust. Also, the flooring will be dirty. So, before you start unpacking, you will need your home clean. To speed up the whole process, you can play it wise. For example, you can clean the kitchen. So, your family can concentrate on unpacking the kitchen boxes. At the same time, you can hire a good service to clean the rest of your home. Soon you will realize that such an organization was time-saving.

    A man and carboard boxes seen through the half open doors.
    With good labeling, the movers will put all the boxes in their respective rooms.

    To simplify the unpacking process, allocate tasks to each family member

    Since unpacking the bathroom and kitchen is done, you should concentrate on sleeping rooms. The best would be to ask every member to unpack his own sleeping room. Also, if you have small kids, ask them to unpack the toys and their clothes. They will feel involved. And that will make them proud, for sure. However, they will need help with arranging their bed. And with sorting their clothes and linen in the wardrobes. Wither you will have to help them. Or ask the older kids to give them a hand.

    What to do with the empty moving boxes?

    Ask all family members to dispose of the empty boxes in the living room. That is the last room you will be dealing with. And collecting the empty boxes and other moving supplies in one place will simplify the whole process. Some of the well-preserved boxes you should keep. The rest you can sell or donate. Also, you can always consult with the local movers Northern VA. They might know someone in search of good packing material. That way, you can reimburse a bit of money you invested in packing material.

    How to keep your home clean when unpacking?

    As your whole home was already thoroughly cleaned, the ordinary cleaning will be enough. You will probably have to pick up some small cardboard pieces. Or fallen labels. For the small pieces just use the ordinary vacuum cleaner.

    The unpacking is going well, so you can take a small break

    The whole family is probably very tired. However, as you simplified the unpacking process, a lot is already done. So, you can all have a small break to regain strength. As the kitchen is ready, you may finally have a nice, homemade meal. Also, all the sleeping rooms are ready. And a good night’s sleep is exactly what all of you need. If you feel so, you can all go for a short walk. That will make good to all of you. Changing the daily scenery will help you relax mentally.

    A couple with child are walking on the side walk.
    Take a small break to regain strength.

    Use your renewed energy to complete the unpacking process

    Many people are pushing too hard to complete unpacking as soon as possible. That way, they will easily make mistakes. It can result in broken items, or even family members sustaining injuries. And that is the last thing you need after this well-organized move. And after all the efforts you invested in it. So, giving everyone some time off will actually simplify the unpacking process. They will all be better concentrated. And they will have enough strength to finalize unpacking.

    What to do with surplus things?

    After you are done with unpacking, you may realize that you have some surplus things. Or some seasonal things that are just taking the home space. So, the easiest solution is to pack them in the saved moving boxes. And to contact Lorton VA storage services. In their affordable and secure storage, your things will be safe. And well cared of.

    After simplified unpacking, you can continue with interior decorations

    Following the advice of your mover, you managed to simplify the unpacking process. So, since unpacking was done fast and easy, you have saved a lot of time. That time you can use to decorate your new place to your liking. It may mean moving some sofas here and there. Or changing the pictures on the walls. You will for sure add some rough and lamps, to make the place cozy. The moment you are satisfied with the results, you will start to feel your new place a home.

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