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    If you’ve ever traveled throughout the USA, you know how rewarding an adventure that is. Every state has something different to offer, whether it be sights, food, or a clash of cultures. However, moving from one end of the US to another is a different story altogether. Or, so it seems, at the first glance. There’s no reason your relocation should be difficult when you have Fairfax Transfer and Storage within reach. Give us a call and we’ll put some of the best interstate movers Northern Virginia has at your disposal. After that, it’s only a matter of accepting your move for what it really is – an amazing, fulfilling adventure.

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    Your relocation can be amazing. And it starts with a simple phone call to Fairfax.

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    Fairfax Transfer & Storage – cross-country movers with decades of trust behind them

    To relocate interstate without a worry on your mind, you don’t need just any movers. You need the right movers. A team with ample experience and confidence to face the odds of interstate relocation, come out on top, and bring you with them. A crew determined to see you prevail and do so swiftly and effectively. And that’s exactly what you’re getting with Fairfax.

    Since our founding in 1959, we have aimed to help residents of Northern VA and DC Metro Area overcome the challenges of moving. Over the next 60+ years, we kept building the reputation of excellence by:

    • Offering exceptional, yet affordable moving services;
    • Being fast and efficient, without sacrificing quality.

    But, most of all, we rose to the top because we put the needs of our customers first. That’s why, today, we are one of the most trusted interstate moving companies Northern Virginia offers.

    Make all the right choices with the help of our interstate movers Northern Virginia

    Decision-making is a crucial part of any relocation, whether it be an interstate or local move. However, that’s where the majority encounter obstacles and start making mistakes. It’s when moving becomes harder than it should be and its success jeopardized. Needless to say, with us, you won’t be part of the majority. We’ll help you make all the right choices so you can transition free of stress. With Fairfax, you will:

    • Draft a responsible budget with our free moving estimate, or with the assistance of our on-site estimate experts;
    • Make an effective plan that will make your move simpler and easier;
    • Choose exactly the moving services you need, so you don’t pay more than necessary;
    • Handle organization, logistics, and paperwork with ease
    • Pick the right team, experienced in your particular type of move;
    • Have the right tools, accessories, and vehicles for safe loading, unloading, and transport;
    • Plot the best routes for safe and swift delivery.

    Now, we can assist you in planning and organizing all of the above. But, we can also take it all off of your hands. You don’t have to bother with any of it. Instead, you can enjoy your time before the move. And, when the moving day comes, the only anxiety you’ll feel will be about starting your new life on a high note.

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    Our teams are ready to assist you in planning your move.

    60+ years worth of experience is at your fingertips

    In our six decades of service, we saw the requirements of relocations undergo many changes. The needs evolved and, with them, so did the scope of our services. Therefore, we grew with our clients, and, what started as a simple transportation effort, evolved into a full array of prime moving services:

    With us, you won’t get half-trained movers or half-baked solutions. We approach every relocation with the same dedication and attention, regardless of difficulty or scope.

    Your household deserves the best treatment

    Residential relocation still demands speed and efficiency. But, even more so, they demand a human touch. The team of North Virginia interstate movers helping you must understand the tribulations you’re going through. Emotions, stress, difficulties – all of it. And only those who’ve spent enough time in this industry can do that. Our movers have seen it all and done it all. Therefore, they know what to do to make your relocation easier. They will treat your belongings with the care they deserve – just like their own. They’ll respect your time and resources, making sure none goes to waste. But, most importantly, they’ll guide and support you throughout the process.

    Move your business with the ruthless efficiency of interstate movers Northern Virginia trusts

    Waves of emotion and the integrity of a home make residential relocation quite a delicate matter. But, commercial relocations are an entirely different beast. In some way – a complete opposite, even. When you’re moving office it’s all about urgency. Because, here, the threat of prolonged downtime is ever-present. This further translates into the loss of reputability and, inevitably, clientele. And that – that makes restarting your business in a new location much harder.

    Two businessmen looking at tablet
    Opt for a swift and secure business relocation with some of the best interstate movers Northern Virginia offers.

    Therefore, for business relocations, you need one of the interstate moving companies from Northern Virginia that can pull off the “3E’s” of relocation:

    • Efficiency;
    • Effectiveness, and;
    • Expeditiousness.

    In other words: a team that doesn’t mess around when someone’s livelihood is at stake. With us, you can expect a quick resolution to your commercial move, whether you’re moving a small storefront or an entire corporate headquarters.

    Your fantastic move begins with a simple phone call

    A smooth move doesn’t start with sleepless nights, or time wasted on questionable preparation. It’s much simpler than that. All it takes is one phone call to Fairfax Transfer and Storage, and you’re all set! With the selection of the finest interstate movers Northern Virginia houses, ample skills, and decades of experience, you can only look forward to a seamless transition. So, don’t hesitate. Give us a call today, and enjoy moving free of stress.

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