Is There a Perfect Time to Move?

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    The date that you choose to move can affect costs and the ease of the relocation process. It’s crucial to pick a date only after careful consideration of the pros and cons of the different seasons and how they will affect your move.

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    Is there a perfect time to move? Keep reading to find out.

    Best Season to Move

    The time of year you choose to move impacts the availability of good movers and their costs. Most people, especially those with kids, move during the summer. However, moving companies are busiest during this time, which makes it the most costly season for relocation. Ultimately, the best season for your move boils down to your preferences and budget.

    Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the seasons and how they impact your move below:


    While some regions get very hot during the summer, many people would rather avoid ice and snow. Also, the real estate market is active in the summertime, and it’s easier to sell a home. Summer is also the wedding season and a time when most graduates relocate from their college towns.

    The major disadvantage of summer moves is high costs. Movers are less willing to offer discounts since there’s high demand. However, if you plan early enough ahead, you can receive affordable rates. To save both time and money, book a date weeks before the season peaks to get favorable quotes.


    When compared to summer, spring offers milder weather, safer roads, and affordable moving costs. What’s more, hotel prices are better due to fewer tourists. To help with your move, you can organize a garage sale in the spring, which is convenient because you won’t be cold or sweaty.

    However, moving during this season likely means interrupting your child’s school year. The weather can also be unpredictable depending on where you live.


    Lower rates and moving discounts can motivate you to relocate during the winter. Landlords are more open to negotiations, and you can score a great apartment or home at affordable rates. Moreover, you get a wide selection of moving companies since they have light schedules. It’s also easier to get a moving company on short notice in the winter. Most firms close during the holiday season, which means you won’t miss work.

    However, the cold weather often makes the move miserable. If the roads are closed off because of ice, your plans can get ruined. There’s also a higher risk for water damage during the winter.


    The cooler weather in the fall makes it a great season to relocate. Although fewer houses are listed in autumn, you find better prices than those in summer. Also, you avoid the holiday traffic with enough time to settle for the festivities. However, an autumn move means uprooting kids from school and the weather can be unpredictable in some regions.

    Best Month to Move

    Most people schedule their moves at the start or the end of the month. Thus, moving companies are less busy in mid-month, which means lower rates for your move.

    As for the ideal month to move, keep in mind that the summer months are the busiest. Therefore, expect higher rates from May to September. During this timeframe, you may struggle to find a reliable mover who can accommodate your schedule. If you want to save more on your move, consider the period between mid-September and April.

    Best Day to Move

    Most people move on Friday or Saturday since it’s easier to settle on the weekend. Thus, many moving companies have advanced booking available for these two days. You can also get more competitively-priced quotes for mid-week moves and can choose between a variety of movers. Moreover, you avoid delays caused by banks and real estate offices if they close on weekdays.

    However, a mid-week move can be inconvenient if it means you will have to take time off from work.

    In conclusion, the best time to move is the date that suits your lifestyle and budget. A reputable mover can relocate your household or business at any time of the year. Contact us at Fairfax Transfer and Storage to help you get to your destination regardless of the season.

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