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    Once the time for relocating comes, there are certain, let’s say uncomfortable things you have to do. One of those is to get rid of items you don’t need anymore. So, yes, grandma’s old commode has to go. We know that it has a sentimental value, but if it’s not useful it has to go. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Aside from the said commode, there are also other items you should leave behind when moving to Northern VA. The main reason you have to get rid of certain items is because of moving costs. While Fairfax Transfer and Storage won’t break your bank when it comes to relocating, it’s certainly better to pay less than more. Even when the original price is relatively low. That said, let’s talk about the items you don’t have to bring with you on the move.

    What are the items you should leave behind when moving to Northern VA?

    So, before you actually go and reach out to residential movers VA, there are a few things you need to clear up. Of course, this is not an issue if you are going to move everything in your home. However, if you are smart, you are going to want to do these things before you contact your movers. By now you may be wondering what the hell are we talking about? Well, let’s dive a bit deeper into this.

    cat on a chair
    Remember that if your cat likes a piece of furniture, regardless of how useless and old it is, it should be taken off the list of items you should leave behind when moving to New Hampshire.

    When you contact movers, there is going to have to be a moving estimate. Basically, a professional will come to your home and look over everything that has to be moved. Afterward, they will go back to their office, create a moving estimate and contact you to tell you roughly how much the move is going to cost you. This is the procedure with all legitimate moving companies. So, if you want to prevent getting a high estimate, there is a ‘hack’ you can use. What you want to do is you want to get rid of all the items you don’t need anymore. That said it’s important to identify items you should leave behind when moving to New Hampshire. Only after you do that and consequently get rid of them can you call your chosen movers.

    What is the first thing you should get rid of?

    If there is a chance you own a piano, there are two ways the relocation can go. Either you are going to hire local movers VA and let them handle the relocation of the said instrument or you are going to get rid of it. If you frequently play it or if it represents something that is of great sentimental value, we would suggest you go with the first option. However, if it’s just standing there and collecting dust, it falls into the category of items you should leave behind when relocating to Northern VA. But, hold your horses! You shouldn’t just leave it in your old home. It’s a better option to sell it – either at a pawn shop or by putting the word out. If the latter doesn’t do the trick, you can always sell it at a pawn shop.

    playing a piano
    If you are playing the piano frequently, don’t get rid of it.

    You may be wondering why we are suddenly talking about a piano. And that’s okay. The main reason why we are focusing on a piano so much is that there is a surprisingly large number of households in the U. S. which have one. Also, pianos are generally the heaviest and hardest things to transport. Lastly, they increase the cost of moving tremendously. With that in mind, you should ask yourself if it’s worth it to bring an overly-expensive dust collector with you to Northern VA. Realistically speaking, the answer is a sound no! Unless, of course, you are playing it frequently. That said, let’s talk about other items you should leave behind when relocating to Northern VA.

    Other items you should leave behind when moving to Northern VA

    Aside from the aforementioned piano, there are a plethora of items you should leave behind when moving to Northern VA. So, as we discussed earlier before you actually go about contacting moving companies Arlington VA to arrange the relocation, you have to take care of a number of things. One of those things is identifying all the items you don’t need and figuring out what to do with them. To make it easier for you, we suggest looking for the following items (more often than not, they are redundant and should be left behind):

    • Old commodes
    • Old furniture
    • Broken items (ideally, throw them away or recycle them)
    • Clothes that you no longer wear (ideally, donate them and make someone’s day a bit better)
    • Houseplants
    • Light fixtures
    • Curtains
    • In-ground features
    • Appliances and the respective warrants and manuals
    • Hardwired alarm systems
    movers in a van
    If you are still in doubt about leaving behind some of the things on this list, remember that moving professionals can handle everything.

    Final thoughts

    While the first 4 on this list are basically self-explanatory, the rest may be a puzzle. That is why we are going to elaborate a bit on those. So, the latter 6 items you should leave behind when moving are your Ace in the sleeve when it comes to reselling your property. If you choose to not bring them with you, the price of your property will go up. While not by a significant amount, it’s still going to be more than you initially expected. So, why should you decline more money? However, if you decide to bring hardwired alarm systems or light fixtures with you, make sure to notify your real estate agent.

    So, when you figure out which items you should leave behind when moving to Northern VA, it’s time to decide whether you should take photos of your stuff prior to moving, and in short – the answer is positive. This is not because you shouldn’t trust your movers. It’s mainly a good way to keep track of everything during and right after the move. So, don’t forget to do it! That said, we wish you the best of luck with the move and hope that you are going to settle in really quickly and start enjoying your new life as soon as possible.

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