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    You might be thinking that your movers will take care of all of your possessions. And you’re partially right. But you need to be aware that there are some items your Manassas movers will not handle. This is usually due to the risk of damage or spillage. But, worry not, we at Fairfax Transfer and Storage have made a comprehensive list of items movers won’t handle. So let’s get into it!

    Boxes of items your Manassas movers will not handle
    Inform yourself about the items your Manassas movers will not handle before the move

    Food is the most obvious thing that your movers will say no to moving.

    Not only can it spill and dirty other items during the move, but there is a chance of some of the food spoiling and a rotten smell entering your other items. Due to these risks, your movers will always say no to moving food. If you’re moving last minute and have a bunch of food leftover, don’t worry. You can host a little goodbye party for your previous home, or donate the food to a nearby shelter. There is no need for the food to go to waste.

    Additionally, you can always carry frozen produce with you in your car. We would advise you against moving refrigerated foods because they could easily go bad in the heat of your car. But frozen produce has a high chance of staying completely frozen until you reach your location.

    Movers will not move your family heirlooms

    Family heirlooms are usually pieces of jewelry or other smaller items. Maybe even a little chest for keeping your jewelry. Whatever the case may be, usually these items are small and easy to misplace. Or, on the other hand, they might be extremely old and fragile. Our movers Manassas VA advise against packing these items alongside your other items into boxes. You would likely be devastated if anything happened to your priceless family heirlooms. And due to their usual size, they can easily slip out of boxes and maybe even out of the moving truck.

    It’s easiest to just pack your family heirlooms in a safe little box and carry them with you in the car. This way you can secure them in place, as well as have your eyes on them at all times.

    A picture of a necklace
    Prized family heirlooms need to stay safe.

    Plants are delicate so you better handle them

    Plants are next on our list of items your Manassas movers will not handle. They are very demanding during transportation. They need to stay secured upright and shouldn’t be touching the roof of the moving truck or car. If your plants are really tall, there is a big threat of damage due to the size of the truck. It could be difficult transporting them by yourself as well, but most movers will say no to plants.

    Moving trucks are designed to carry a bunch of secured boxes and know that no matter how much the truck tumbles, the items are safe. This is not true for plants. A potted plant would most likely end up outside of its pot in a moving truck. So it really is wiser to think up a different way of transporting them. Perhaps one of your friends has a car with an open roof? This could be the perfect solution to ensure the safety of your plants. Our storage Lorton VA is a good option for items you can’t easily transport or don’t need immediately in your new home.

    Nail polish, nail remover, and other hazardous materials

    The hazardous materials make sense right? But maybe it wouldn’t cross your mind that nail polish and nail remover are hazardous materials as well. Under certain conditions, these items tend to be extremely flammable. One thing you surely don’t want to experience while moving is a fire starting in a moving truck full of your stuff. Nail polish and remover are safest in a non-spill plastic zip bag in your car in a dry environment.

    What are the other hazardous materials? Lighters, lighter fluid, paint, pesticide, motor oil, batteries, acids, etc. The list goes on and on. But basically, anything that can spill and cause stains, or God forbid fire, is a no-go. These items can be safely transported in your car if you take the proper precautions. But we urge you to research a bit more into this, so as to not have an unwanted accident.

    Our moving services Northern VA are here to answer any of your questions. Our trained professionals are sure to have all the answers you’re looking for. The internet is a great source of good information, but no one has the knowledge of experienced movers who have worked for years. So feel free to ask away!

    A picture of a woman putting on nail polish
    Take your nail polish with you in the care to keep your other items safe.

    Movers are not trained nor equipped for transporting money

    If you have some kind of savings in cash at your home, the smartest thing you can do is transport it personally. Money is on the list of items your Manassas movers will not handle, because of the implications of moving such a thing. Moving all of your belongings is a huge responsibility and risk to moving companies. But moving actual cash money even more so.

    Your movers will be wary of losing or misplacing your money and will tell you to take it with yourself. You can store it pretty easily in your car. In an envelope or plastic bag and into the glove compartment should be easy and safe enough. No one will have access to it and it has nowhere to fall out! So don’t worry too much and opt for transporting your money by yourself.

    Take your documentation with you

    Documentation is something movers really advise transporting on your own. Documentation is, obviously, paper. If anything were to happen in the moving truck, it could crumble, tear or even be completely ruined. Your insurances, medical records, car documents, everything needs to be with you while you’re moving. Losing or damaging these documents can create a whole new world of problems for you. So be careful! Now you know which items your Manassas movers will not handle. Good luck with your move!

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