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    When people move, they do so for various reasons – to find better work, education, safety, environment, and so on. Although there is no truly bad or good place to live in, our personal preferences and lifestyles affect the choice of a place to call home. As such, you may wonder what are the things that make a difference between Belvoir and Reston, two popular relocation destinations. For the same reason, you’d want to know why so many people hire the best moving companies Fort Belvoir VA has to move in or out of the city. Meanwhile, here’s all you need to know if you want to compare the advantages of living in Belvoir vs. Reston!

    What makes Belvoir and Reston special?

    For a start, it’s good idea to learn more about these two cities. First of all, you should know that Belvoir is a small city in the state of Virginia, that was originally founded as a military base. As such, it does not have many residents but has steadily grown over the years. The growth can be seen in the rise of job opportunities and the striving of the city to make it a better place to live. But when people ask about Belvoir vs. Reston, usually it comes down to personal opinions.

    small town next to the river
    If you consider your needs and desires, you can be certain you’ll make a good choice between Belvoir vs Reston

    Reston is a city located relatively close to Belvoir, but it has a much bigger population. Despite this, people here all know each other and are quite close. If you look closely, you will notice that the moving companies Reston VA, has are working to the best of their abilities to help anyone who is interested in moving here. However, before you make your choice, you should inform yourself of similarities and differences between the two cities!

    The nature surrounding the two cities

    Naturally, people like to know more about the places they are moving to, or even thinking about settling down in. One of the most important question people have when they compare Belvoir vs Reston regards the nature you can find here. Don’t be surprised if the choice is harder than you think! That’s because both cities have many gorgeous places, locations, as well as camping and other outdoor activities. Still, Reston is one of just eight American cities which are members of the international Biophilic Cities Organization, which advocates the value of maintaining and nurturing nature in urban settings. Also, Reston residents have access to nearly 55 miles of walking and hiking trails, as well as about 250 acres of woodlands and open space. Keeping that in mind, nature lovers will probably enjoy living in Reston more.

    Climate is pretty much the same

    If you were wondering what is the climate like in Belvoir, you should know that this region has hot, humid summers and normally mild to chill winters. Fort Belvoir has humid subtropical weather. But what about Reston? The climate in this area is also known for its hot, moist summers and mild to cool winters. making it one and the same. However, local movers Northern VA say this was expected, as these two cities are fairly close to each other.

    Different educational opportunities

    Youngsters living in Fort Belvoir will go to either Fort Belvoir Elementary School or Woodlawn Elementary. Meanwhile, older children go to Walt Whitman Middle School and Mount Vernon High School, both of which are run by Fairfax County Schools. On the other hand, kids and parents in Reston have a few more schools to pick from. Also, there are a couple of colleges in the vicinity. However, one thing that Belvoir and Reston have in common is that the both have education systems that are above average in terms of quality.

    People talking about the difrances of life in Belvoir vs Reston
    Both Belvoir and Reston have excellent educational opportunities

    Job opportunities

    Fort Belvoir is a very eclectic place to find a job. The team and coworkers in this city are usually easy to work with and communicate with, no matter what job you have. It’s all because of the city’s close knit community. At the same time, Reston has a huge market of jobs to cater to many different professions and preferences. The Belvoir vs Reston score almost the same when it comes to great job opportunities, all because, although diverse, the two still have their strong and weak sides.

    People shaking hands
    Finding work is not hard. As both towns have vibrant job markets.

    People and population

    If you want to know how many people live in Ft Belvoir, the answer is 7,637 residents. On the other hand, Reston has around 61.418 residents. This is where you truly see the difference. Although the two are quite similar the biggest difference is the people. But even here Belvoir vs Reston does not have only one answer. For people who like big spaces and a lot of privacy, living in Belvoir is a dream come true. But that is also the same for people that like Reston. So dont be surprised that moving companies Virginia are helping people relocate to both cities. But even though the difference in numbers seems big, the closest in the hearts of the people are the same. Both towns have very close supportive communities.

    In conclusion

    When comparing the two towns, you need to understand that there will never be a right answer. People move for a variety of reasons. And personal needs and preferences are usually the main ones. So, it’s hard to choose which is the better city to live in. The same goes when you need to choose between Belvoir vs Reston. However, what you can do is visit both, and make your own decision.Both are good depending on what you want, but in the end, you will make the best choice for you and your family.

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