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    People move all the time from one place to the other, and for a vast number of reasons. Some move because of new job opportunities, and some do because of school, health, starting a family, and so on. But they all have one thing in common: they want to improve their lives! But before they decide to move, most will compare the new and old in order to make sure their decision is right. So if you are moving from Annandale to Manassas, what should you expect when comparing their good and bad sides? You will always find affordable moving companies Annandale VA can offer you if you decide this is the right thing to do.

    Things you should know when moving from Annandale to Manassas

    The two cities are similar but also vastly different. They are located in the same time zone, with a distance of only about 25 miles between them by car. They are also well connected with each other by train and bus. So even if you move to Manassas, you will still be close to your family and friends and be able to visit often. Local movers VA serve both towns and is always willing to assist anyone who is considering moving by providing estimates and necessary information.

    Visiting grandparents after moving from Annandale to Manassas
    Even after moving from Annandale to Manassas, you will still be close to your family.

    But like we already said when moving from Annandale to Manassas many people do it in search of a better life. The fact you will still be close to your loved ones is a big bonus. But what are some reasons and differences that make people from Annandale move to Manassas?

    The job market

    You will notice positive growth in the Annandales job market, meaning there are more and more opportunities for people to find employment. And it’s estimated that there will be even more growth in the next couple of years. Due to the wages being slightly better than in Manassas and the lower unemployment rate, many conclude that it’s better there. But on the other hand, the city is a little more expensive to live in. Manassas has also seen a rise in employment, which is predicted to rise even more. The job market is slowly expanding, lowering the employment rate. Due to the growing job market, many people use moving companies Virginia to move into one of these cities.


    Moving from Annandale to Manassas means your kids will need to switch schools as well. In Annandale, there are two public schools:

    • Annandale High School
    • Annandale Elementary School.
    Kids in a classroom
    Education is crucial when moving with your kids! So make sure the schools are good and professors devoted.

    However, for a variety of reasons, many Annandale residents choose to send their children to other public or private schools in the area. On the other hand, Manassas schools offer an above-average education. It is also home to the Manassas Campus, which offers many academic programs for those who finish high school and wish to go to a local college. The campus is small, and professors are devoted to their teachings, making for a tight-knit community.

    Costs of living

    When it comes to the costs of living in Annandale, you need to know that it is ranked 15 out of 273 cities across the US. That means that the cost of living here is 138.5% of the national average. The median income for a household here is $96,533. The average income of an individual is $37,700. The average rent here for a 2-bed home is $2,396, and the median home price is $305,000 (per square foot of $217).

    Naturally, when moving from Annandale to Manassas, you will want to compare the two before you contact one of the movers Manassas VA, has to offer. What rank does Manassas have out of 273 cities across the US? It is also ranked 15! The average household income here is $81,493, and the average income for one person is $38,462. If you want to rent a 2-bed home in Manassas, the average rent is $2,396 (the same as Annandale), but on the other hand, buying a home is around $412,000 with an average price of $220 per sq ft. making it a little more expensive to own a home.


    Naturally, when moving from Annandale to Manassas, you should know the difference in safety between the two. Most people living in Annandale will agree that it’s pretty safe. Sure, there is some crime present, but it doesn’t impact people much. And also, the police in the area are very visible and responsive to your needs. When compared with other places in the US, Annandale is very safe.

    Police in action
    Dont be wary or scared to ask the police for help if you ever need it.

    At the same time, people living in Manassas are very satisfied with their local police force. and are proud of their low crime rates. Here, the police are visible and always ready to help, even with minor problems. It is one of the safest places in the US and a good place to live.

    Moving from Annandale to Manassas in short

    If you wish to move from Annandale to Manassas, you won’t be wrong. The two cities are quite close, and that will give you the freedom to visit friends and family whenever you wish. At the same time, the job markets in many cities are expanding and offering more choices. Although, on the other hand, the education is definitely better in Manassas! So for people interested in schools for their kids, moving is a good choice.

    Both cities are some of the safest places in America! with significantly lower crime rates than other cities. Both take pride in being in a good place to force. At the end of the day, moving from Annandale to Manassas is your own choice! The reasons, as well as the likes and needs of people, are their own choices.

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