Moving from Annandale to Quantico: what to expect?

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    If you’re on the fence about the idea of moving from Annandale to Quantico, don’t worry. Whether you are relocating due to a new job opportunity or you like the idea of switching things up, we’re here to tell you all you need to know about your upcoming move. Although both of these towns have their own perks and are considered to be the places to live in Virginia, they offer two completely different lifestyles. Whatever the reason for your move, we are sure that this change will take a shine to you. Feel free to research more about your moving process on our Fairfax Transfer and Storage blog in order to ease your way into it. We will now share with you what you can expect when moving to the impressionable town of Quantico.

    Washington DC
    Both Annandale and Quantico are in close proximity to Washington, DC.

    What you need to know before moving from Annandale to Quantico

    Annandale and Quantico. Arguably two of the best suburbs of Washington, DC to live in. First in Fairfax County and the latter in Prince William County. Both of them have their pros and cons. The main thing you will have to get used to is the difference in the number of people within the community. Annandale has a population of 43,295 and Quantico is home to only 542 residents. While in Annandale you were able to enjoy many amenities such as lots of restaurants to choose from, coffee shops, and parks, your options will be quite limited in Quantico. Annandale is more of a family-friendly suburb whilst Quantico is home to a younger demographic with their professional careers taking place in this area.  Most of the folks in Quantico rent their homes, while there is a larger number of homeowners in Annandale.

    Pros and Cons about living in Quantico

    Quantico is best known for being surrounded by one of the largest U.S. Marine Corps bases, Marine Corps Base Quantico. The FBI Academy is also located very close to Quantico in Stafford County, Virginia. Although a small suburban town, Quantico offers many opportunities and it is a very family-friendly and peaceful place. There are many pros for moving from Annandale to Quantico and the only con may be the population sizeThe town is considered very small. It is a community of only a little over 500 residents. This number hasn’t changed much in the last 5 years and it looks like it isn’t going to any time soon.

    Pros of living in Quantico

    • Affordable cost of living.  The cost of living is usually the first thing to consider when choosing a place to live. You’ll be happy to hear that the cost of living in Quantico is lower than the national average. The overall average of housing costs, utilities, grocery items, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services are less expensive than in most states.
    • Low crime rates. Quantico has lower crime rates than other suburbs of Washington. Lower than Annandale. If you are considering moving from Annandale to Quantico, odds are your shouldn’t worry as much about safety. This is enough of a reason to make your final decision, so if you already made it don’t be afraid to contact movers Quantico to help you with your move.
    • High education standard. Education in this area might be even better than in Annandale. It ranks pretty high on national and statewide levels. These ranking calculations consider many factors including public school graduation rates, enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratios, and student and parent reviews. All this data is a weighted average of the schools in the area.

    Adapting to Quantico’s lifestyle

    Quantico really isn’t a place for everyone. If you are an extroverted person who enjoys an urban lifestyle in a big city, you won’t find yourself very comfortable with living in Quantico. The town of Quantico is home to only 542 residents and is only about 43 acres.  Quantico has a very suburban feel. If you are a bit more of an introvert, you are going to love it here. Consider contacting moving companies Annandale to get your free quote if you decide to move to Quantico. It can be really nice for families looking for more space than larger densely packed cities for the money. This lifestyle is ideal for raising children.

    A family enjoying a walk after moving from Annandale to Quantico
    Quantico is one of the best places in the area for raising a family.

    Things to do in Quantico

    Quantico is very conveniently located near Washington, DC and as a major U.S. city, you’re going to find pretty much anything you could want right there alone. There are many things to do nearby Quantico, but also in the area itself even though it’s not very large. If you happen to be a fitness fanatic, Quantico is a dream come true for you. The Quantico Gym is one of the best there is. The Barber Physical Activities Center is a huge 57,000-square foot facility. It houses several different workout rooms and equipment. And there’s also a basketball court, a fitness deck, a mat room, two saunas for men and women, a smoothie bar for a post-workout recharge, and a wifi cafe. For an afternoon with your family, we recommend going to the MCB Quantico Movie Theater. It is a super affordable option and oftentimes the entrance is even free.

    A man working out
    If you are a fitness fanatic, Quantico will be heaven for you.

    We hope that this article helped you get a better insight into what you can expect when moving from Annandale to Quantico. Honestly, there is so much to see and do nearby Quantico that it’s hard to narrow down the list. We promise you will never be bored here around the base since there is a wealth of history at your fingertips and plenty of opportunities for fitness and sightseeing. Don’t hesitate on contacting our reputable movers in Virginia in order to secure a safe and stress-free relocation to Quantico as soon as possible.

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